How to Sell a Gun Online

Selling a gun might seem challenging, but it's a common process many people go through at least once. Whether you're looking to improve your collection or just want to sell some extra firearms, there are many options for selling a gun – so many that it may be overwhelming.

Along with understanding your options, it's also essential to be aware of federal and state laws, restrictions, and regulations related to gun sales while you make your decision.

Don’t worry – we're here to help guide you through the process of selling a gun step by step. From figuring out your gun's value and finding the right buyer to understanding the legal details, we'll make sure you know the easiest way to sell your gun.

How to Sell a Gun Online by State

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Deciding What Your Goal Is

There are many options for you when it comes to selling your firearms. Some are fast, but leave you feeling ripped off. Some methods can get you top-dollar for your guns, but take a lot of time and energy. Other options are fun and exciting, like going to a gun show or attending a live auction.

It’s important to first understand what your goal is for selling, this will help you choose the best method of sale. After buying tens of thousands of guns from sellers like you, we’ve found that most sellers want a blend of speed, convenience, and competitive pricing but everyone differs. Consider the options below, and decide which ones matter most to you.

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The sale is fast and gets you money in your pocket without waiting or spending valuable time.

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The sale is easy, and doesn’t take up a lot of your time or energy.

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The sale gets you a competitive and fair price for your gun.

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The sale is an experience. It is fun and exciting.

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The sale is safe, and you feel comfortable and at ease the whole way through.

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The sale takes little to no effort for you to complete.

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Some options are fast, but leave you feeling ripped off. Some can get you top dollar, but take a lot of time. Some are more fun than others.

At the end of the day, you probably want to get a fair price in the most convenient way possible.  For the longest time, you had to choose between speed and price. Your options were along the lines of selling quickly to a pawn shop and getting paid half of what your gun is worth or getting a fair price after a few weeks or months of trying to find a buyer.

Times have changed. With our platform, here at Cash for Arms, you get a great sale price, and selling your gun is simple and hassle-free.

Once you know your objective for selling your gun it’s time to determine the value of your firearm.

Determining the Value of Your Gun

Whether you are a gun enthusiast or not, determining the value of your property prior to selling it is always a good idea.  Don’t worry, it’s easy!

Step 1: Determine the type of gun you have.

Determining the type of gun you have to sell is a critical step in determining its value. Just like cars, jewelry, or any other asset, there are many nuances to gun models that can change their value drastically. Knowing exactly what you have is an important step in determining its value. 

If you aren’t sure what you have, you can find a local gun appraiser, or get a cash offer to sell your gun using Cash for Arms.

Step 2: Assess your guns condition.

The condition of your gun is a key factor in determining its value. If you have the original box, paperwork, and accessories, your gun will likely sell for more money. Small details like this can change the value of your firearm by a large amount.

To examine the physical condition, ensure your firearm is not loaded and then take a close look at the exterior and interior, including the barrel, sights, and trigger.

Check for any scratches, dents, rust, or other damage. If your gun has been fired, understanding how many rounds have been through your firearm can be useful in determining its condition.

Step 3: Find comparable sales.

To determine the value of your gun, you'll need to research comparable sales. It's important to note that comparable sales should be actual sold items, not fixed-price listings or gun auctions that ended without bids. Listings without bids are only asking prices and don't reflect the true value of the item.

Here are a few websites you can use to find comparable sales for many guns:


Gunbroker listings page

Use the ‘Completed Listings’ area of Gunbroker to see items that recently ended.  Careful though, this area is full of listings that ended without receiving bids, or didn’t actually sell.  Look for items that ended with actual bids.


True Gun Values homepage

This website, while pretty outdated and glitchy, offers a searchable database of sold firearms. It allows you to search by make, model, and other criteria.

Blue Book of Gun Values

Blue Book of Guns homepage

This website can be a useful resource to determine the value of your firearms but can be complicated, and it costs money.

Overall, we find that Gunbroker is the easiest, free way to find comparable sales. The more common your firearm, the more comparable sales there will be. Find a comp that is the same make, model and caliber as yours, and resembles a similar condition to your gun.

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The more common your firearm, the more comparable sales there will be. Find a comp that is the same make, model and caliber as yours, and resembles a similar condition to your gun.

If you can’t find an exact match that recently sold, you will have to make some assumptions, or adjust the value of other sold guns up or down.

This process can be challenging and time-consuming.  But, if you dedicate some time to finding your gun's value, it will give you an accurate and reasonable expectation of what your gun is worth in the open market.

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Step 4:  Analyze the costs involved.

While finding the sold price of comparable firearms can give you an idea of your gun's value, it's important to keep in mind that the seller incurred fees during the sale, such as auction fees, shipping costs, and other sales and transfer fees.

From our experience, these various fees generally add up to roughly 10% of the sales price, depending on how you decide to sell.

When you sell with Cash for Arms, we cover all selling costs, including shipping. The offer you get is the cash you receive. We simplify the process as much as possible to make your end easy.

Step 5: Set your target sales price and net profit target

When setting your target net profit, it's crucial to factor in these costs to ensure that you're not setting an unrealistic expectation for the true, cash value of your gun. If you look at only the selling price, you may feel disappointed when you find out that you owe selling fees, transfer fees, or have to pay other costs like shipping. This is why we streamline the cash offer process so you actually get what you expect, not hundreds less.

Determining the value of your gun before selling is an important step that can help you get a fair price that you will be happy with. By following the steps outlined above, you can research comparable sales, and determine the fair current market value of your gun. 

Remember to set a realistic target sales price to accomplish a net profit that takes into account all the fees involved in the selling process. Now, let’s dig into the options you have for selling your gun.

The Different Ways to Sell Your Gun

There are many different ways to sell a gun. Depending on what your main goals are for selling, different options may suit your needs better than others. In this section, we'll explore the different options available to you and discuss the pros and cons of each.

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The fastest ways to sell a gun

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to sell your gun, there are several options available. Here are the main options:

Selling to Cash for Arms

One of the fastest and easiest ways to sell your gun is to use Cash for Arms. You can get a cash offer by spending just two minutes of your time submitting your guns.

Our team is excited to help you, and will be there with you every step of the way. We issue payments within 24 hours of receiving your gun, and cover all the selling costs, including shipping, making it a great option to sell your gun. Plus, our clients often report that we offered them far more than their other options, including local gun stores, pawn shops, and other online buyers.

“I received bids from a few other places and CFA offered more than double what some of the others offered. The process was extremely easy and smooth.”

Jeff S.

“I tried two local gun shops as well as two others on line and this was the best offer I got. They made it very quick and easy.”

Dennis D.

“Compared to other options, Cash for Arms pays top dollar and waste no time in completing the transaction.”

Allen G.

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Want to skip the hard parts?

Cash for Arms will do the heavy lifting for you, and make you a no obligation cash offer for your guns.

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Selling or Consigning Your Gun with Cash for Arms

We are committed to getting you the most money for your firearm. While our clients regularly tell us that our offers are higher than what they received from other options, if you're not satisfied with the cash offer we give you, we'll consign your gun and professionally market it over 14 days to a marketplace of over 3 million gun enthusiasts nationwide to get top-dollar for it.

After it sells, you will receive a generous 85% split of the net sales price. And the best part? We cover all the selling costs and handle the shipping, making the process as convenient as possible for you.

Selling to a Local Gun Shop

Another quick option is to sell your gun to a local gun shop. You'll likely get paid on the spot, and it's a straightforward process. However, you may not get top-dollar for your firearm, and unless you’re used to going into gun shops, it can be a little uncomfortable.  You never know what you’re going to get.

Selling to a Local Pawn Shop

Pawn shops are also an option, but they may offer you even less for your gun than a gun shop. Selling your gun to a pawn shop should be a last resort.

Selling to a Friend

If you have a friend who's interested in buying your gun, this is also a fast option. Whether you get top-dollar for your gun is up to you and your friend, but we are always glad when we hear people sold their gun to their friend.  When selling to your friend, ensure that you follow any laws and regulations in your state when conducting a private sale.  More on this further down the page.

Selling Your Gun Privately

Selling your gun privately can also get you a higher price than selling to a gun shop or pawn shop. There are several ways to do this:

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How to get the most money for your gun

If you're looking to get the most money for your gun, there are several options available. Realize, though, that these options usually take more time and more headaches. Here are the main options:

Consign Your Firearm with Cash for Arms

Oops did we push our service first? Well there is a reason. We eliminate the headache and deliver 85% of the net profit, so you will receive a full payment and get to keep all of it instead of watching your money dwindle as all the fees and shipping costs come in on your recent sale. Not only this, as was mentioned, your time is saved and the process is easy. You know the sale is done right and you are getting the full amount that you get to keep when you work with us.

Listing your gun on an online auction platform like GunBroker

Gunbroker homepage

Auction platforms like GunBroker can be a great way to sell your guns.  However, the sign up process can be a hassle, and you will have to spend time taking quality photos, preparing the listing, and trying to sell the gun for a good price.  

We have dealt with many sellers who have gone through the hassle of doing all this, only to realize a lower price than our offer.  Keep in mind, Gunbroker charges fees at 6% on the first $350, and 4% on the rest.  There are also additional fees to consider if you boost your listing (which you should if you want anybody at all to see it).  All of this, on top of a limited reputation on their platform, and the inability to accept credit cards, selling on Gunbroker is a real challenge for many individuals.

Selling through a local listing website

Armslist homepage

Local listing websites, such as Armslist or your regional online classifieds, can be another option for selling your gun privately. These platforms allow you to target potential buyers in your area, which can save on shipping costs and make transactions easier. 

To sell through a local listing website, create a detailed post with high-quality photos, a clear description of the gun's condition, and your asking price. 

Be prepared to negotiate, as most buyers will try to haggle for a better deal. Keep in mind that you'll need to comply with all local, state, and federal laws when selling your gun, which may include conducting a background check or meeting at an FFL for the transfer. Selling on a local listing website can be time-consuming, and there is no guarantee that you will find a buyer quickly or at your desired price.

Additionally, local listings are becoming notorious for flaky inquiries. You can spend literally hours communicating back and forth with people that never show up.

Selling through a forum

Gun forums, like Calguns or The Firing Line, can be another avenue for private gun sales. These forums often have dedicated sections for buying, selling, and trading firearms.

The Firing Line forum homepage
Calguns forum homepage

To sell on a forum, you will need to become an active member and follow the community guidelines for posting your firearm for sale. This may include providing a detailed description, quality photos, and a price that is in line with the current market value.

Selling through a forum can be slower than other methods, as you may need to build trust and credibility within the community before buyers are willing to engage with you.

Additionally, you will need to comply with all applicable laws and regulations when selling your gun, including ensuring that the buyer is legally allowed to own the firearm and completing any required paperwork or background checks.

Unless you’re selling to a friend privately, this option typically requires more effort on your part. As you list your gun for sale, meet up with strangers, deal with tire-kickers, you may also be required to take your firearm to an FFL to perform a transfer.  

If you do choose to use a forum to sell, we recommend listing in the correct section on the site. For example, if you are selling a shotgun, list it in the shotgun area. If you are selling a rifle, list it in the rifle area. It sounds simple, but we see this mistake pretty commonly.

All of this will typically take much longer than selling to Cash for Arms, and you may end up with the same amount of cash in your pocket anyways at the end of the day.

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How to have the most fun selling your gun

If you're looking to have some fun while selling your gun, there are a few options available:

Selling with Cash for Arms | An Online Gun Buyer

Cash for Arms. Really… again?  Okay, okay.  But seriously, our team gets super enthusiastic when it comes to helping our clients sell guns.  Plus, when your payment shows up the same day we get your shipment, it gets pretty exciting.  Our team sticks with you every step of the way, so you will get friendly updates, and any time you have a question, we are there with an answer.  It may not be a raucous auction or a bustling gun show, but selling to Cash for Arms is pretty fun.

We buy guns from all states! Whether you are from Mississippi, Alabama, Virginia, Colorado, or Arizona, or anywhere else in the states you can still sell your guns to us at CashForArms with ease.

Selling at a National, In-Person Auction

Selling your gun at a national, in-person auction can be a fun experience. You'll get to see other firearms up for sale, and the excitement of the auction can be thrilling. However, this option may not be the quickest or most convenient and will require a significant time and possible travel commitment.

Selling at a Gun Show.

Gun shows are another option if you're looking for a fun and social experience. You'll get to interact with other gun enthusiasts and potentially get a good price for your firearm. However, you'll probably need to pay for a table at the show and may have to deal with haggling and negotiating with buyers.

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Legal Considerations for Selling Your Gun

Transferring ownership of your firearm requires careful consideration of the laws and regulations in your area. It's important to research the legal requirements for selling firearms in your state as each state has different requirements. Although federal laws such as background checks are not always required for private party sales, some states do require them. Therefore, it is important to be aware of both federal and state laws when selling your gun.

Whether you're from New York, Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Washington, or anywhere else in the United States, we've got you covered. Check out our blog articles to discover how you can legally sell a gun in your state.

Here are some common federal laws to be aware of when selling your gun:

Federal law prohibits certain persons from shipping, transporting, possessing, or receiving firearms or ammunition including any person who:

  • Has been convicted of a crime punishable by a term of imprisonment exceeding one year
  • Is a fugitive from justice
  • Is an unlawful user of, or addicted to, any controlled substance
  • Has been adjudicated as a mental defective or committed to a mental institution
  • Is an alien illegally or unlawfully in the United States
  • Is an alien who has been admitted to the United States under a nonimmigrant visa (with certain exceptions)
  • Has been discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions
  • Has renounced United States citizenship
  • Is subject to a qualifying protective order
  • Has been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence

Federal law also prohibits, with certain exceptions, the possession of handguns by any person under the age of 18.

Here are some examples of common state requirements, depending which state you’re in:

  • Some states require a background check or permit for private sales
  • Some states prohibit certain types of firearms or magazines
  • Some states require firearms to be registered with the state or local law enforcement
  • Some states have waiting periods for firearm purchases
  • Some states require sellers to document the sale or report it to law enforcement

Each state is different.  If you are selling a gun in Florida, the rules will be different than selling a gun in California. Know your state and local laws to ensure a responsible transaction.

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It's important to research the legal requirements for selling firearms in your state as each state has different requirements.

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General Recordkeeping and Etiquette

When selling a firearm, it's important to keep proper records and follow proper etiquette. Here are some general guidelines to follow:

Bill of Sale

A bill of sale is a record of the transaction that protects both the buyer and seller. It should include the make, model, and serial number of the firearm, the date of the sale, the name and address of both the buyer and seller, and the purchase price. Both parties should keep a copy of the bill of sale for their records.


It's important to verify the buyer's identification and ensure that they are legally allowed to purchase firearms. Some states require a background check before a firearm can be sold, so it's important to research your state's laws before completing the sale.


If you're shipping the firearm, you'll need to follow proper procedures and comply with all applicable laws. You may need to use a licensed firearms dealer to ship the firearm, depending on the destination.  It is always illegal to ship a gun directly to a private buyer out of state.

Secure Storage

Until the firearm is sold, it should be stored securely to prevent unauthorized access. This is especially important if you have children in the home or live in an area with high levels of crime.

By following these general guidelines, you can help ensure a smooth and legal transaction when selling your firearm.

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Wrapping Up

Selling a gun can be a fun straightforward process when you follow the necessary steps. It's essential to first determine your goals for selling your firearm.  Then, figure out the value of your gun, considering factors such as the make and model, condition, and comparable sales. Explore different selling options based on your priorities, whether it be convenience, maximum profit, or a fun experience. Always be vigilant and cautious when dealing with potential buyers to avoid scams and ensure a safe transaction.

Furthermore, make sure you are aware of both federal and state laws regarding firearm sales and adhere to any legal requirements in your area. Proper recordkeeping and etiquette are crucial to ensuring a smooth and legal transaction.

Options like Cash for Arms can make the process of selling your gun easier, faster, and more secure, ensuring you get a fair price while minimizing the hassle. No matter the route you choose, taking the time to research and prepare will help you have a successful and rewarding experience selling your firearm.

the time to research and prepare will help you have a successful and rewarding experience selling your firearm.