Travis Fender

Hello, everyone here on the internet; I'm Travis! I am a senior firearm processor for Cash for Arms. I also collaborate with our content team as the chief content liaison. I am an eight-year Army vet. I drove trucks and was one of our gunners in my transportation unit. As a historian from my education, I love to work on military and unique historical firearms. I am interested in how they work, why they were made, and what became of their legacy. I also love to work on revolvers. I have a soft spot for Western nostalgia, and the feel revolvers have. I love working here because of that adage from "Pawn Stars," you never know what will come through that door. There is always something unique or what I think is "cool" that comes in every day that I get to work on. I get paid to fiddle with guns and learn about them, and it sounds sweet!

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Firearms Specialist and Content Liaison

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