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Graphic showing a shotgun and the simple Cash for Arms process

Why choose Cash For Arms to sell your shotgun?

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Competitive and Clear Pricing

Our team works hard to deliver competitive pricing for your firearms, taking into account the brand, model, and condition. We provide a straightforward offer while handling all shipping costs and fees.

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Quick and Easy Payment

Say goodbye to long waiting times! Cash for Arms guarantees prompt and seamless payment once your firearm is assessed and approved, with payouts processed within 24 hours.

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Simple Selling Experience

You've discovered the most convenient way to sell your shotgun -- Cash for Arms. Request an offer, pack your guns, and receive your payment. We manage everything else, and make it easy to sell guns!

We buy every type of shotgun...

We buy semi-automatic shotguns


Trust us with your semi-automatic shotguns, from Benelli to Remington. Our team will assess your gun, and provide a fair offer for any make and model.


We buy pump-action shotguns

Black pump-action shotgun

Trust us with your semi-automatic shotguns, from Benelli to Remington. Our team will assess your gun, and provide a fair offer for any make and model.

Black pump-action shotgun

We buy single-shot shotguns


Send us your single-shot shotguns, from classic H&R to modern Rossi. Our knowledgeable evaluators ensure a fair price for your firearm.


We buy break-action shotguns


Sell us your break-action shotguns, like over-and-under Brownings or side-by-side Berettas. Our team provides a competitive, no-obligation cash offer.


We buy double-barrel shotguns


Get a cash offer for your double-barrel shotguns, from elegant Purdey to versatile Merkel. Our experts are committed to giving you a fair and transparent offer.


We buy bolt-action shotguns


Bring your bolt-action shotguns to us. We buy them all, from Marlin to Savage. Our skilled team will assess each piece and make a competitive proposal.


We buy lever-action shotguns


Trust our team with your lever-action shotguns, be it a classic Winchester or a modern Henry. We ensure a comprehensive evaluation and a fair offer for your firearm.


We buy air guns


We even buy air guns. If you have an airgun that you want to sell, just submit it to us, and we will do our best to make you a fair cash offer.


Sell your shotgun fast, effortlessly, and for the best price with Cash for Arms.

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Send us the details of your shotgun on our website.

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Send us the details of your shotgun on our website.

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Accept our cash offer and ship your shotgun

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After accepting the offer, we'll supply a prepaid shipping label and instructions for your shotgun.

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Mail your shotgun to us through our trusted shipping partner, UPS.

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Get paid within 24 hours

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Get paid within 24 hours of us receiving your package through:

  • ACH Direct Deposit send directly to your bank account

  • Printed Check (for mobile or teller deposit)

  • Mailed Check (no extra cost)

Ready to sell your shotgun?

Click 'Sell My Gun' to get your cash offer now. Our fast, easy, and safe process guarantees that you receive the funds you deserve for your firearm without any stress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Cash for Arms adhere to federal laws and state laws
when purchasing firearms?
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Cash for Arms strictly complies with all federal laws during transactions.

Moreover, we offer a lawful method for selling your guns in any state and will provide you with a Bill of Sale for your records.

Our federal firearms license allows us to legally purchase and transfer firearms in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Where your state may require background checks to sell to another private citizen, when selling firearms to our FFL, you can bypass any extra logistical minutia.

We are licensed by the ATF, possess a Federal Firearms License, and strive to ensure that all transactions follow federal law and other relevant rules and regulations.

Can I sell my shotgun on an auction site?
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As a private individual, you have the option to list your shotgun on auction sites. You may need to set a reserve price for your auction and choose acceptable payment methods. As a private seller, you won't be able to accept credit cards, but you can opt for alternatives like certified checks, personal checks, or money orders.

When selling firearms at auction, you must comply with specific local, state, and federal regulations and might be required to complete the transfer through an FFL that will conduct background checks. When you trade firearms with Cash for Arms, we handle all legal requirements and make the process hassle-free for you.

Can I sell my shotgun at a gun show?
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Yes, you can sell your shotgun at gun shows, but be sure to follow all relevant laws. Your state may mandate background checks or transfers through an FFL. Additionally, if you sell a shotgun at a gun show, you might need to rent a table or part of a table, which could involve a fee.

How does Cash for Arms ensure I get a fair offer for my shotgun?
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We calculate the offer for your shotgun based on its make, model, and condition, along with industry data, and current market pricing. We thoroughly research what your exact make and model has been selling for on the resale market, and make our offer accordingly. Our professional research ensures you obtain a fair and competitive price for your shotgun.

How does the shipping process work when selling my shotgun to Cash for Arms?
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When you accept our offer for your shotgun, we provide prepaid shipping labels and instructions for sending your shotgun to us. We prefer UPS as our shipping partner for shotguns. Shipping firearms is legal as long as it complies with federal, state, and local laws. While you can't ship a firearm to an out-of-state private buyer, shipping with Cash for Arms is 100% legal.

How do transactions work when trading my shotgun with Cash for Arms?
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Once your shotgun is delivered and has been checked in at our facility, we process your payout within 24 hours. You can select from multiple payment options, including direct deposit, a printed check, or a mailed check. All transactions adhere to applicable laws.

Is it legal to sell long guns and shotguns to Cash for Arms?
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Yes, it is entirely safe and legal to sell long guns and other firearms to Cash for Arms. We take care to ensure a fast, easy, and legal process throughout the entire transaction.

Where can I find Cash for Arms' reviews?
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Cash for Arms is dedicated to offering exceptional service and support to our customers. We invite you to read our reviews to learn about the experiences of others who have sold their firearms to us. You can find our reviews by clicking 'Reviews' at the top of this page. Our customer service team is always available to answer any questions and guide you to make the process of selling firearms easy.

Does Cash for Arms support the Second Amendment?
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Cash for Arms wholeheartedly supports the Second Amendment. We advocate responsible firearm ownership and passionately uphold the Second Amendment by offering a secure, simple, and efficient way to sell firearms for the highest value. We stand by gun owners and strive to protect their investments through strategic selling options. By fostering a community that values responsible gun ownership and education, we aim to reinforce the Second Amendment as a cornerstone of individual freedom and security in the United States.

Does Cash for Arms pay for a box or other packing supplies?
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Most of our clients prefer to receive a higher offer and source a box and packing supplies themselves.  While we pay for the cost of the shipping label, we do not pay for packing supplies.  However, if you have trouble sourcing a box, we can send you packing supplies at the cost we pay for easy rifle packing.