Ian Schnauder

With over eight years of experience in protective security, full-cycle sales, and military leadership, Ian brings a wealth of expertise to every project. His journey began in the U.S. Army, where he served as a Warrant Officer, specializing in infantry and aviation operations. During this time, he honed his tactical leadership, strategic planning, and personnel management skills.

Transitioning to the private sector, Ian worked as a Protective Security Specialist, operating in challenging environments worldwide. His dedication to excellence resulted in a perfect record while completing hundreds of armed security operations.

In addition to his security background, Ian is also a certified firearm instructor, passionate about teaching practical skills for personal protection. He has developed comprehensive training regimens that significantly improve marksmanship and combat effectiveness. His commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in his numerous certifications, including Advanced Urban Warfare and Hostage Rescue.

Ian is proud to bring his unique blend of military and private sector experience to every project, ensuring professionalism and firearms expertise.

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