Jalen Lopez

I was born in Jacksonville, FL, on the Navy base. Growing up a "military brat," I moved from Pensacola to North Carolina, D.C., and Phoenix. Five high schools later, I still returned to Jacksonville, FL. Since my early days as a kid, I always had a fascination with photography, spending half of my time outside and the rest flipping through stacks of National Geographic magazines, World Encyclopedia books, and World War II books. As a kid with no cable T.V. or internet, these photos were my portals to what the world has to offer, and I see it through the eyes of many others. My photography career (which quickly became a career in videography, graphic design, marketing media, social media management, and the list continues to grow) started after graduating and moving to Phoenix. There, I found myself taking pictures for friends and restaurants, but furthermore, I found the meaning of "doing what you love for work" and have been chasing that ever since. Here at Cash for Arms, I'm beyond happy to live that out daily and grow my skill set!

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