How To Sell A Gun In Oakland

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Selling a Gun in Oakland, California? Here's Your Easy Guide! Navigating through California's stringent gun laws, we're here to simplify the process for you. Our guide begins with the critical step of ensuring your buyer is legally eligible to own a gun, which involves a state-mandated background check. We'll assist you in completing the necessary paperwork, particularly the Dealer Record of Sale (DROS), a mandatory component for a legal transaction. Additionally, you'll be informed about the specific regulations pertaining to Oakland to ensure compliance at a local level. Our guide provides practical advice for a secure and smooth sale. We aim to make your gun selling experience in Oakland straightforward and trouble-free. If you're seeking a hassle-free selling experience, 'Cash For Arms' is an excellent service in Oakland, offering peace of mind by guaranteeing legal adherence and safety during your transaction.

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How To Sell A Gun In Oakland
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January 24, 2024
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May 31, 2023
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Overview Of Gun Selling Process In Oakland, CA

If you want to sell a gun in Oakland, California, there are some important steps to follow because the laws are very strict. First, you need to check that the person buying your gun is allowed to have it. This means doing a background check, which is a rule in California. Then, you have to fill out some forms, including one called the Dealer Record of Sale (DROS). It's also good to know any special rules for selling guns in Oakland. When you meet the buyer to sell your gun, pick a safe place and a good way to get paid. Some people use a service called 'Cash For Arms' in Oakland. This service helps you sell your gun safely and makes sure you follow all the laws. Our guide is here to help you understand how to sell your gun in Oakland the right way.

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Legal Compliance And Safety

When selling a gun in Oakland, focusing on legal compliance and safety is essential. This involves making sure your sale aligns with all California state laws and any specific regulations in Oakland. It's important to verify that the buyer can legally own a firearm, a step that safeguards both you and the wider community. Prioritizing safety is also critical – it's about ensuring the gun is handed over in a responsible manner. Adhering to these regulations plays a key role in preventing unlawful gun ownership and helps create a safer environment for everyone. Our guide emphasizes these crucial points to guarantee your gun selling process is both compliant with the law and secure.

Places to Sell Guns in Oakland, CA

In Oakland, besides licensed firearms dealerships, pawn shops, and online marketplaces, "Cash for Arms" is another option for selling guns. This service can provide a convenient and compliant way to sell firearms, handling the legal aspects and ensuring the transaction meets state and federal laws. It's designed to offer a straightforward, secure process, potentially simplifying the complexities involved in selling firearms in a highly regulated environment like Oakland.


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  • Multiple Selling Options: You have the flexibility to choose immediate Cash Offers for quick transactions or opt for PrimeConsign gun consignment to potentially gain more from your firearm sales.
  • Fast and Diverse Payment Options: Enjoy rapid and varied payment methods. Select from instant options like Zelle, efficient Same or Next-Day Direct Deposit, or traditional checks mailed to your Oakland address, based on your needs and urgency.


  • Next-Day Payment for Shipped Items: While same-day payment is available for local drop-offs, non-local sellers who need to ship their firearms will usually receive payment the next day. Payments are processed immediately upon the firearm's arrival to ensure you get your funds promptly.
  • Shipping Considerations for Non-Locals: For those outside the immediate Oakland area, the fastest shipping option is VIP Overnight Shipping. The earliest payment is issued on the day after your guns arrive. While immediate same-day payment isn't possible due to shipping times, the process is expedited to ensure quick handling.

By offering valuable, convenient, and adaptable services for selling firearms, provides a streamlined and secure transaction process for gun owners in Oakland, CA, aiming for a beneficial and satisfactory experience.

Selling to a Gun Store In Oakland, CA

‍Statistics: There are approximately 8 gun stores in Oakland, CA, with some of the most commonly known ones being Oakland Guns, Oakland Tactical and Bang Bang Guns.


  • You can physically inspect the store and feel more assured about the transaction.
  • Immediate cash offers.
  • Possibility to browse and possibly trade for other items.


  • Generally offers lower payments compared to other selling methods.
  • You may have to drive around from shop to shop to get the best offer, wasting time and resources.
  • The environment can be high pressure, especially if negotiating price.
  • Some may find the environment in gun stores intimidating or uncomfortable.

Selling to a Oakland Pawn Shop

‍Statistics: Oakland is home to approximately 8 pawn shops but the number of them that buy guns are low, including Pawn Broker, Easy Money Pawn & Jewelry Pawn Shop and Best Collateral.


  • Immediate cash offers, useful in urgent need of money.
  • Convenient for those who are familiar with pawn shop dealings.


  • Generally provides the lowest value for your firearms.
  • Like gun stores, might require visiting multiple locations to find the best offer.
  • High-pressure environments are common, with a focus on rapid turnover.
  • Some may find pawn shops less trustworthy or professional compared to specialized gun stores.

Selling to a Private Buyer in Oakland, CA

Overview: In California, and thus in Oakland, private firearm sales are subject to state laws which are more stringent compared to many other states. Private sellers must conduct the sale through a licensed firearms dealer, where the buyer must undergo a background check. This process ensures that the buyer is legally eligible to own a firearm. Direct private sales without this intermediary step are not legal. This system aims to enhance safety and legal compliance but may reduce the convenience and speed of private gun sales compared to states with more lenient laws.


  • Potentially direct dealings with buyers may yield better prices.
  • Sellers may have more control over the sale terms and process.


  • Can be inconvenient and time-consuming, requiring meetings and negotiations with potential buyers.
  • Increased personal risk and safety concerns when meeting unknown buyers.
  • Legal Responsibilities sellers are responsible for ensuring the sale complies with state laws, including mandatory use of a licensed firearm dealer for the transaction and background checks.

In all scenarios, ensuring legal compliance and prioritizing safety are critical. Whether choosing the convenience and immediacy of local shops and pawn stores or the generally higher payouts, smooth process, and outstanding customer support from, understanding the pros and cons of each option can help you make an informed decision that suits your needs and ensures a legal, safe, and profitable transaction.

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California Gun Laws

California, and by extension Oakland, has specific laws governing firearm ownership and transactions. These laws determine who can own and purchase firearms, the types of permissible firearms, and various restrictions. For instance, all private firearm transactions must go through a licensed dealer, and buyers are required to pass a background check. Certain types of firearms, like assault weapons, are restricted. Understanding and adhering to these regulations is crucial for legal compliance, safety, and responsible firearm handling in Oakland.

Age Requirements for Ownership and Purchase

In California, the age requirements for firearm ownership and purchase are specific and strict. Individuals must be at least 21 years old to purchase a handgun, and 18 years old for shotguns and rifles. This age requirement is in place to ensure responsible ownership and use of firearms. Additionally, California imposes various other regulations, including a safety certificate and a mandatory 10-day waiting period for all gun purchases. These laws are designed to promote safe gun handling and prevent firearms from being accessed by underage or unauthorized individuals.


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Types of Legal Firearms and Prohibited Weapons

In Oakland, California, the types of legal firearms and prohibited weapons are governed by state law. Generally, handguns, shotguns, and rifles are legal to own if they comply with specific requirements, such as not being classified as assault weapons. Assault weapons, defined by certain features and models, are prohibited. Additionally, California bans .50 BMG rifles and imposes restrictions on magazine capacity. The state also has specific laws regarding the ownership of suppressors, short-barreled rifles, and short-barreled shotguns. It's crucial to refer to the latest legal provisions to understand the complete list of permissible and prohibited firearms.

For a detailed look at the process of selling a gun in California, you can refer to our article How to Sell a Gun in California. This guide provides additional insights into California's regulations for selling firearms.

Oakland-Specific Firearm Regulations

When selling a firearm in Oakland, it's important to understand both state and local laws.

Ban on the possession of high-capacity magazines

In Oakland, as part of California's firearm regulations, there is a ban on the possession of high-capacity magazines. This means magazines that can hold more than ten rounds are prohibited. This law aims to reduce the potential harm in cases of firearm misuse and is part of a broader set of regulations designed to enhance public safety. Gun owners in Oakland must comply with this rule, along with other state and local firearms regulations, to ensure legal and responsible gun ownership and use.

Regulations on the storage and transportation of firearms

In Oakland, California, firearm owners are required to follow specific regulations for the safe storage and transportation of firearms. According to Oakland Municipal Code 9.39, firearms in private residences must be stored in locked containers, ensuring they are secure and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals, especially children. These containers must be fully enclosed and locked by a padlock, key lock, combination lock, or similar locking device, and cannot be made from fabric or other penetrable materials. When transporting firearms, similar rules apply. Firearms must be carried in a locked container. Additionally, Oakland Municipal Code 9.37 outlines the requirement for safely storing handguns in vehicles. It is unlawful to leave a handgun in an unattended vehicle unless it is secured in a lock box placed in the trunk or a non-visible part of the vehicle. These measures are designed to prevent accidents, unauthorized use, and theft of firearms, thereby reinforcing responsible gun ownership. Adherence to these regulations is critical for safety and compliance with Oakland’s local laws, and failure to comply can lead to legal consequences including fines and jail time.

Felons and Firearms

In Oakland, California, individuals with felony convictions are strictly prohibited from possessing firearms throughout their lifetime, as per California Penal Code section 29800. This law applies equally to felons residing in or visiting Oakland, categorizing firearm possession by a felon as a felony, which is punishable by probation or a prison term ranging from 16 months to 3 years. The law also accounts for felony convictions from outside California, recognizing them only if the same offense would result in a felony under California law. In cases of federal felony convictions, they are considered relevant if the sentence included at least 30 days in a federal correctional facility or a fine of $1,000 or more. There are defenses and exceptions to these rules, such as a felony reduced to a misdemeanor or errors in legal records. The specifics of gun possession, like the actual possession status or technical details of the firearm, can be critical in legal defenses. Those with felony convictions need to be aware of these restrictions to avoid further legal issues, and seeking advice from a legal professional is recommended for guidance specific to California's firearm laws. 

Concealed Carry Permits

In Oakland, individuals wishing to carry a concealed firearm must obtain the necessary permit as per California law, which does not recognize concealed carry permits issued by other states. This means that regardless of whether someone has a permit from another state, they must go through the process of obtaining a California-specific concealed carry permit to legally carry a concealed firearm in Oakland. The process includes meeting the criteria set by California law, which involves background checks, firearms training, and demonstrating good moral character. It's important for individuals to adhere to these requirements to ensure compliance with state laws and maintain public safety. For those seeking to obtain a concealed carry permit in Oakland, it is advisable to consult with local law enforcement or legal professionals who can provide guidance on the application process and requirements. More information on California's concealed carry permit process can be found on the California Department of Justice website.

Gun Sale Regulations in Oakland

The sale of private firearms in Oakland follows California state laws. Key points include:

Background Checks

Background checks for gun sales are mandated by California law. This applies to all sales, including private transactions, which must be processed through a licensed firearm dealer. The dealer is responsible for conducting the background check via the California Department of Justice. This check reviews the buyer's eligibility to own a firearm, considering criminal history and other disqualifying factors. This process aims to ensure that firearms are only sold to individuals legally permitted to own them, enhancing public safety.

Dealer Involvement

Any sale or transfer of firearms must involve a licensed firearm dealer, as required by California law. This rule applies to both retail and private transactions. The dealer facilitates the transaction, including the mandatory background check through the California Department of Justice. This process ensures that the sale complies with state regulations, including the verification of the buyer's eligibility to legally own a firearm. This dealer involvement is a crucial step in maintaining legal compliance and public safety in firearm transactions.

Waiting Period 

As per California state law, there is a mandatory 10-day waiting period for all firearm purchases. This period begins when the purchase application is submitted and is intended to serve as a cooling-off time, potentially preventing impulsive acts of violence. The waiting period also allows for a thorough background check to be conducted. This law applies to every firearm sale, regardless of whether it's from a retail store or through a private transaction, ensuring that every transfer of gun ownership is carefully vetted for safety and legal compliance.

Firearm Safety Certificate

In Oakland, and throughout California, individuals looking to purchase a firearm are required to obtain a Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC). This involves passing a written test that covers basic firearms safety and the state's gun laws. The FSC is a prerequisite for purchasing a firearm and must be presented at the time of purchase. This certification is part of California's efforts to ensure that firearm owners have a fundamental understanding of firearm safety and legal responsibilities.

Assault Weapon Restrictions

Oakland adheres to California's strict regulations on assault weapons. These laws prohibit the manufacture, sale, transfer, or possession of assault weapons, as defined by specific features and characteristics outlined in the state law. The definition includes certain semi-automatic firearms, rifles, and pistols with specific military-style features. These regulations are part of California's comprehensive approach to firearm safety and are aimed at reducing the availability and use of these high-capacity, rapid-fire weapons.

Magazine Capacity Limit

There is a limit on magazine capacity for firearms. Magazines that hold more than ten rounds are prohibited. This regulation aims to reduce the potential for high-casualty events and is a key aspect of California's firearm safety measures. The magazine capacity limit is part of a broader strategy to enhance public safety by controlling the firepower available to the general public.

Age Requirement

In Oakland, the age requirements for firearm ownership align with California law. Individuals must be at least 21 years old to purchase a handgun from a licensed dealer. For shotguns and rifles, the minimum age is 18. These age requirements are part of California's comprehensive approach to gun safety, ensuring that firearms are sold to individuals who have reached an age deemed suitable for responsible ownership.

Preparing for the Sale

When preparing for a gun sale in Oakland, CA, it's important to follow several steps for a legal and secure transaction. Firstly, ensure the firearm complies with California state and Oakland city regulations. Gather all necessary paperwork, including your Firearm Safety Certificate. Then, plan to conduct the sale through a licensed firearm dealer, as private sales directly between individuals are not permitted. The dealer will handle the mandatory background check for the buyer. Lastly, be informed about the 10-day waiting period and ensure you and the buyer understand all legal obligations involved in the sale. By carefully planning your sale and adhering to these guidelines, you can confidently navigate the process, ensuring a smooth and compliant transaction.

Verify Firearm Legality

Verifying firearm legality is a critical step in the gun selling process in Oakland. This involves ensuring the firearm is not classified under prohibited types, such as assault weapons, and complies with specific feature restrictions outlined in California law. It's also important to check that the firearm is not on the list of banned models and does not exceed the legal magazine capacity. Understanding and adhering to these regulations is crucial for legal compliance and maintaining public safety in firearm transactions.

Obtain a Firearm Safety Certificate

To sell a firearm in Oakland, obtaining a Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC) is mandatory. This involves passing a safety test that covers basic firearm laws and safe handling practices as outlined by California regulations. The FSC ensures that sellers and buyers have a fundamental understanding of firearm safety and legal responsibilities. This certificate is a crucial component of the state's efforts to promote responsible gun ownership and is required for any firearm transaction.

Choose a Licensed Dealer (FFL)

In Oakland, choosing a licensed dealer (FFL - Federal Firearms License holder) is a necessary step for selling firearms. This requirement ensures that all aspects of the sale, including the mandatory background check of the buyer, are conducted in accordance with federal and state laws. Licensed dealers have the authorization to handle the paperwork and legalities involved in the transfer of firearms. This process ensures that the sale adheres to the strict regulations set forth for firearm transactions in California.

Prepare Paperwork, including the Bill of Sale

When preparing to sell a firearm in Oakland, it's important to prepare the necessary paperwork, including a Bill of Sale. This document should detail the transaction, including information about the firearm (make, model, serial number), the date of sale, and details of the buyer and seller. The Bill of Sale serves as a formal record of the transaction and can be important for personal records and legal compliance. This paperwork, along with any other required documents, ensures transparency and legality in the firearm transfer process.

Arrange for Safe Transfer

Arranging for a safe transfer of the firearm is a crucial step in its sale in Oakland. This involves conducting the transaction at the premises of a licensed firearms dealer (FFL). The dealer facilitates the legally required background check and handles the actual transfer of the firearm to the buyer. This ensures that all aspects of the transfer comply with state and federal regulations. The use of a licensed dealer adds a layer of safety and legality, helping to prevent unauthorized access and ensuring that the buyer is legally eligible to own the firearm.

Confirm Buyer’s Eligibility

Confirming the buyer's eligibility is a critical step in the gun sale process in Oakland. This involves the licensed firearms dealer conducting a background check through the California Department of Justice. The check ensures the buyer does not have a criminal history or other disqualifying factors that would prevent them from legally owning a firearm. This process is part of California's strict measures to ensure firearms are only sold to individuals who are legally authorized to possess them, enhancing public safety and responsible gun ownership.

These steps are essential to ensure a legal and responsible firearm sale in Oakland, providing a layer of protection for both the seller and the buyer.

Conducting the Sale

When conducting a gun sale in Oakland, California, it's crucial to strictly adhere to state and local laws to ensure the transaction is legal and responsible. This involves using a licensed firearms dealer for the sale, who will conduct a mandatory background check on the buyer through the California Department of Justice. Be aware of California's 10-day waiting period and the need for both the seller and buyer to have a Firearm Safety Certificate. Understanding the restrictions on certain types of firearms, including assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, is essential. Also, compliance with specific Oakland ordinances is necessary for a lawful transaction.

Selling to Out-of-State Buyers

When selling firearms to out-of-state buyers from Oakland, California, the sale must comply with both California state laws and the laws of the buyer's state. The transaction must be processed through a licensed firearms dealer (FFL) in the buyer's state. The dealer will conduct the necessary background checks and ensure compliance with the local laws of the buyer's state. This process ensures that the sale adheres to the legal requirements of both states, maintaining compliance and legality in interstate firearm transactions.

Waiting period for buyers and sellers

In Oakland, the waiting period for a firearm sale is a mandatory 10 days. This period starts from the time the purchase application is submitted and serves several purposes. It acts as a cooling-off period, which may help in preventing impulsive acts of violence. Additionally, it allows sufficient time for a comprehensive background check to be conducted on the buyer. This waiting period is a key component of California's firearm regulations, emphasizing the commitment to safety and responsible gun ownership.

Compliance at Gun Shows and Online Sales

Compliance with regulations at gun shows and during online sales in Oakland is governed by California state law. All transactions, whether at gun shows or online, must be processed through a licensed firearms dealer. This ensures that the mandatory background checks are conducted, and the 10-day waiting period is adhered to. These regulations apply to all firearm sales, regardless of the venue, and are designed to maintain safety and legal compliance in the transfer of firearms within the state.

Types of Firearms

In Oakland, California, the sale of firearms like fully automatic weapons and short-barreled rifles is heavily regulated. State law prohibits these types of firearms unless they are federally registered and meet strict criteria. California also bans assault weapons, defined by specific features, as well as .50 BMG caliber rifles and high-capacity magazines over 10 rounds. Selling modified or customized handguns is subject to both state and federal regulations to ensure safety and compliance. These strict measures reflect California's commitment to public safety in firearm control.

Special Considerations in Transactions

In Oakland, special considerations for firearm transactions include adhering to age restrictions (21 years for handguns, 18 for rifles and shotguns), understanding the regulations around the sale of homemade firearms (which require serialization and must be transferred through a licensed dealer), and complying with laws regarding non-registered and antique firearms. These elements are crucial to ensure compliance with California's strict gun laws. Additionally, sellers must use a licensed dealer for all transactions to ensure proper background checks and waiting periods are observed, aligning with both state and federal regulations for a legally sound and ethical sale.

Selling Homemade Firearms

In Oakland, selling homemade firearms requires adherence to specific legal requirements. These firearms must be serialized and registered with the California Department of Justice. The sale of such firearms also mandates processing through a licensed firearm dealer, who will conduct a background check on the buyer as required by state law. This ensures that the sale of homemade firearms complies with California's rigorous safety and registration standards, an important aspect of the state's efforts to maintain public safety and responsible gun ownership practices.

Selling Non-Registered and Antique Firearms

In Oakland, selling non-registered and antique firearms still requires adherence to California state laws. Non-registered firearms must be legally registered and transferred through a licensed dealer, who will handle the background check. Antique firearms, defined as those manufactured prior to 1899, may not be subject to the same regulations as modern firearms but still require careful consideration for legal compliance. It's crucial to confirm the antique status of a firearm and ensure that any transaction aligns with both state and federal laws.

Understand Local Ordinances

Understanding local ordinances in Oakland is crucial for firearm transactions. In addition to state regulations, the city has its own rules that must be followed. These include restrictions on the sale and possession of certain types of ammunition and the requirement for safe storage of firearms to prevent unauthorized access. Oakland also enforces laws related to the transportation of firearms, which must be done in a specific, legally compliant manner. Being aware of and complying with these local ordinances is essential for legal and safe firearm transactions in Oakland.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

In Oakland, selling firearms requires a commitment to legal and ethical responsibility. This means strictly adhering to California's gun laws, which include rigorous background checks, waiting periods, and restrictions on certain firearm types. Ethically, sellers must consider the implications of each sale, ensuring that firearms do not fall into the wrong hands and are used responsibly. This approach not only prevents legal issues but also contributes to public safety and responsible firearm ownership. Understanding and following these guidelines is crucial for maintaining a safe and lawful environment in the city.

Prohibited Sales

In Oakland, certain sales of firearms are prohibited under state law. These include sales of assault weapons, .50 BMG caliber rifles, and high-capacity magazines that hold more than ten rounds. It's also illegal to sell firearms to prohibited persons, such as individuals with certain criminal convictions, mental health conditions, or those under restraining orders. Selling unserialized or homemade firearms without proper registration and transfer through a licensed dealer is also prohibited. Adherence to these prohibitions is essential for legal compliance and public safety in firearm transactions.

Sales to Non-U.S. Citizens and Individuals with Mental Illness

In Oakland, firearm sales to non-U.S. citizens and individuals with mental illness are governed by specific regulations. Legal permanent residents may purchase firearms, but there are restrictions for certain visa holders. Additionally, California law prohibits firearm sales to individuals who have been legally declared mentally unfit or involuntarily committed to a mental institution. Sellers must be vigilant about these rules to ensure compliance with the law and to uphold their ethical responsibility in preventing firearms from being acquired by legally prohibited individuals. This not only ensures compliance with the law but also upholds the ethical responsibility of preventing potential harm.

Finalizing the Sale

Finalizing the sale of a firearm in Oakland involves carefully following California's detailed legal procedures. This includes ensuring all transactions are processed through a licensed firearm dealer, adhering to the mandatory 10-day waiting period, and conducting background checks. The dealer also verifies that the firearm is legally registered and not prohibited. Accurate record-keeping of the transaction is crucial for both legal compliance and personal accountability. This guide outlines the essential steps to legally and responsibly conclude the sale of a firearm in Oakland.

Shipping Firearms within Oakland

Shipping firearms within Oakland must comply with California state laws and federal regulations. Firearms must be shipped to or through a licensed firearms dealer (FFL). It's important to use secure and traceable shipping methods and ensure the firearm is unloaded and packaged safely. The shipping process should also respect any local ordinances specific to Oakland. These measures are in place to ensure the safe and legal transportation of firearms, maintaining accountability and public safety.. Depending on the carrier and the type of firearm, there may be additional requirements or restrictions. It's advisable to consult with the shipping carrier and verify the recipient's eligibility to ensure that the shipment complies with all state and federal laws.

Importance of Record Keeping

Maintaining detailed records of firearm sales in Oakland is crucial for legal and accountability reasons. California law requires transactions to be processed through a licensed dealer, who keeps records. However, sellers should also retain their own records, including transaction dates, firearm details (make, model, serial number), and buyer's information (name, address, contact). This documentation is vital for establishing the transfer of ownership and can be important if the firearm becomes involved in legal issues. Proper record-keeping ensures compliance with stringent California gun laws and provides a clear history of the firearm’s ownership.

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Why Choose Cash For Arms

Choosing 'Cash For Arms' for selling firearms offers several advantages, particularly in terms of convenience, legal compliance, and safety. This service typically provides a straightforward and hassle-free process for selling firearms, which can be especially beneficial for those unfamiliar with the intricacies of gun laws. 'Cash For Arms' often ensures that all transactions comply with federal and state regulations, providing peace of mind to sellers concerned about legalities. Moreover, such services often have expertise in appraising firearms, ensuring that sellers receive a fair market value for their guns. Additionally, 'Cash For Arms' handles the transfer process, which adds a layer of safety, as the transaction occurs in a controlled and secure environment. This is crucial for those who prioritize personal safety and want to avoid risks associated with private sales. Overall, 'Cash For Arms' offers a professional, safe, and legally compliant way to sell firearms, making it an appealing option for many gun owners.

Benefits of Using Cash For Arms for Gun Sales

Choosing Cash For Arms for your firearm sale means opting for a service that is dedicated to your best interests. We focus on making the selling process as easy and efficient as possible. Our commitment to our diverse clientele is evident in our convenient service offerings. With Cash For Arms, you are choosing a path that ensures safety, speed, legal compliance, and reliability in every transaction​​.

Professionalism, Legal Compliance, and Customer Support

At Cash For Arms, we are not just about transactions; we are about building trust through professional, legal, and supportive services. Our approach to selling firearms is grounded in prioritizing the best interests of our clients. We simplify the selling process while adhering to all legal requirements, ensuring that you can confidently and conveniently turn your firearms into cash. Our dedication to providing top-notch customer support means we are here to guide you at every step, ensuring a smooth and worry-free experience​​.

Cash For Arms stands out as the optimal choice for selling firearms in Oakland, California. Our focus on safety, legal compliance, and customer support, combined with our commitment to simplifying the selling process, aligns with the needs of gun owners looking for a reliable and efficient service. Trust Cash For Arms for a seamless, legally compliant, and profitable firearm selling experience.


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Oakland, California, has unique gun storage regulations for vehicles, highlighting the city's proactive approach to reducing firearms theft and enhancing urban safety.

General Questions & Answers

Is it legal to own a gun in Oakland?

Yes, it is legal to own a gun in Oakland, but individuals must meet certain requirements. They must be over the age of 21, possess a valid California driver's license or ID, be a resident of the state, and pass a background check. These regulations ensure that gun ownership is in compliance with California state laws.

Can you open carry in Oakland?

Open carry of firearms is generally illegal in California, including Oakland. This applies to both loaded and unloaded firearms, regardless of whether they are openly carried or concealed. The state does not allow open carry in urban areas, reflecting a stricter approach to firearm regulation in densely populated regions.

Do you need a safe to own a gun in Oakland?

While owning a safe is not a mandated requirement for gun ownership in Oakland, California law emphasizes the importance of safe storage. Firearms should be stored in a manner that prevents unauthorized access, especially by children. This often involves using a locked container or a gun safe.

Can I take my gun hiking in Oakland?

Carrying a gun while hiking in Oakland is subject to strict regulations. While open carry might be allowed in some non-urban, non-incorporated areas, it is generally prohibited on public roads and trails. Concealed carry is possible only with a valid California CCW permit.

Can I carry a gun on my property in Oakland?

In Oakland, as in the rest of California, a person may carry a handgun on their own property without a permit. This includes one's place of residence, business, or any private property lawfully possessed.

Can you take a gun to Oakland?

When transporting handguns into Oakland, they must be unloaded and kept in a locked container, separate from the ammunition. This rule is in place for anyone bringing firearms into California, including Oakland.

Can foreigners own guns in Oakland?

Foreign nationals legally in the U.S. can purchase firearms in Oakland if they meet certain criteria. Those on nonimmigrant visas must fulfill specific conditions, such as having a valid hunting license, to be eligible for firearm ownership.

How hard is it to get a gun in Oakland?

To purchase a gun in Oakland, individuals must comply with California state laws. They must be at least 21 years old for handguns, pass a background check, and undergo a waiting period. The process is thorough to ensure responsible gun ownership.

Can I take my gun with me camping in Oakland?

In Oakland, and California as a whole, you may have a firearm at your campsite, which is considered your temporary home. However, it is important to be aware of specific regulations regarding the carrying and use of firearms in different camping areas.

Can you carry a gun in your backpack in Oakland?

Carrying a loaded firearm in a backpack is considered carrying on one's person under California law. This would require a valid concealed carry permit, as carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, even in a backpack, is illegal.

Where can I shoot my gun in Oakland?

Target shooting in Oakland is subject to local and state laws. Generally, shooting is permitted on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) public lands, provided it is done safely and without damaging public resources. Always check specific area regulations before shooting.

Do you have to tell police you have a gun in the car in Oakland?

In Oakland, if you are lawfully carrying a gun in your vehicle, you are not required to proactively disclose this to the police. However, if asked by law enforcement, you should honestly disclose the presence of the firearm. It's important to note that California has strict laws regarding the transport of firearms in vehicles.



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We value your interest in our services. Due to regulatory requirements, we can only accept contact information from individuals 21 years of age or older. However, individuals aged 18 and above are eligible to sell firearms through our platform. If you are between 18 to 21 years old, please exit this pop-up and refrain from providing your phone number. Those under 18 should leave the website. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these guidelines.

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