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Process of buying a gun at Cash For Arms.

Why choose our National Gun Consignment Program?

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Client-Focused Fee Structure
Enjoy a low consignment fee at only 15% of the net sales value. No hidden fees.
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Proven Track Record
We outperform our cash minimums by 57% and routinely reach record-breaking auction prices.
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No Surprises
Receive a cash minimum guarantee.
You will know your minimum payment guarantee even if your auction underperforms.
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Partner with the Best
We professionally prepare and present your gun, not to a local, but to a nationwide audience. Your gun will be auctioned on a national platform with over 3 million gun enthusiasts.

Step by Step: Our Consignment Process

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Send your gun’s details

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Submit your guns on our website.

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Receive your cash minimum guarantee within 24 hours of submission.

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Accept our minimum guarantee and ship your guns

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Accept the offer, we'll provide prepaid shipping labels.

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Ship the firearms to us.

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We will prepare your gun for auction, including professional cleaning, high-resolution photographs, and writing an optimized title, subtitle, and description for your auction.

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Sell & Get Paid

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Your auction begins when we list it on the biggest national gun-selling auction platform for maximum exposure.

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Your gun sells and you receive payment. We will send you 85% of the net proceeds from the auction, or the cash minimum, whichever is greater. You will receive a financial breakdown for your record-keeping purposes.

Sell my gun via Cash Consignment

Choose which selling method is right for you

Whether you want to sell your guns fast, or you want to consign your guns to get top-dollar,
Cash for Arms has the perfect option for you.

Outright Sale is for those...

Cash Consignment is for those...

who are looking for payout within 24 hours of landing the firearm
who are willing to wait to get top-dollar for your firearm
who prioritize convenience and efficiency
who want to maximize the value of firearms
with guns that are common and easy to appraise
with guns that are rare and unique where prices may not be clear
who want a quick cash payout
who want access to a wide network of buyers

Ready to get paid?

Click 'Consign My Gun' to receive an offer now. Our fast and hassle-free process ensures that you get the market pricing you deserve for your firearm without breaking a sweat.

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Recent Auctions

Vintage Revolver, 1978 Colt Python

This vintage 1978 Colt Python Blue struck gold, fetching a fantastic $3,080 and leaving our consignor ecstatic.

Pistol Beretta 92FS Cheetah

Our consignor purred with satisfaction as their sleek Beretta 92FS Cheetah earned a remarkable $1,232 at auction.

Vintage 1940 Mauser pistol

History in hand, our consignor rejoiced as their 1940 Mauser brought in a noteworthy $2,882 at auction.

Pistol Colt Pearl Harbor Commemorative, auction photo

This Colt Pearl Harbor Commemorative, a tribute to history, secured an impressive $2,651 for our thrilled consignor.

High Tech Tracking Point Rifle, auction photo

Our consignor delights in a stunning sale of $7,025 for this high-tech Tracking Point Rifle, where precision meets profit.

SR-25 Knights Stoner Rifle, auction photo

This SR-25 Knights Stoner sold for an incredible $6,025, leaving our consignor absolutely elated.

Pistol Colt Double Eagle Officer's ACP, auction photo

Our consignor rejoiced when this Colt Double Eagle Officer's ACP sold for $2,024.

IWI Tavor SAR IDF Rifle, Auction photo

The IWI Tavor SAR IDF sold for $2,145, exceeding all expectations and leaving our consignor thrilled.

Marlin 336A 30-30 Rifle, Auction photo

This Marlin 336A 30-30 sold for $1,144, leaving our consignor beaming with satisfaction.

1984 HK P7 M8 Pistol, Auction photo

Our consignor was amazed when this 1984 HK P7 M8 sold for $3,526.

Vintage 1926 Remington Model 81 rifle, Auction photo

This vintage 1926 Remington Model 81 sold for $1,562, turning heads and delighting our consignor.

1979 Nickel Colt Python Revolver, Auction photo

This 1979 Nickel Colt Python sold for $2,420, exceeding all expectations and leaving our consignor thrilled.

Browning Citori CX Rifle, Auction photo

Our consignor was overjoyed when this Browning Citori CX sold for $2,050.

Revolver Colt Anaconda 44, Auction photo

This Colt Anaconda 44 achieved $1,936 at auction, surpassing our consignor's expectations.

Pair of Remington 1100 With Serial Numbers Matching, auction photo

This Remington 1100 Matched Serial Number Pair attracted a winning bid of $3,234, a phenomenal result that delighted our consignor.

FN SCAR 17S Rifle, Auction photo

This FN SCAR 17S sold for $3,740, exceeding our seller's expectations. Our innovative auction process was responsible for selling this SCAR at the top of market pricing.

Wilson Combat 458 SOCOM RECON Rifle, Auction photo

Our consignor was ecstatic when this Wilson Combat 458 SOCOM RECON sold for $2,420.

H&K SP5K-PDW, Auction photo

This H&K SP5K-PDW sold for a whopping $4,048, delighting our consignor with exceptional returns, and beating expectations by 33%.

Revolver Colt Sheriff , Auction photo

Our consignor was over the moon when this Colt Sheriff's Model sold for $4,422 at auction, leaving them with $1,482 more than they expected.

Tactical Combat Master Pistol, Auction photo

This Tactical Tactical Combat Master brought in $3,960, a triumphant sale that left our seller thrilled.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also sell gun accessories on consignment?
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Yes, we will determine whether it would be best to sell your accessories with the gun during the firearms auction or auction them separately in their own accessories auction. We can help sell a range of related items such as gun cases, antique collectibles, and modern firearms, showcasing them to a wide range of potential buyers.

Am I able to legally sell a gun?
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Selling firearms legally is a crucial part of our consignment process. We adhere to all federal, state, and local regulations when taking consignments and conducting auctions. Our expertise and commitment to service ensure a smooth and compliant transaction for both sellers and buyers.

What types of firearms do you accept for consignment?
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We accept a wide variety of firearms for consignment, including rifles, shotguns, and handguns. Our auctions feature antiques, collectibles, modern firearms, and more. From Winchester rifles, like the Winchester Model 94, to Browning pistols, like the Browning Buck Mark, we can help you sell your firearms at competitive, market prices.

How are shipping costs and payment handled?
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We provide prepaid shipping labels for you to send your firearms to us. Once your gun sells, we handle the shipping process to the buyer, factoring the shipping cost into the final price. Our consignment agreement will break down everything for you. We pay for all costs upfront, including shipping fees and auction fees. After your item sells, we take the total sales price and then subtract the costs of selling (shipping and auction fees). What is left is the net proceeds from the sale. You will receive 85% of the net proceeds from the auction or the cash minimum, whichever is greater.

How do you determine the guaranteed cash minimum offer for my firearm?
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Our experienced team evaluates each firearm based on factors such as make, model, age, rarity, and condition. We consider the current market value, historical sales data, and collector demand to establish a competitive cash minimum guarantee for your firearm. However, we outperform our cash minimum guarantee by 57% on average, and our goal is to maximize the value of your gun while ensuring a fair and transparent auction process. The minimum guarantee helps protect our clients from a black swan event.

How long does the consignment process take?
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Our consignment process is designed for efficiency and speed. Once you accept our cash minimum guarantee and ship your firearms, we will prepare and list your gun for auction within a few days of receiving it. The online auction usually runs for 14 days, providing ample time for potential buyers to place their bids. We will determine a high buy-now price for the gun, and if the firearm sells for the buy-it-now price, you won't have to wait for the full 14-day auction to end. After the auction concludes and the buyer completes the payment, we process your payout within 24 hours of the end-buyers payment clearing.

Can I set a reserve price for my firearm?
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At Cash for Arms, we do not allow reserve prices because our extensive experience has shown that they generally lead to poor auction performance.

Instead of a reserve price, we offer a cash minimum guarantee to protect sellers in the rare event of a black swan occurrence. This approach allows us to utilize our typical no-reserve penny auction, which we have found to significantly outperform reserve auctions and also guarantees a sale.

By offering a cash minimum guarantee, we ensure that you know the absolute minimum cash amount you will receive for your firearm, and then work hard to maximize its potential in the auction.Keep in mind, if your item underperforms, and you only receive the cash minimum, we would lose money. When you partner with us, we have every incentive to sell your guns for the maximum sale price.

What happens if my firearm does not sell at auction?
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At Cash for Arms, our no-reserve penny auction format ensures that all consignments are sold during the online auction.

However, in the rare event that your bidder doesn't pay or cancels the order for the merchandise, we give you the option to either relist and sell the item in a subsequent online auction or provide you with the cash minimum guarantee.

This approach ensures that you are protected and satisfied with the outcome of your firearm consignment, as all consignments are effectively sold and you receive payment for your sold items.

How do I know if my gun is in good condition for consignment?
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When evaluating your firearm for consignment, we consider factors such as functionality, appearance, and overall condition. Guns that are in good condition generally have minimal wear and tear, function properly, and have no significant damage or missing parts. If you're unsure about your firearm's condition, our team of experts can assess it and provide guidance on whether it's suitable for consignment.

Additionally, it is worth noting that we will consign any gun, with a minimum consignment fee of only $50. So, even if your gun may not be in the best shape, we will do our best to market it, find a buyer, and get you paid.

How long does the consignment process take?
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Our consignment fee is a straightforward 15% of the net sales value, with no hidden fees. This fee covers our services, including professional cleaning, photography, listing, and auction management. The net sales value is calculated by subtracting the selling costs (online auction fees and shipping costs, which generally fall at around 6% of the selling price) from the total selling price. Then, we send you 85% of the net sales amount.

Because we provide prepaid shipping labels for sending your firearms to us and pay for the online auction fees out of our own pocket, we have to back these fees out before calculating the final split. The buyers pay for shipping separately, so that doesn't contribute to the net sales value. After determining the net sales value (selling price - auction fees and the shipping costs it took to get the gun to us), there are no additional fees or costs beyond the 15% consignment fee.

Can I consign firearms from outside the United States?
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Currently, our consignment program is only available for firearms located within the United States. We adhere to strict federal, state, and local regulations when conducting our auctions, and at this time, we do not accept firearms from outside the USA.

Does Cash for Arms pay for a box or other packing supplies?
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Most of our clients prefer to receive a higher offer and source a box and packing supplies themselves.  While we pay for the cost of the shipping label, we do not pay for packing supplies.  However, if you have trouble sourcing a box, we can send you packing supplies at the cost we pay for easy rifle packing.