Ben Wickersham

Ben's passion and expertise in firearms and military history have significantly impacted our team. Despite being one of the younger members of our team, Ben's knowledge in this field is profound and extensive.

Ben's journey into gun culture began at a young age when his experiences in hunting, reloading, target shooting, and shooting competitions shaped his profound understanding and respect for firearms. His leadership qualities began during high school, when he captained the Air Rifle team in national-level competitions, achieving remarkable success by securing second place nationally in 2018.

His academic pursuits reflect his diverse interests and unwavering curiosity. Benjamin pursued a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Physics, complemented by a minor in Naval Sciences. This educational background perfectly aligns with his passion for engineering, science, and history, which are interwoven intricately in the world of firearms.

Benjamin's dedication to sharing knowledge and learning from others is commendable. His enthusiasm for teaching and learning inspires his colleagues and peers. We are privileged to have Benjamin Wickersham on our team, where his expertise, passion, and commitment continue to enrich our collective experience.

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Firearms Specialist & Appraiser

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