How to Sell a Gun in Louisiana

Selling a gun in Louisiana requires understanding both federal and state laws to ensure you're conducting the sale legally and safely. Whether you're looking to upgrade your firearm collection, generate some extra cash, or simply no longer have a need for your current firearm, understanding the proper process for selling a gun is crucial. Louisiana has its own unique regulations and requirements when it comes to firearms transactions, and we're here to provide you with a step-by-step overview to help you navigate the process smoothly and legally. In this guide, we'll cover the necessary steps, documentation, and legal considerations involved in selling a gun within the state of Louisiana.

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June 13, 2023
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Louisiana Gun Laws

Louisiana's gun laws govern the possession, sale, and use of firearms in the state. It's essential to understand these rules, alongside federal requirements, when owning or selling a firearm.

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Louisiana State Law

Anyone purchasing a firearm from a licensed firearms dealer in Louisiana must complete a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms form 4473 and undergo a National Instant Criminal Background Check System check.

ATF's website form 4473 - Firearms Transaction Record Revisions
FBI's website - Firearms Checks (NICS)


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Private sales of firearms between individuals in Louisiana do not require a background check, but penalties apply if the firearm is knowingly sold to an ineligible person, sold defaced, or is a restricted firearm.

To legally purchase a firearm in Louisiana, a buyer must be at least 18 years old to purchase rifles, shotguns, and ammunition, and 21 years old for handguns.

There is no registration or permit required for possessing firearms in the state of Louisiana.

Concealed carry of handguns in Louisiana requires an individual to obtain a Concealed Handgun Permit from the Louisiana State Police.

While not always required, a Louisiana firearm bill of sale form can be used to document the legal sale of a firearm. It's recommended to include identifying details about the firearm, buyer, and seller.

It is a criminal offense in Louisiana to sell, transfer, or possess a firearm that has been defaced, altered, or is a machine gun or explosive weapon.

Anyone who is denied the ability to purchase a firearm due to a background check in Louisiana can appeal the decision through an appeal process to receive the necessary clearance to complete the purchase.

Louisiana law allows for the temporary transfer of firearms for certain purposes, including hunting, target shooting, and self-defense, but only if the transfer is temporary and takes place at a shooting range or a location where hunting is allowed.

Federal Law

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When selling a gun in Louisiana, it's important to understand and follow federal regulations, such as the National Firearms Act and the Gun Control Act. These laws regulate the sale of weapons and impose certain requirements on sellers and buyers.

Minimum Age Requirement

As per the Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA), a person's age must be 18 years old to purchase rifles, shotguns, and ammunition. However, to buy other weapons, such as handguns, the minimum age requirement is 21 years old.

Federal law prohibits firearm possession by any individual who is:

  • Convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment term exceeding 1 year
  • A drug abuser/addicted to any controlled dangerous substance
  • A Fugitive from justice
  • Unlawfully using or addicted to any controlled substance
  • Subject to a court order restraining the person from harassing, stalking, or threatening an intimate partner or a child of an intimate partner; or has been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence
  • An illegal alien
  • Dishonorably discharged from the US Armed Forces
  • Has renounced U.S. citizenship
  • Is under a restraining order
  • Has a history of violent behavior or mental illness

Important Considerations:

American citizens have the right to bear arms - however, per the National Firearms Act of 1934, ownership and possession of shotguns, rifles, machine guns, firearm mufflers, and silencers are regulated. The purchase of semi-automatic weapons is legal in most states, and the possession of automatic weapons made before 1986 is also legal.

It is illegal for an unlicensed individual to transfer a firearm to someone who does not reside in the same state. Generally, for a legal firearm transfer to an unlicensed person residing in a different state, the firearm must be shipped to a Federal Firearm License (FFL) holder in the recipient's state of residence.


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Selling a Firearm as a Private Seller

To sell your gun as a private seller in Louisiana, you're not typically required to obtain a Federal-Firearm License (FFL) to sell firearms. However, you must comply with all state and federal laws, and it's generally illegal to knowingly sell a firearm to someone who is prohibited by law from owning one.

While not a requirement, maintaining a record of the sale, including details about the firearm and buyer, can be a good practice. This can be done through a bill of sale, which might include:

  • Details about the firearm (make, model, serial number)
  • Information about the buyer (name, address)
  • The purchase price and date

Completing the Sale and Transferring Firearm Ownership

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Once you've found a legal buyer, it's important to complete the sale and transfer the firearm in a legal and compliant manner. Remember, private sales of firearms between individuals in Louisiana do not require a background check, but penalties apply if the firearm is knowingly sold to an ineligible person.


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Advice for Safely Selling Your Firearm and Maximizing Value

Selling a handgun can be a complex process, requiring careful consideration of legal requirements, safety measures, and strategies to get the best value for your item. In this guide, we'll walk you through the essential steps to ensure a successful firearm sale while maximizing its potential worth.

Preparing Your Firearm for Sale

Before selling your rifle, shotgun, or even a gun collection make sure it's in good condition. This includes regular cleaning and maintenance, which will not only increase the value of the firearm but also ensure that the buyer is getting a quality product.

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When preparing your firearm for sale, provide an accurate description and documentation of the firearm, such as information about the make, model, caliber, and any accessories that come with it.

Create a comprehensive bill of sale that protects both parties in case of disputes, including details like sale date, buyer and seller information, and firearm specifics (such as make, model, and serial number). Include any relevant paperwork, like purchase receipts and warranty information.

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Options for Selling Your Firearm

There are multiple avenues to consider when selling your firearm in Louisiana. Private transactions between individuals are one route, but you could also consider selling to a licensed dealer or a business that specializes in buying used firearms. They can handle all the paperwork for you, making the process simpler. As always, do your research and ensure that any business you work with has a valid FFL and a good reputation.

Selling Outright or on Consignment

If you choose to sell your firearm to a business, you might have the option to sell it outright or sell a gun on consignment. Selling outright means you receive cash immediately, while consignment means the business will sell the firearm on your behalf and give you a portion of the sale price once it's sold. The best choice depends on your individual circumstances and needs.

Legally Completing the Sale and Transferring Ownership

After finding a legal buyer, complete the sale and transfer firearm ownership while complying with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. This includes conducting background checks and obtaining any required permits or licenses.


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General Questions & Answers

Is it legal to sell guns in Louisiana?

Yes, it is legal to sell guns in Louisiana. Private individuals can sell firearms to other individuals without the involvement of a licensed firearms dealer, as long as the buyer is not prohibited by law from owning a firearm. However, it's important to note that federal law still applies

Can you buy a gun in Louisiana without a license?

Yes, you can. You don't need a permit to own a gun in Louisiana. The only permit you'll need is a concealed carry permit if you'd like to carry a hidden firearm on yourself.

How much is a handgun permit in Louisiana?

Louisiana offers License to Carry Permits valid for five years or a lifetime. Five-year permits for citizens ages 21-64 are $125. Five-year permits for citizens 65 years old and over are $62.50. A lifetime permit is $500 for persons age 21-64 and $250 for those 65 and older. 

Can someone from out of state sell a gun in Louisiana?

Yes, if you are from another state, you can sell your gun to someone in Louisiana. However, it is important to note that the process must be done through a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder.

Do you need a federally-issued ID to buy a gun in Louisiana?

Yes, you do. The only necessary requirement for purchase is a valid driver's license, which can prove the buyer meets the federal age limits: 21 for handguns and 18 for shotguns or rifles.

What is the process to buy a gun in Louisiana?

to purchase a firearm in Louisiana, you need to be at least 18 years old for rifles or shotguns and at least 21 for handguns. If you are buying from a licensed dealer, you must undergo a background check, though this is not required for private sales under Louisiana law. There is no imposed waiting period for firearm purchases in the state. Furthermore, you don't need any specific permit or license to buy firearms in Louisiana. 

What documents I need to buy a gun in Louisiana?

To purchase a firearm in Louisiana, you need two key documents. 

First, a valid form of state-issued identification, such as a driver's license, is necessary. Secondly, when buying from a licensed firearm dealer, you need to fill out Form 4473, a document provided by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

What are the rules for gun ownership in Louisiana?

Louisiana has relatively relaxed laws for gun ownership. Adults aged 18 or older can own a rifle or shotgun, while you must be at least 21 to own a handgun. A permit or license is not required for gun ownership.

Are Louisiana gun laws strict?

No, Louisiana has lenient gun laws.

Does Louisiana have a gun registry?

Louisiana has no law requiring most firearms to be registered.

How much does it cost to transfer a gun in Louisiana?

When a private individual, rather than a gun store, sells a firearm to someone residing in another state, the transfer must be facilitated by a federally licensed firearm dealer in the buyer's state of residence. The fees associated with this process can vary depending on the specific FFL (Federal Firearms License) involved.

Does Louisiana allow private gun sales?

Yes, you can conduct a private gun sale in Louisiana.

Can you gift someone a gun in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, it is legal to gift a firearm to another individual, provided that the recipient is not prohibited by law from possessing a firearm. 

Who can't own a gun in Louisiana?

Louisiana law prohibits individuals convicted of certain crimes from purchasing or possessing firearms, including violent felonies, burglary, illegal use of weapons, and sex offenses. These prohibitions can be lifted if a person remains felony-free for ten years after completing their sentence. Additionally, individuals with domestic violence convictions or under protective orders are restricted from possessing guns. Louisiana also criminalizes intentionally transferring firearms to prohibited persons. However, the state does not have specific laws barring individuals with severe mental illness or juvenile offenders from acquiring or possessing firearms.

What is needed to sell a gun in Louisiana?

The Louisiana gun bill of sale serves as evidence that a firearm's legal sale occurred, involving either a dealer and buyer or two private individuals. This document contains essential information about the firearm, buyer, and seller, and necessitates the signatures of two witnesses in the presence of a notary public.

Do I need a bill of sale for a gun in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, individuals can utilize a firearm bill of sale to document the exchange of gun ownership. Purchasers are exempted from undergoing a background check or obtaining a permit prior to acquiring a firearm from either a private seller or dealer.

When you buy a gun is it automatically registered in your name Louisiana?

In Louisiana, the acquisition of firearms does not necessitate a gun permit, nor is it obligatory to possess a gun license to establish ownership. Moreover, the registration of long guns or handguns is not mandated by Louisiana law.



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Understanding the gun laws in Louisiana involves navigating a multitude of state and federal laws. Whether you are a current gun owner, prospective buyer, or simply someone interested in the topic, being knowledgeable about these laws is paramount for ensuring responsible and legal firearm ownership.


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