How to Sell a Gun in Arkansas

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Sell a Gun in Arkansas, even if it's just one handgun or an entire gun collection, can seem complex but it's actually quite manageable. The state's lenient rules bring an additional aspect to the process. However, it's important to remember that all transactions are under federal jurisdiction. It's necessary to understand both the state's and the federal rules to guarantee everything is above board and secure. We'll explore Arkansas's specific rules and explain relevant federal laws, giving you a complete picture of how to sell firearms in this state.

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June 12, 2023
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June 18, 2024
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General Questions & Answers

How to sell a gun in Arkansas at a gun store?

To sell a gun at an Arkansas gun store, ensure you meet eligibility requirements, locate a licensed dealer, contact the store for their specific procedures, gather required documents, bring the firearm to the store, and follow their instructions to complete the sale and necessary paperwork. Comply with state and federal laws for a legal and seamless transaction.

How to sell a used gun legally in Arkansas?

To sell a used gun legally in Arkansas, verify eligibility, find a buyer, consider conducting a background check, create a bill of sale, complete the sale by exchanging the firearm for payment, and retain records of the transaction.

How to legally sell a gun in Arkansas?

To legally sell a gun in Arkansas you have to ensure that you possess a valid Arkansas state identification or driver's license. Next, both the seller and the buyer need to be present at a licensed firearms dealer or a designated law enforcement agency. Complete a background check on the buyer through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) or the Arkansas State Police. If the buyer passes the background check, complete the necessary paperwork, including a bill of sale and a Firearms Transaction Record form. Provide a copy of these documents to the buyer and retain a copy for your records. 

How to Sell a Gun in Arkansas?

To sell a gun legally in Arkansas, ensure you have a valid ID, meet the buyer at a licensed dealer or law enforcement agency, conduct a background check, complete required paperwork, provide copies to the buyer, and follow all federal and state laws.

How to sell a gun privately in Arkansas?

Selling a gun privately in Arkansas involves a few key steps. First, verify that you and the buyer meet the legal requirements, including being eligible to possess firearms. Next, agree on the terms of the sale with the buyer, such as the price and any additional conditions. It is highly recommended to create a written bill of sale outlining the details of the transaction, including the firearm's make, model, and serial number, as well as the buyer and seller's information.

Where to sell a Gun in Arkansas?

In Arkansas, if you are looking to sell a gun, you have a few options available. One option is to sell it through a licensed firearm dealer. These dealers are equipped to handle gun sales and can guide you through the necessary legal procedures. Another option is to utilize online platforms that specialize in firearms sales, such as You may also consider attending local gun shows or contacting firearms enthusiasts and collectors in your area who might be interested in purchasing the firearm.

Do you need a bill of sale for a gun in Arkansas?

In Arkansas, there is no specific legal requirement to have a bill of sale when selling a firearm. 

What is the gun purchasing law in Arkansas?

In Arkansas, no license is required to purchase or own a gun. However, licensed firearms dealers must conduct background checks for both long guns and handguns. Private sales/transfers between non-dealers don't need checks. There's no mandatory waiting period; once approved, possession is immediate. Arkansas offers concealed carry licenses to eligible residents, minimum age being 21. This license allows carrying concealed handguns in most public places, with some restrictions.

Is it illegal to have an unregistered gun in Arkansas?

No. Arkansas does not require the registration of firearms. In addition, no permit is required to purchase a handgun.

Does Arkansas require a notarized bill of sale?

Arkansas does not specifically require a notarized bill of sale for gun sales or purchases. 

Is Arkansas a gun-friendly state?

Arkansas is generally considered a gun-friendly state with a strong culture of firearm ownership and a generally permissive approach to gun laws. It’s a shall-issue, permitless carry state with concealed weapons licenses being issued at the state level by the Department of Public Safety. There is no license, background check, or firearms registration required when buying a handgun from a private individual.

Can you open carry a pistol in Arkansas without a license?

Op. No. 2015-064 (Aug. 28, 2015)(interpreting § 5-73-120(a) to allow a person to carry a handgun openly, but not concealed, without a permit so long as he or she does not have a purpose to attempt to unlawfully employ the handgun against a person.

Can I buy a gun in Arkansas if I live in Texas?

Yes, you can purchase a firearm in Arkansas even if you are a resident of Texas. The United States allows for the purchase of firearms by individuals who are not residents of the state where the purchase is made, as long as certain conditions are met.

Can you privately sell a gun in Arkansas?

Yes, private gun sales are legal in Arkansas. No background check or paperwork is required when selling a firearm privately between individuals within the state. However, both seller and buyer must follow federal laws, which prohibit sales to certain individuals like felons. 

What is the gun purchasing law in Arkansas?

  • There's no requirement for a state permit to purchase rifles, shotguns, or handguns.
  • No gun registration requirement.
  • A permit is not necessary for open carry in Arkansas, but a permit is needed for concealed carry.
  • There's no assault weapon law or magazine capacity restriction.
  • Background checks are required when buying from a licensed firearm dealer, but private sales between individuals don't need a background check.

Do guns have to be registered in Arkansas?

No, guns do not have to be registered in the state of Arkansas. There is no statewide firearm registry.

Does Arkansas have a waiting period for firearms?

Arkansas does not have a state-mandated waiting period for firearms. 



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