Will Vaughn

A passion for firearms ignited a career shift for this individual. After two years at Florida State, he pursued his true calling, enrolling in the prestigious gunsmithing program at Yavapai College in Arizona. There, he delved into the intricacies of firearms, mastering the function, maintenance, and customization of various platforms. From building custom Remingtons and Mausers to meticulously crafting 1911s, his hands-on experience laid a strong foundation for expanding his firearms knowledge.

Returning to Jacksonville, he honed his skills at Gunsmiths, Inc., specializing in shotgun work. This expertise caught the eye of duPont/Krieghoff in Vero Beach, where he spent three years there, first as an apprentice, before slowly earning his place. He mastered the "old world" techniques to maintain and customize high-end Krieghoff competition and collector shotguns (K-80, K-32, K-20). Certified to handle these intricate firearms, he later transitioned to the Sportsman's Warehouse as Firearms & Hunting Department Manager. Finally, their expertise landed them the Lead Processor/Firearms Specialist role at Firearmland, a testament to their deep understanding and love for the world of firearms.

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Firearms Specialist & Team Lead

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