How to Sell a Gun in Hawaii

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The procedure for selling firearms in Hawaii is intricate and requires full comprehension and adherence to regulations, applicable to both buyers and sellers, including those dealing with antique firearms. Whether you want to sell a gun privately or buy a firearm, you have to be informed of all relevant laws and regulations, both, state and federal.

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June 14, 2023
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March 10, 2024
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State Laws for Private Sales in Hawaii

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Hawaii is particularly stringent about its firearm laws. Refer to section 134-2 of the Hawaiian Law, which specifically governs firearm ownership. Here's what you need to know:

  • To own a firearm in Hawaii, it is imperative to obtain a permit, irrespective of its condition, origin, or registration status.
  • If the firearm is an inheritance, the permit must be secured before taking possession.
  • The permit application process is thorough. You must provide personal, citizenship, and mental health history information.
  • Fingerprints and photographs are required unless already on file with the department.
  • Applicants must sign a waiver allowing access to their mental health records.
  • Permits are issued to U.S. citizens aged 21 or older, certain foreign representatives, law enforcement officers, and aliens under specific conditions.
  • Permits for pistols or revolvers are valid for 10 days, while permits for rifles or shotguns last 1 year.

In a private sale of handguns and other firearms, the permit must be signed and delivered to the recipient within 48 hours. The transferor is required to:

  • Verify the recipient's identity.
  • Fill in specific details on the permit.
  • Deliver or mail it to the issuing authority within a certain timeframe.

It is also mandatory to undergo training, such as a hunter education or firearms safety course, before obtaining a permit. Age restrictions apply to the transfer of rifles and shotguns to individuals under 18 years.

Restrictions on Firearm Ownership in Hawaii

Hawaiian laws prohibit a person from possessing a firearm owned by another without a permit, except in certain circumstances. It is, however, permissible to lend a lawfully acquired rifle or shotgun to an adult within the state for up to 15 days without a permit. Assault pistols cannot be brought into or sold/transferred within the state. Federal disqualification categories for firearm ownership are also applicable.


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Federal Laws for Gun Sales

Federal laws for gun sales have an impact on sales in Hawaii as well. While these laws might not be as stringent as the state's, they still establish a baseline for who can own a firearm, under what circumstances, and what types of firearms are allowed.

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Registration of Firearms in Hawaii

All firearms in Hawaii must be registered, regardless of their serviceability or acquisition method. Firearms imported from out of state must also be registered. However, exceptions do exist. For example, rifles and shotguns acquired prior to July 1994 and firearms designed to fire loose black powder or manufactured before 1899 are exempt.

Services and Procedures for Acquiring Firearms in Hawaii

For acquiring handguns, shotguns, or rifles in Hawaii, a Permit to Acquire is needed. Here are some key points:

  • Applicants must be at least 21 years old and U.S. citizens.
  • Separate permits are required for each handgun, but one permit covers multiple rifles or shotguns within a year.
  • Completion of a hunter education or gun safety course conducted by a certified NRA instructor is necessary.
  • People ineligible for firearm ownership include fugitives from justice, individuals under indictment, those diagnosed with significant behavioral/mental disorders, and individuals under 25 who have been adjudicated for certain crimes.
  • Firearms must be registered with the Hawaii Police Department within five days of purchase or acquisition.
  • Firearms brought into Hawaii must be registered within five days after entering the state.
  • Specific procedures and restrictions apply to the transfer and possession of firearms. Assault pistols cannot be brought into the state or sold/transferred within it.

Application for a License to Carry permit should follow the procedures outlined by the Hawaii Police Department.


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Tips to Sell Safely and Get the Best Price

To ensure a successful sale, ensure your firearm is in good working condition, clean, and well-maintained. Provide an accurate description of the firearm, including its make, model, caliber, and accessories. Prepare a comprehensive bill of sale and include relevant documentation, such as receipts and warranty information. Finally, complete the sale and transfer ownership in a legally compliant manner by adhering to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

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General Questions & Answers

How to sell a gun in Hawaii?

To legally sell a firearm in Hawaii, you first need to ensure both you and the buyer are qualified to own a gun under Hawaii law. The seller must have registered their gun with the county police department, and the buyer must have a firearm permit. The permit can be obtained by attending a firearms safety training course, passing a mental health check, and passing a criminal background check. Once the buyer has the permit, the seller can transfer ownership of the firearm. The transaction must then be reported to the county police within 48 hours. Private-party transfers are allowed, but using a Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer to facilitate the transfer can provide an added layer of legal protection.

Can I sell my gun in Hawaii?

If you sell or transfer the ownership of a handgun, you must obtain the recipient's permit at the time of sale or transfer. You are required to sign the permit in ink and submit the permit to the Hawaiʻi Police Department within 48 hours of the transfer via hand delivery or registered mail.

Does Hawaii allow gun ownership?

Yes, Hawaii does permit gun ownership. The state does not recognize concealed carry permits issued by other states, and the issuance of concealed carry permits within Hawaii is highly restrictive. The regulations aim to ensure that gun ownership is restricted to responsible and qualified individuals.

What is the gun rule in Hawaii?

Hawaii has some of the strongest gun laws in the country and leads the nation with the lowest rate of gun deaths a year. Among many of its life-saving laws, the state has a law that requires gun purchasers to obtain a license and complete a firearm safety course.

How many guns can I own in Hawaii?

There's no limit to the number of firearms you can legally own in Hawaii. You just need to follow the law, and it's a very strict law. The Hawaii Constitution mirrors the U.S. Constitution when it comes to the right to bear arms.

Are pistols illegal in Hawaii?

No, pistols are not illegal in Hawaii. As long as you follow the law and meet all legal regulations and obligations, you can purchase a pistol. Hawaii permits the open carrying of handguns on a person with a permit or license.

How many registered gun owners are in Hawaii?

According to the Department of the Attorney General, the 22,393 permits issued statewide in 2021 cover a total of 57,091 firearms registered throughout the year, resulting in a 6.8% increase from the 53,481 firearms registered during 2020.

Can I sell my gun in Hawaii?

Yes, you can sell a firearm in Hawaii, but both you and the buyer must comply with specific state and federal laws. The buyer must have a permit to acquire a firearm, and the sale must be reported to the county police department within 48 hours. 

What are gun laws like in Hawaii?

In Hawaii, individuals with a valid Hawaii license to carry are allowed to openly carry or conceal handguns on their person. However, this license is only valid within the county it was issued. The minimum age requirement for obtaining this license is 21 years old. It is considered a serious offense, classified as a class B felony, to carry a loaded firearm without the proper license, whether openly or concealed, even in a vehicle.

Does Hawaii require gun registration?

No, Hawaii does require gun registration. It is one of the few states in the U.S. with this requirement. Any person who acquires a firearm is required to register it within a few days of acquisition. 



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Selling a gun in Hawaii involves several important steps to ensure compliance with both state and federal laws. It is crucial that you stay updated with these laws and adhere to them in order to protect both the buyer and seller, as well as maintain the safety and security of the wider community.


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