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How To Sell A Gun In Jacksonville, FL

How To Sell A Gun In Jacksonville, FL

Are you wondering how to sell a gun in Jacksonville, FL? Perhaps you’ve inherited one, or may you have a gun that you purchased years ago and simply don’t have any use for it anymore. Selling a gun is often a straightforward transaction between two law-abiding adults, but on far too many occasions, the situation becomes complicated. One of the most common risks faced by private gun sellers is that there are many dishonest individuals out there who prey on private gun sellers. For instance, they may make arrangements to meet you somewhere in order to complete the transaction, where they proceed to steal the gun rather than paying for it. Slightly over a year ago, a seven-year-old girl lost her life in the crossfire when what was supposed to be a legal firearms sale ended up as an attempt to rob the seller in an IHOP parking lot in Jacksonville. By the same token, potential purchasers are sometimes scammed by unscrupulous people posing as private firearms sellers online. A common ruse is to rob the buyers of the cash when they arrive at a designated meetup place to get the gun.  Selling a gun privately involves other hurdles as well. Here’s what you need to know about successfully navigating through a private gun sale in Florida:

Verify That the Gun Isn’t Stolen

Honest citizens sometimes inadvertently end up with stolen guns. If you’ve inherited the gun from a family member or friend, it’s best to err on the side of caution and check to see if the gun has ever been reported stolen — the person could have purchased the firearm in good faith years ago not knowing it was stolen. The state of Florida offers an easy way to check on whether a firearm has ever been reported stolen — go to FDLE Stolen Gun Search, type in the gun’s serial number. If search results are negative, you can proceed with the sale.  Choose a Public Place for the Transaction  Neither buyers nor sellers should invite the other party into their home for the purpose of completing the transaction. Public parking lots are popular locations, but if you can, make the exchange in a local gun store or at a gun show. Never agree to meet after dark or in a public location that’s nonetheless secluded or isolated. Always take a friend with you, and if something doesn’t feel or look right when you arrive at the designated meeting place, don’t be afraid to walk away.

Prepare a Proper Bill of Sale

Although Florida doesn’t have specific legislation that requires that private gun transactions involve an official bill of sale, doing so protects you in the event that the gun is used in the commission of a crime or stolen later on. With a bill of sale in hand, you’ll have something to show to prove that the gun is no longer in your possession.

Check Identification

The state of Florida requires that both the buyer and the seller be in possession of a valid Florida state-issued piece of identification, so be sure to ask to see the ID of the person you’re selling the gun to as well as show them your own. Also, even though the state of Florida does not require someone who is buying a gun in a private sale to undergo a background check, sellers cannot legally sell to buyers if they have knowledge that the purchaser is prohibited from owning a firearm by federal law. Unfortunately, you may find yourself in legal hot water if you sell a gun to someone who goes on to use it to commit a violent crime.

Consider Using the Services of a Professional Gun Seller

As you’ve probably already gathered from reading this, selling a gun privately in Florida is an undertaking you need to approach with a good measure of caution. Also, if you’ve inherited the gun or bought it for yourself years ago, you may have little idea of what to even charge for it, putting you at risk of being taken advantage of by an experienced buyer. Using a professional gun selling service ensures that the item is appraised and priced fairly. Another advantage of using a professional service to sell your gun for cash is that they do all the heavy lifting as far as any required red tap. You’ll also enjoy a fast transaction as opposed to advertising the gun, talking with a variety of prospective purchasers, and perhaps waiting weeks before a serious buyer actually comes along.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at your convenience if you have questions or concerns about selling a firearm. We can help you with sales of single guns, entire collections, or anything in between in a safe, convenient, and  professional environment. 

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