How Much is a Browning Citori Currently Worth?

Picture of a Browning Citori

Embarking on a journey into the fascinating realm of shotguns, one must recognize the intrinsic worth of each prized possession. Dive deep into the intricacies of the Browning Citori, a paragon in the world of over-and-under shotguns, equipping you with a comprehensive insight into its significance. Ready to uncover its foundational elements?

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Published On:
September 17, 2023
Updated On:
March 8, 2024
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Current Market Value of a Browning Citori

While prices can vary, a typical Browning Citori is worth around $1600, but the price range generally falls between $1000 on the low end to as high as $2000. Preserving the Browning Citori in its original condition can significantly increase its value.

Photo of a Browning Citori

Factors That Influence The Value of a Browning Citori

Unveiling the true worth of a Browning Citori shotgun goes beyond its immediate condition, model, or accessories. To fully comprehend the intricate tapestry of value, one must explore a comprehensive array of factors that shape the market's perception of these firearms. From the overarching condition categories to the finer nuances of special editions, finishes, and customizations, we'll guide you through the intricate web of considerations that every prospective Citori buyer and seller should navigate. Our aim is to empower you with the knowledge required to make informed decisions and embark on your Browning Citori journey with confidence.


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When it comes to determining the value of a Browning Citori shotgun, one of the primary factors to consider is its condition. The state in which a firearm is found can significantly influence its worth, and understanding the nuances of various condition categories is crucial for both buyers and sellers. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the different conditions a Citori can be in, ranging from the pristine allure of "New or Mint Condition" to the well-loved character of "Fair Condition" and beyond. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge needed to assess the condition of your Browning Citori accurately, helping you make informed decisions in the world of firearm transactions.

New or Mint Condition

A Browning Citori in "New" or "Mint" condition represents the epitome of firearm perfection. In this state, it stands as a pristine testament to both craftsmanship and care, appearing as if it just emerged from the factory. There are no traces of wear, no imperfections on its wood or metal components, and no signs of handling. Its bluing or finish is unblemished, the wood stock and forend gleam with original luster, and the bore remains spotless and free of fouling. A shotgun in this condition offers an unparalleled shooting experience, akin to acquiring a brand-new firearm. From a market perspective, such Citoris are prized possessions, often fetching premium prices. Collectors and discerning buyers covet them for their rarity, meticulous upkeep, and as a showcase of the shotgun's artistry and functionality. While they may not be readily available, the allure of a Browning Citori in new or mint condition is undeniable for those who appreciate the pinnacle of craftsmanship and firearm excellence.

Excellent Condition

A Browning Citori in "Excellent Condition" embodies the sweet spot between practicality and aesthetics. It stands as a testament to responsible ownership and judicious use, displaying only minimal wear and handling marks. The shotgun's metal components retain their original finish, with slight signs of use, while the wood stock and forend may bear minor dings or scratches but still present an overall appealing appearance. The bore, crucial for accuracy, remains clean and unmarred by significant fouling. A shotgun in excellent condition offers a blend of affordability and quality, making it attractive to buyers seeking both functionality and an element of elegance. Collectors may also find these shotguns appealing, particularly if they boast unique features or hold historical significance. While they may not command the premium prices of brand-new or mint condition firearms, Citoris in excellent condition represent a smart investment for those who value both practicality and the firearm's intrinsic charm.

Very Good Condition

A Browning Citori in "Very Good Condition" retains its functional and aesthetic appeal, showcasing the marks of a well-maintained firearm with moderate usage. While it may exhibit some visible signs of wear and handling, such as minor scratches or slight finish wear on metal components, these imperfections do not diminish its overall attractiveness. The wood stock and forend may display modest dings or marks but remain solid and presentable. The shotgun's bore, a crucial factor for accuracy, remains clean and in good shape. Shotguns in very good condition offer a balance between affordability and quality, appealing to buyers seeking a reliable firearm with character. They are often sought after by practical shooters who value performance over pristine aesthetics. Collectors may also express interest, particularly if the shotgun has unique characteristics or historical significance. Citoris in very good condition offer a compelling option for those who appreciate a shotgun's functionality while embracing the patina of responsible use.

Good Condition

A Browning Citori in "Good Condition" still possesses its core functionality and represents a firearm with character. While it may bear visible signs of use, such as scratches, finish wear on metal components, and dings on the wood stock and forend, it remains serviceable and dependable. The bore, vital for accuracy, is in functional order. Shotguns in good condition appeal to practical shooters and enthusiasts who prioritize reliability over aesthetics. They offer an affordable entry point into the world of Browning Citoris, making them accessible to a broader audience. Collectors may also find interest in shotguns in this condition, particularly if they feature unique configurations or hold historical significance. Browning Citoris in good condition are a testament to their resilience and longevity, appealing to those who appreciate a shotgun's functional charm, even when it shows the wear marks of its past adventures.

Fair Condition

A Browning Citori in "Fair Condition" has seen its fair share of use and displays notable signs of wear, both functionally and aesthetically. While it remains operational, it may exhibit substantial scratches, finish wear, and dings on metal components and the wood stock and forend. The bore, although still functional, might show signs of fouling or wear. Shotguns in fair condition are typically priced at the lower end of the spectrum and are suitable for buyers who prioritize affordability and functionality over aesthetics. They often appeal to those seeking a reliable tool for shooting sports or hunting without the concern of cosmetic imperfections. Collectors may show interest in such shotguns if they have historical significance or are rare models, but the focus here tends to be on functionality rather than pristine appearance. A Browning Citori in fair condition is a workhorse, showcasing the resilience and durability for which these shotguns are known.

Poor Condition

A Browning Citori in "Poor Condition" reflects a shotgun that has endured significant wear and often neglect. It shows extensive signs of use, both functionally and aesthetically, with notable scratches, finish wear, and dings on metal components and the wood stock and forend. The bore, while potentially still functional, may display substantial fouling, pitting, or wear. Shotguns in poor condition are typically priced at the lower end of the market and are suited for buyers who prioritize affordability above all else. They may appeal to those seeking a budget-friendly firearm for basic shooting or utility purposes. However, collectors generally do not find significant interest in shotguns in this state, as the focus here is on functionality, and extensive wear can affect performance and safety. A Browning Citori in poor condition represents a firearm that has seen extensive use and wear, offering basic functionality while lacking the aesthetic appeal and collector's value associated with better-preserved examples.

Picture of a Browning Citori


The world of Browning Citori shotguns is a diverse one, with a range of models designed to cater to different shooting preferences and needs. In this segment, we will provide a comprehensive list of Citori models, along with insights into what sets each one apart. You'll gain a clear understanding of not only the models themselves but also how they influence the market value of these sought-after shotguns.


The Browning Citori CX, known for its adaptability and excellence, stands out as a part of the illustrious Citori lineage. The "CX", denoting "Crossover", is designed to seamlessly transition between hunting and clay target shooting. Its distinct mid-height rib provides a head-up shooting stance, which, coupled with a Graco adjustable comb and butt pad plate, offers both rapid target acquisition and personalized comfort. Aesthetically, its polished blued steel receiver with intricate high-relief engraving and a stock fashioned from grade II American walnut with a gloss finish elevates its appeal. In the marketplace, the Citori CX's blend of versatility, reliability, and beauty ensures it retains strong value. Its broad appeal to diverse shooters and the potential for customization only enhance its desirability and influence its market position positively among over-and-under shotguns.


The Browning Citori CXS, a hallmark of precision and elegance, is an esteemed member of the renowned Citori family. The "CXS", emblematic of "Crossover Sporting", is meticulously crafted for those dedicated to both field and competitive clay shooting. Its low-profile receiver not only aids in a natural pointability but also contributes to reduced muzzle jump, ensuring consistent shots. The shotgun’s aesthetic brilliance is underscored by a polished blued finish on the receiver, set off by intricate engraving, while its hand-finished grade II American walnut stock amplifies its visual charm. On the market spectrum, the Citori CXS is a testament to the harmonious blend of performance and beauty, making it a coveted piece. Its reputation for precision, coupled with its timeless design, guarantees that it maintains a commanding presence and value among aficionados of over-and-under shotguns.


The Browning Citori CXT, an epitome of specialized mastery, is a distinguished entrant in the revered Citori collection. Representing "Crossover Trap", the CXT is sculpted specifically for the trap shooting enthusiast who seeks a fine balance between field and competitive settings. It boasts a higher rib design and a parallel comb, attributes that enable a shooter to establish better sight lines and facilitate a smoother swing. Visually, the CXT is a symphony of craftsmanship with its polished blued receiver adorned with delicate engraving, paired harmoniously with a grade II American walnut stock that showcases its rich grain. In the commercial realm, the Citori CXT, with its blend of niche specialization and classic aesthetics, ensures it remains a treasured acquisition. Its unwavering commitment to trap shooting nuances, married to its timeless elegance, ensures the CXT holds a distinguished position and steadfast value among the pantheon of over-and-under shotguns.

White Lightning

The Browning Citori White Lightning, exuding an allure of sophistication and elegance, stands prominently within the legendary Citori line. The name "White Lightning" evokes images of swiftness and power, and the shotgun itself doesn't disappoint. Characterized by its unique silver-nitride finished receiver, which contrasts beautifully against the deep-relief engraving, the White Lightning is a true piece of art. The gun's stock, crafted from the finest grade II/III walnut, is accentuated by intricate checkering, adding both grip and an added touch of elegance. But it's not just about looks; the shotgun's balance, responsiveness, and sturdy construction make it a preferred choice among many shooting enthusiasts. In the marketplace, the Citori White Lightning’s marriage of aesthetic grandeur with unparalleled functionality ensures it remains a cherished commodity. Its blend of visual distinction and performance caliber solidifies its prestigious status and enduring value among the elite class of over-and-under shotguns.


The Browning Citori 725, a sublime synthesis of advanced technology and timeless elegance, holds a special place within the celebrated Citori range. At its core, the 725 represents the culmination of decades of refining the over-and-under design. This shotgun integrates a lower profile receiver, which in practical terms means an even closer, more instinctive point of aim. It's not merely about mechanics; the 725 embodies artistry. The deep-relief engraving on its receiver is a testament to Browning's attention to detail, while the grade II/III walnut stock, bathed in a rich gloss oil finish, accentuates its visual appeal. Incorporating the innovative FireLite Mechanical Trigger, the 725 ensures a swift and consistent pull, setting it apart from its contemporaries. In the marketplace, the Citori 725 isn't just another shotgun; it's an institution. Its harmonious blend of state-of-the-art features with classic aesthetics underscores its esteemed status and assures its enduring value in the world of over-and-under shotguns.


The Browning Citori Field emerges as a paragon of traditional design and steadfast reliability within the illustrious Citori lineage. Specifically tailored for the hunting purist, the Citori Field prioritizes function while retaining an essence of classic elegance. Its robust construction ensures a longevity that hunters can trust, even in the challenging terrains and changing weather conditions of the great outdoors. The gun is visually anchored by a gracefully polished receiver, gracefully offset by understated engraving which gives a nod to time-honored craftsmanship. The stock, chiseled from high-grade walnut, is both a visual treat and a testament to Browning's dedication to durability and ergonomic comfort. On the market, the Citori Field is recognized not just as a tool, but as a generational heirloom. Its commitment to providing steadfast performance in field conditions, combined with an enduring aesthetic appeal, cements its place as a sought-after gem and a surefire investment in the realm of over-and-under shotguns.

Superlight Feather

The Browning Citori Superlight Feather distinguishes itself as an emblem of sophisticated craftsmanship, blending lightweight agility with the timeless charm of classic shotgunning. Tailored for those who value mobility without compromising on durability, the Superlight Feather is characterized by its nimble aluminum alloy receiver which significantly trims down the gun's weight. Yet, this reduction doesn't sacrifice strength, as this Citori is reinforced with steel breech face and hinge pin. Aesthetically, the gun radiates a distinct elegance: the high-relief engraving on the receiver portrays intricate artistry, while the grade I/II walnut stock and fore-end, finished with a lustrous satin, lend it an air of refined grace. In the hands of an enthusiast, the Superlight Feather feels almost intuitive, its lightweight profile enhancing maneuverability especially in swift point-and-shoot situations. On the market, this Citori is treasured for its unique melding of lightness and strength. Its perfect synthesis of form and function assures it a prestigious position and a lasting legacy among over-and-under shotguns.

Gran Lightning

The Browning Citori Gran Lightning, in the panorama of the Citori range, stands out as a tribute to the grandeur of traditional gunmaking artistry. While its name evokes flashes of brilliance, it's not just about fleeting impressions. The Gran Lightning is a tangible expression of enduring beauty and exceptional craftsmanship. With its deeply blued barrels contrasting the rich, high-relief engraved receiver, it commands attention. This is further complemented by the grade V/VI walnut stock, luxuriously adorned with intricate checkering and bathed in a hand-rubbed gloss oil finish, embodying elegance in every curve and angle. Functionally, the Gran Lightning retains the robust and reliable mechanics that the Citori range is renowned for. Its balanced weight distribution ensures a smooth swing, making it a favorite among discerning hunters and clay shooters alike. In the marketplace, the Gran Lightning is more than just a firearm; it’s a statement. A statement of classic aesthetics meeting unparalleled function, ensuring that it not only retains value but is also a prime candidate for becoming a cherished family heirloom in the world of premium over-and-under shotguns.

Lightning Feather Combo

The Browning Citori Lightning Feather Combo embodies a harmonious blend of versatility and elegance. As a unique entry in the esteemed Citori lineup, this shotgun is notable for offering shooters the flexibility of both 20 gauge and 28 gauge barrels, adeptly catering to varied shooting requirements. This multi-gauge feature inherently elevates its appeal to enthusiasts who desire adaptability without owning multiple individual firearms. The "Lightning" in its moniker is no accident; with an aluminum alloy receiver that's reinforced with a steel breech face and hinge pin, the shotgun is feather-light, ensuring swift handling and enhanced portability. Visually, it boasts classic aesthetics: the silver nitride finish of the receiver provides a striking contrast to the deep blue of the barrels, while the grade II/III walnut stock, with its traditional rounded pistol grip and intricate checkering, infuses the firearm with a timeless allure. As it graces the market, the Citori Lightning Feather Combo is not merely a versatile shooting tool but also a symbol of refined craftsmanship. Its ability to adapt, combined with its sophisticated design, secures its position as a cherished asset among aficionados of over-and-under shotguns.

XT Trap

The Browning Citori XT Trap stands as an epitome of precision and performance, meticulously crafted to meet the exacting demands of trap shooting enthusiasts. Conceived specifically for the trap range, every element of this shotgun has been tuned for breaking clays with unmatched consistency. The robust, steel receiver ensures reliability and longevity, while its high-post ventilated rib facilitates a rapid target acquisition, crucial in the quick-reflex world of trap shooting. Moreover, its stock, crafted from fine grade III/IV walnut, is ergonomically designed with a right-hand palm swell and adjustable comb, making it adaptable to individual shooter preferences and guaranteeing an optimal cheek-to-stock connection. Aesthetically, the Citori XT Trap exudes a subdued elegance, with the receiver adorned in gold-enhanced engraving, signifying its elevated status in the Citori lineup. On the marketplace, the XT Trap is celebrated not just as a firearm but as an instrument of precision. Its reputation for unparalleled accuracy and its devotion to the trap discipline makes it a prized possession for dedicated trap shooters, enhancing its intrinsic and resale value in the echelons of over-and-under shotguns.


The Browning Citori 625 is an exemplar of tradition meeting innovation, resulting in a shotgun that both honors the past and embraces the future. Crafted as a continuation of Browning's commitment to the over-and-under design, the 625 has evolved to cater to modern shooting sensibilities while staying true to its lineage. One of its standout features is the Vector Pro lengthened forcing cones, which reduces recoil and shot deformation, thus enhancing pattern consistency. The barrels, optimized for modern cartridges and wads, ensure optimal performance. Visually, the 625 is a treat for the discerning eye. Its receiver showcases intricate engraving patterns, hinting at the artistry and craftsmanship that went into its creation. The oil-finished grade II/III walnut stock, graced with detailed checkering, enhances both its functional grip and visual appeal. When the Citori 625 enters the marketplace, it does so with an air of quiet confidence. Recognized for its fusion of classic aesthetics and modern engineering, it holds its value as a desirable piece for both collectors and shooting enthusiasts. Whether it's in the hands of a dedicated hunter or a clay shooter, the 625 promises performance while being a beautiful testament to Browning's storied legacy in the world of shotguns.


The Browning Citori Plus stands as a testament to Browning's unyielding pursuit of perfection, a shotgun meticulously tailored for competitive shooters. This model emerged as an answer to the growing demand for precision in the competitive shooting world, showcasing features that give shooters that marginal advantage critical in competitions. One of its defining features is the adjustable high-post rib, which allows shooters to modify the point of impact to best suit their shooting style, giving them the edge in adaptability. The barrels, designed with ported vents, reduce muzzle jump, thus ensuring rapid and consistent follow-up shots. Complementing its functional prowess, the Citori Plus possesses a strong aesthetic appeal. Its receiver boasts of elaborate engraving, which when combined with the high-grade walnut stock, imparts a sense of luxury and sophistication. Its stock is not just about looks, though; it has been ergonomically sculpted, and with the adjustable comb, it ensures the gun sits perfectly, enhancing shooter accuracy. In the market, the Citori Plus is valued not just for its craftsmanship but also for its commitment to aiding competitive prowess. Recognized by shooting enthusiasts and professionals alike, its reputation for precision and adaptability solidifies its standing, ensuring that it retains a commendable value in the vast panorama of over-and-under shotguns.

Ultra XS

The Browning Citori Ultra XS stands as a remarkable blend of form and function, showcasing Browning's commitment to delivering shotguns that meet the nuanced needs of shooting aficionados. Designed primarily with the sporting clays shooter in mind, the Ultra XS offers an unparalleled balance, ensuring quick and smooth swings. The centerpiece of its design is the adjustable comb and butt pad, giving the shooter a custom-fit experience, an invaluable asset when precision and consistency are paramount. Additionally, its barrels come with porting and extended choke tubes, features that reduce recoil and muzzle rise, offering a superior shooting experience. Beyond its stellar functional attributes, the Ultra XS is an epitome of elegance. The richly blued barrels contrast strikingly with the silver nitride finished receiver, which is adorned with intricate gold-enhanced engravings, encapsulating the spirit of luxury. The satin-finished walnut stock and fore-end, with expert checkering, provide not just an enhanced grip but also elevate the shotgun's aesthetics. On the market, the Citori Ultra XS is lauded for its blend of performance and beauty. Its reputation as a reliable companion on the shooting range ensures it remains a sought-after piece, with its value being bolstered by both its technical prowess and its visual appeal.


The Browning Citori Micro is a testament to Browning's dedication to catering to the entire spectrum of shooters, from seasoned experts to beginners and those of smaller stature. Specifically crafted to address the needs of younger shooters and individuals with a smaller frame, the Citori Micro ensures that no one is left behind in the world of over-and-under shotguns. Its shorter length of pull, paired with a compact overall design, facilitates ease of handling, making it an ideal choice for those venturing into the shooting world or those who find standard-sized shotguns unwieldy. Beyond its accommodating design, the Micro does not compromise on quality or performance. It boasts the same robust action and precision as its full-sized counterparts, ensuring reliable and consistent performance. Aesthetically, the Citori Micro is a visual delight. Its receiver, adorned with standard Browning engravings, complements the finely crafted walnut stock and fore-end, encapsulating a sense of traditional elegance. In the marketplace, the Citori Micro occupies a unique niche. It's not just a shotgun; it's an affirmation of Browning's commitment to inclusivity in shooting sports. As a result, its value is underpinned by its ability to offer a high-quality shooting experience to a segment of the population that's often overlooked by standard shotgun designs.

Special Editions

For those who appreciate exclusivity and craftsmanship, special editions of the Browning Citori offer a unique allure. In this section, we will meticulously catalog all the special editions available, shedding light on their design inspirations, unique features, and how they impact the market value of the Citori. Whether you're an enthusiast seeking a distinctive shotgun or a collector with an eye for limited-production gems, you'll find valuable insights here.

725 Golden Clays

The Browning Citori 725 Golden Clays stands as a remarkable fusion of shooting finesse and artistry. Designed primarily for competitive shooters, this variant of the acclaimed 725 line harmoniously blends Browning's hallmark precision and mechanical innovation with unparalleled aesthetics. The receiver, with its silver nitride finish, is meticulously engraved with gold-accented depictions of clay birds in flight, paying tribute to its sporting intent. Paired with the Grade V/VI walnut stock and detailed checkering, the 725 Golden Clays is as much a visual masterpiece as it is a testament to top-tier shooting performance. Beyond its stunning looks, features like the advanced FireLite trigger and impeccable balance underline its functional prowess. As such, in the marketplace, this special edition isn't just another firearm; it's a luxurious symbol of elite shooting sports, ensuring its enduring appeal and value to both competitors and collectors alike.

725 Sporting Golden Clays

The Browning Citori 725 Sporting Golden Clays is an embodiment of both athletic precision and opulent craftsmanship. This model of the iconic 725 series presents an experience tailored for the discerning sporting shooter. At its core, it preserves Browning's revered engineering—offering features like Pro-Fit adjustable comb, a groundbreaking FireLite trigger, and perfected barrel dynamics. However, the dazzle lies in the details. The silver nitride-finished receiver is a canvas, intricately engraved with gold-hued representations of sportive clays in action, echoing its inherent purpose. This artistry extends to its Grade V/VI walnut stock, richly checkered and finished to a radiant sheen. The Citori 725 Sporting Golden Clays isn’t merely a functional tool for the shooting range; it’s an emblem of luxurious sportsmanship. Its blend of high-level sporting capability and lavish aesthetics positions it as a treasured piece, with a value that resonates both in shooting performance and as a collector's gem.

Feather Lightning

The Browning Citori Feather Lightning seamlessly marries the traditional ethos of gun-making with modern innovations, making it a choice favorite among enthusiasts. Rooted in Browning's timeless Citori lineup, the Feather Lightning is named aptly for its lightweight aluminum alloy receiver, which makes handling swifter and shooting more agile, especially for upland hunters on the move. But the weight isn’t its only forte; its aesthetics are striking too. The receiver, contrasted against its blued barrels, boasts intricate engravings inspired by nature, lending a touch of classical elegance. Furthermore, the gun is complemented by a lustrous Grade II/III walnut stock, intricately checkered, reflecting an attention to detail that's synonymous with Browning's legacy. The Feather Lightning is more than just a firearm—it’s a testament to craftsmanship, serving both functionally in the field and as a prized possession for collectors. Its unique blend of agility and aesthetics elevates its market value, making it a coveted piece in the world of over-under shotguns.

125th Anniversary Edition

The Browning Citori 125th Anniversary Edition stands as a monumental tribute to over a century of firearm excellence. Crafted to commemorate Browning's rich 125-year legacy, this special edition shotgun exemplifies the brand's commitment to unparalleled quality and workmanship. Built upon the trusty Citori platform, this edition elevates its classic form with an exquisitely engraved, deep-relief receiver, showcasing hunting scenes and intricate scrollwork that are accentuated by gold inlays. The gun's silver nitride finish provides a regal backdrop to the gold-enhanced visuals, speaking to its premium status. This theme of luxury is mirrored in its Grade III/IV walnut stock, which is lovingly hand-finished to a glossy sheen, accentuating its elegant grain patterns. Each shotgun in this edition is serialized, underscoring its limited availability. Such exceptional craftsmanship doesn't just speak to the gun's functional prowess, but also to its collectibility. The Citori 125th Anniversary Edition, with its blend of history, artistry, and performance, carries significant market value—resonating with both ardent hunters and discerning collectors.

Millennium Series

The Browning Citori Millennium Series stands as a hallmark in the annals of gunmaking, celebrating a pivotal moment in time—the transition to the 21st century. Introduced at the cusp of the millennium, this special series is a testament to Browning's commitment to crafting firearms that are both functional and commemorative. Grounded in the revered Citori framework, the Millennium Series boasts a lavish deep-relief engraved receiver, which is bedecked in artistic scenes representative of the outdoors and hunting heritage, enhanced by meticulously placed gold accents. A silver nitride finish accentuates the gun's regality and contrasts beautifully with the meticulously selected Grade III walnut stock, finished to a gleaming polish. The grip and forearm areas are adorned with an intricately detailed checkering pattern, further reinforcing the gun's premium stature. Furthermore, the serialization specific to this edition signifies its limited production run. The Citori Millennium Series isn't merely a shooting tool—it's a convergence of history, master craftsmanship, and a celebration of the new era. Its rich heritage and limited availability inherently enhance its market value, making it a sought-after piece among both shooters and collectors who value exclusivity and history.


The Browning Citori Privilege embodies an exclusive blend of time-honored craftsmanship with an aura of sophistication. It represents a departure from the typical Citori lineup, offering a unique aesthetic that merges classical elegance with modern appeal. The standout feature of the Citori Privilege is its ornate sideplated receiver, which is adorned with intricate deep-relief engravings that harken back to old-world gunmaking traditions. These illustrations, which portray wildlife and nature scenes, are complemented by delicate scrollwork, imbuing the firearm with a sense of refined grandeur. The gun's color-case hardened finish provides a visually captivating palette of rich blues, purples, and grays, further amplifying its overall allure. A Grade III walnut stock, known for its sumptuous grain patterns, is hand-finished to showcase its natural beauty and is paired with precise checkering, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip. Beyond its stunning aesthetics, the Citori Privilege's performance remains true to the reliable and accurate reputation that Browning is famed for. Given its combination of aesthetic opulence and renowned performance, the Citori Privilege holds a distinguished position in the market. It beckons those who not only appreciate superior shooting mechanics but also the artistic nuances that elevate a firearm to a piece of art.

Grade VI

The Browning Citori Grade VI stands as a testament to the zenith of firearm artistry, presenting shooters with a sublime marriage of form and function. What sets the Grade VI apart from its Citori counterparts is the sheer artistry etched into every inch of its metallic surface. The receiver of the Grade VI is a canvas, bearing masterfully crafted, deep-relief engravings of game birds and hunting dogs in their natural habitats. These scenes, reminiscent of age-old hunting traditions, are surrounded by intricate, arabesque scrollwork, which weaves a tale of nature and man's relationship with it. The blued barrels provide a deep, reflective contrast to the receiver, further emphasizing its aesthetic splendor. The stock, carved from select Grade VI walnut, is meticulously polished and oil-finished, revealing a rich tapestry of wood grains that exude a sense of warmth and luxury. When held, the firearm feels both comfortable and substantial, indicative of Browning's relentless pursuit of ergonomic perfection. The Citori Grade VI isn’t just about looks; it performs with the precision and reliability that Browning shotguns are renowned for. On the market, this particular model commands a premium, not only because of its impeccable performance but also due to the unparalleled artistry it represents. Collectors and avid shooters alike view the Citori Grade VI as a pinnacle piece, an epitome of what a sporting shotgun can aspire to be.

Picture of a Browning Citori with a tag


The finish of a firearm is more than just a protective layer; it's a statement of style and functionality. In this part of our guide, we will unveil the array of finishes available for the Browning Citori, delving into their descriptions and elucidating how each finish can influence the market value. Whether you favor the classic elegance of blued steel or the modern resilience of Cerakote, understanding finishes is essential in the pursuit of your ideal Citori.


The Blued Finish on the Browning Citori represents a timeless, classic choice that has been embraced by firearms enthusiasts for centuries. Rooted in a tried-and-true oxidation process, the blued finish not only bestows the Citori with a sleek, dark hue but also provides a significant layer of protection against corrosion, wear, and environmental elements. This finish is achieved by controlled oxidation of the steel, which results in the formation of magnetite, a blue-black iron oxide that coats the surface. The deep, lustrous look evokes a sense of tradition and nostalgia, reminiscent of bygone eras when the blued finish was the mainstay of firearm aesthetics. But beyond its undeniable beauty, the blued finish also offers practical advantages. The darkened surface reduces glare, which can be beneficial during bright days out in the field or at the range. In the realm of firearm resale and trading, a well-maintained blued finish can contribute positively to the gun's market value. It speaks to the firearm's care, longevity, and the timeless taste of its owner. Whether chosen for its aesthetic appeal or its protective qualities, the blued finish remains a popular and enduring choice for the Browning Citori.

Silver Nitride

The Silver Nitride Finish, especially when applied to the Browning Citori, exudes an air of elegance and distinction. Differentiated from the traditional blued finish, silver nitride provides the shotgun with a bright, silver-hued appearance that immediately catches the eye. Beyond its radiant aesthetic, the chemical process of nitriding offers remarkable protection. This finish is achieved by diffusing nitrogen into the metal surface, which forms a robust and wear-resistant layer, ensuring that the firearm remains resistant to corrosion and wear even after prolonged use. Additionally, nitride finishes are generally harder and more durable than bluing, offering enhanced resistance to scratches and dings. For the Citori, the silver nitride finish not only elevates its appearance but also implies a firearm of premium stature. When evaluating market value, a well-preserved silver nitride finish on a Citori often enhances its desirability and potential resale value. Both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to the world of firearms can appreciate the blend of form and function that the silver nitride finish offers, making it a sought-after choice for those looking to couple visual allure with enduring performance.


The Satin Finish, characteristic of its muted sheen, bestows a timeless sophistication upon the Browning Citori. Unlike high-gloss finishes that reflect light intensely, the satin finish provides a subdued, matte elegance that appeals to those who appreciate understatement and classic beauty. This finish is particularly favored by individuals who prefer a low-glare surface, especially beneficial in hunting scenarios where reflections could betray one's position. On a functional note, the satin finish aids in protecting the firearm from potential corrosions and environmental wear. As for the Citori, when adorned with a satin finish, it gains a unique blend of practicality and vintage charm. In the context of market value, a Citori with a well-maintained satin finish often holds its value steadfastly. It's a finish that resonates with purists and those with an inclination towards traditional aesthetics, making it a consistently favorable choice in the resale market. The fusion of the satin finish's protective qualities with its refined appearance ensures that the Citori remains both a functional tool and a work of art.


The Gloss Finish on a Browning Citori amplifies its visual appeal through its vibrant sheen, elevating the shotgun's innate craftsmanship to a higher echelon of aesthetic allure. With a lustrous surface that accentuates the grain patterns and subtleties of the wood, the gloss finish encapsulates the essence of luxury and distinction. Such a finish doesn't just speak to the beauty of the firearm but also underscores the attention to detail and commitment to excellence that Browning embodies. While a high-gloss finish inherently offers a layer of protection against the elements, its brilliance can sometimes be susceptible to noticeable scratches and wear if not handled with care. Within the marketplace, a Citori showcasing a pristine gloss finish often fetches a premium, especially among enthusiasts who cherish its dazzling display. This finish, with its luminous quality, not only enriches the firearm's visual character but also stands as a testament to Browning's dedication to marrying functionality with refined aesthetics. It's this union that ensures the Citori remains a sought-after piece both for its performance and its radiant presence.

Oil Finish

The Oil Finish on the Browning Citori is a nod to the traditional and timeless gunsmithing techniques, capturing the elegance of classic firearms. Using a natural oil to penetrate deep into the wood, this finish highlights the grain's depth and character, allowing each shotgun to tell a unique story through its individual wood patterns. Beyond its aesthetic charm, the oil finish offers a tactile advantage; the smooth, non-slick surface provides a reliable grip, essential for both casual shooters and competitive marksmen. Furthermore, the natural barrier formed by the oil offers protection against moisture and environmental wear, prolonging the life of the firearm. In the market, the allure of an oil finish often revolves around its old-world charm and the palpable connection it forms between the shooter and the instrument. Guns with a well-maintained oil finish are often seen as artifacts of craftsmanship, often fetching a price that reflects its blend of beauty and functionality. The Browning Citori with an oil finish is a testament to the brand's commitment to preserving tradition while delivering unmatched quality.


The Nickel finish on the Browning Citori stands out for its brilliant, silvery appearance, offering a distinctive sheen that differentiates it from the more commonly used blued or satin finishes. Functionally, nickel plating provides excellent corrosion resistance, making it particularly advantageous for those who venture into humid or marine environments. Its inherent resistance to tarnishing ensures that the gun retains its lustrous appeal over time, even with regular use. From an aesthetic standpoint, a nickel finish can transform an ordinary shotgun into a visually striking piece. The reflective properties of nickel can accentuate the engravings and intricate detailing on the Citori, bringing attention to the craftsmanship that Browning is renowned for. In the marketplace, nickel-finished firearms, including the Citori, often command a premium due to both their enhanced durability and their unique visual appeal. Potential buyers might view a nickel-finished Citori as both an investment in quality and a statement piece, a harmonious blend of artistry and engineering.

Charcoal Gray

The Charcoal Gray finish on the Browning Citori is a sophisticated blend of modern aesthetics with traditional craftsmanship. This hue, darker than the typical silver but not as intense as a blued finish, offers gun enthusiasts a nuanced alternative that appeals to those seeking something distinct yet timeless. The muted, deep gray color provides a contemporary edge, emphasizing the sleek lines and the inherent elegance of the Citori design. But beyond just aesthetics, the Charcoal Gray finish is crafted to be highly durable, providing a protective layer against potential corrosive elements and everyday wear and tear. This resilience enhances the Citori's already renowned longevity. On the market, a Charcoal Gray finish can influence the firearm's value because it's often perceived as a convergence of style and functionality. Such a finish not only preserves the gun's structure but also elevates its appearance, making it especially attractive to discerning collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the balance between modernity and tradition in firearm design.

Polished Blue

The Polished Blue finish on the Browning Citori showcases the deep luster and reflective sheen that has long been associated with classic firearms. This finish is more than just a coat of paint; it's a meticulous process that involves polishing the metal surfaces to a high shine before applying the bluing chemicals. The result is a gun that gleams with a mirror-like quality, highlighting the Citori's graceful curves and detailed engravings. The Polished Blue finish is not only about aesthetic appeal; it also provides an added layer of protection against rust and corrosion. Traditionally, blued firearms have always been in demand, with gun enthusiasts and collectors alike appreciating their old-world charm combined with their protective features. In the market, a Browning Citori with a Polished Blue finish tends to hold a higher value due to its beauty and the intricate process involved in achieving that gleam. Potential buyers often view it as a blend of artistry and practicality, making it a sought-after option for those wanting both form and function in their firearm.

Black Nitride

Black Nitride, often recognized for its stark and resilient quality, offers a distinct appearance to the Browning Citori. Unlike traditional bluing, Black Nitride involves a chemical process that infuses nitrogen into the surface of the steel, significantly enhancing the metal's resistance to wear, corrosion, and heat. This finish not only extends the gun's lifespan but also provides a consistent, matte black surface that's admired by many for its tactical and sleek appearance. The non-reflective nature of the Black Nitride finish is particularly appreciated by hunters and sport shooters, as it reduces potential glare that might give away one's position or disrupt aim during bright days. When assessing market value, Citori shotguns featuring the Black Nitride finish may command a premium due to their added durability and the finish's appeal to a segment of users who prioritize both function and an understated aesthetic in their firearms. The seamless fusion of utility and style ensures that this finish remains a favored choice among modern-day gun enthusiasts.


Cerakote is a modern finish that's more than just about aesthetics; it’s about endurance and protection. A polymer-ceramic composite coating, Cerakote significantly heightens the abrasion, wear, and corrosion resistance of the Browning Citori. Applied as a free-flowing, dry film, this finish offers a resilient protective layer that can withstand harsh conditions better than many traditional finishes. Besides its protective attributes, the Cerakote finish offers a diverse palette of colors, allowing for a tailored and customized look, which can be particularly appealing to those who wish to have a firearm that stands out or matches a specific design or theme. In the realm of value, a Browning Citori adorned with a professionally applied Cerakote finish might see an uptick in its market price, especially if the finish is executed with precision and creativity. This finish, being both protective and customizable, brings a blend of functionality and personalized artistry to the firearm, making it a popular choice for many gun enthusiasts.

Gold Inlays/Enhancements

Gold Inlays and Enhancements provide a Browning Citori with a touch of opulence and an artistic expression that distinguishes it from the standard models. These enhancements are meticulously crafted, often by skilled artisans who use gold to emphasize engravings or to depict hunting scenes, wildlife, or other motifs on the firearm. The presence of gold not only adds a radiant contrast to the underlying finish but also narrates a story, representing a gun owner's personal tastes or paying homage to the tradition and artistry of gun-making. From an appraisal standpoint, Browning Citoris with gold inlays often command a higher market price. The reason is twofold: firstly, the intrinsic value of gold itself adds to the firearm's worth, and secondly, the craftsmanship and artistry involved in creating intricate designs increase the gun's aesthetic and collectible value. However, potential sellers should be aware that the quality and condition of the inlays, as well as the authenticity of the design, play a pivotal role in determining the added value to the firearm. In essence, Gold Inlays and Enhancements elevate a Browning Citori from being just a functional firearm to a piece of ornate art, steeped in tradition and craftsmanship.

Picture of a Browning Citori engraving

Included Accessories

Accessories can enhance both the functionality and desirability of a Browning Citori shotgun. In this section, we will provide an exhaustive list of included accessories, explaining their roles and detailing how they can affect the shotgun's market value. From original boxes to choke tube wrenches, we'll leave no accessory unexplored, ensuring you grasp the nuances of each addition.

Original Box

The original box in which a Browning Citori is packaged might seem like a trivial inclusion to some, but to collectors and discerning buyers, it's an element that can affect their purchasing decision. Possessing the original box signifies authenticity and implies that the gun owner has taken care to preserve the firearm's integrity. Additionally, it provides a historical context, as the design and details of the box may change over the years, offering insights into the gun's era of manufacture. However, while having the original box can be appealing, especially for buyers focused on collectibility, it doesn't drastically increase the firearm's value. Instead, it tends to solidify the asking price, reducing the chances of negotiations. In scenarios where every detail matters, such as an antique or limited edition Citori, the presence of the original box can be more impactful, but for everyday transactions, while desirable, it isn't a significant value booster.


The inclusion of original manuals with a Browning Citori showcases a higher degree of preservation and responsible ownership. Manuals contain essential information about the firearm, detailing its operation, maintenance, and safety precautions. For a new or inexperienced owner, having the original manual can be invaluable, simplifying the learning curve and ensuring the firearm is used correctly. Collectors, too, value the presence of manuals, seeing them as a piece of the firearm's history and a testament to its authenticity. While having the manuals won't skyrocket the price of a Browning Citori, they do inspire confidence in potential buyers. It indicates that the previous owner was meticulous and likely took good care of the firearm. As with the original box, while the manuals are a favorable addition, their presence doesn't drastically inflate the gun's market value but can make the firearm more attractive in a competitive market.

Extra Choke Tubes

Choke tubes are an essential aspect of shotguns, particularly for those who aim to use them for various purposes, from hunting different game to clay target shooting. The Browning Citori, being a versatile and reputable over-and-under shotgun, benefits from the flexibility offered by different chokes. When a Citori comes with extra choke tubes, it enhances its adaptability, allowing the shooter to adjust the spread of the shot to better fit the intended use. Having extra choke tubes implies a more complete package for potential buyers, especially those who might be looking for versatility without the added cost or hassle of purchasing chokes separately. In terms of market value, while extra choke tubes might not cause a significant surge in price, they undeniably make the firearm more appealing to a wider range of enthusiasts, which can expedite sales and give the seller a slight edge in negotiations. The presence of these tubes signifies foresight from the previous owner and suggests they have taken steps to maintain the gun's adaptability for diverse shooting scenarios.

Choke Tube Wrench

This seemingly simple tool plays an indispensable role for shotgun enthusiasts. A choke tube wrench is used for the insertion and removal of choke tubes in the shotgun barrel. For the Browning Citori, having the original choke tube wrench provides two advantages. Firstly, it ensures that choke changes are made with the appropriate tool, reducing the risk of damaging the threads or the tubes themselves. Secondly, its presence gives potential buyers the impression of a well-maintained and complete package. While the monetary value added might be modest, the psychological value can be more pronounced. Buyers often feel more at ease knowing they're getting every accessory meant to accompany the firearm, and that can streamline sales discussions. Moreover, it demonstrates the previous owner's diligence in retaining all parts and accessories, fostering a belief that the gun was likely well cared for.

Extra Firing Pins

The firing pin is a crucial component in a firearm, responsible for striking the primer of the cartridge and initiating the firing sequence. Over time and with extensive use, firing pins can wear out or break. For the Browning Citori, having extra firing pins as part of the package can be perceived in two primary ways. On one hand, it suggests preparation and foresight, indicating that the owner has taken potential wear and tear into account and is providing a solution for future maintenance needs. This can be reassuring to potential buyers, especially those who plan to use the gun regularly. On the other hand, while the presence of extra firing pins might not substantially increase the gun's market value, it can serve as a bargaining chip during sales negotiations, potentially preventing deductions from the asking price due to missing or incomplete accessories. It can also reduce the immediate post-purchase costs for a new owner, knowing they won't have to source and buy these parts independently.


Security and safe storage are paramount considerations for any firearm owner. The inclusion of a lock with a Browning Citori, often in the form of a cable or trigger lock, underscores the commitment to safety and responsible gun ownership. For potential buyers, especially those who might be newer to firearms or have concerns about storage with children or other unauthorized persons in the household, the presence of a lock can provide peace of mind. Although a lock is a relatively inexpensive accessory, its inclusion can demonstrate the seller's attention to detail and comprehensive care for the firearm. However, it's important to note that while having a lock can bolster a buyer's confidence, its absence or presence might not dramatically alter the gun's overall market value. Instead, it's seen more as a standard accessory and an affirmation of responsible ownership.

Original Accessories

Original accessories accompanying a Browning Citori often encompass various items designed to enhance the shooting experience or maintain the gun in its optimal state. These can range from padded cases, sling attachments, recoil pads, to even cleaning kits tailored for the Citori. Having these original accessories demonstrates a complete package offering and suggests that the seller maintained and cared for the firearm holistically. For collectors or purists, the presence of original accessories can evoke a sense of completeness, and it might be a decisive factor in their purchase decision. While these accessories are undeniably valuable in maintaining the firearm's condition and optimizing its use, they don't typically add significant value in monetary terms. Still, their presence can make a listing more attractive and might give it an edge in a competitive market, ensuring a quicker sale or slightly higher price point compared to a Citori lacking these complements.


Documentation accompanying a Browning Citori primarily refers to the official paperwork that traces the gun's lineage and authenticates its origin. This can include the original purchase receipt, warranty cards, any certification if it has undergone any specific testing or grading, and perhaps historical records if the gun has any significant past. Holding onto such documentation provides potential buyers with the assurance of the firearm's legitimacy and its history of ownership. For many, the authenticity of a firearm, verified through its paperwork, is of paramount importance, especially when considering high-end or collector's purchases. While documentation doesn't necessarily elevate the monetary value of a Citori dramatically, it does significantly increase its market appeal. Guns paired with their original documentation often see faster sales and can command a more premium price, especially if the buyer is a serious collector or wants assurance regarding the gun's provenance.

Extra Magazines

While the Browning Citori is an over-under shotgun and doesn't utilize magazines in the way semi-automatic firearms do, the term could be a miscommunication or confusion with another type of accessory or component. However, speaking more generally about firearms, having extra magazines is a convenience factor. For guns that do use magazines, extras can be seen as a practical addition for shooters, as it allows for quicker reloading and extended shooting sessions without the need to reload the same magazine repeatedly. Depending on the firearm, brand, and rarity of the magazine, having extras can add some value. However, in the context of the Citori, it's crucial to clarify specifics, as this accessory isn't directly relevant. The presence of unrelated accessories or misunderstandings about what's included can sometimes lead to skepticism among potential buyers, so it's always essential to be accurate and transparent in listings and descriptions.

Fitted Case

A fitted case designed specifically for the Browning Citori isn't just a container; it's a protective cocoon that safeguards this prized shotgun from potential damage during transport or storage. Such cases are tailored to the exact dimensions of the gun, often with molded interiors or soft lining to cradle the firearm snugly, preventing movement or abrasion. Beyond the physical protection it offers, a fitted case also implies a level of care and attention from the previous owner, suggesting that the gun was well-maintained. While a Citori can command respect on its own merit, having the original fitted case can certainly add to its value. Buyers often appreciate the convenience and added assurance of receiving the shotgun in its original case, ensuring it's protected right from the start. In the resale market, a Browning Citori with its fitted case typically fetches a better price than one without, given that the case itself can be a notable expense if purchased separately.

Snap Caps

Snap caps are training devices that replicate the size and shape of live ammunition but without the primer, powder, or projectile. They play a pivotal role in safely practicing loading, unloading, dry firing, and practicing misfire scenarios without risking damage to the shotgun's firing pin or internal components. For the Browning Citori owner, having the original snap caps can be seen as a bonus. It indicates that the previous owner might have been conscientious about maintaining the gun's integrity during dry fire practice. However, while snap caps are beneficial, their presence might not substantially increase the Citori's market value. Instead, they're viewed as a nice-to-have accessory that offers utility and some assurance of the owner's mindful handling of the firearm. Buyers might appreciate having them included in the package, but the financial impact on the gun's overall price might be minimal. It's more about the holistic offering than a distinct increase in monetary value.

Cleaning Kit

A cleaning kit tailored for the Browning Citori showcases the commitment to maintaining the firearm's optimal function and appearance. Such kits usually consist of brushes, rods, lubricants, and patches that work together to remove residue and contaminants from the gun's barrel and internal components. While having the original cleaning kit suggests that the firearm might have been well-maintained, it's essential to recognize that the kit's value is more about utility than monetary significance. When selling a Citori, including the original cleaning kit could appeal to potential buyers who appreciate comprehensive care. However, in the vast world of firearms transactions, a cleaning kit, even if original, doesn't drastically elevate the gun's market price. It serves more as an affirmation of the owner's diligent upkeep and a bonus for the new owner, ensuring they have the right tools to keep their new acquisition in prime condition.


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The world of customization offers an avenue for personalization and performance enhancement. In this segment, we will unravel the realm of customization options available for the Browning Citori, elucidating what each customization entails, why it exists, and how it can impact the overall market value of the shotgun. Whether you're considering a custom stock, engraving, or other modifications, we'll guide you through the potential benefits and considerations.


Engraving is a traditional art, painstakingly etching patterns, images, or letters onto the surface of a firearm, giving it a unique, personalized look. Its popularity on firearms, especially ones like the Browning Citori, often reflects the owner's desire for distinction and luxury. Engravings, if done professionally, can indeed add substantial value to a firearm, especially if they are intricate, feature recognizable motifs or are done by renowned engravers. The history and culture of firearms are replete with examples where exquisite engravings elevate a gun to a collector's item. However, not all engravings are created equal. Amateurish or low-quality engravings, or designs that might be seen as distasteful or too personalized, can decrease the firearm's desirability in the eyes of potential buyers. In essence, while a beautifully engraved Citori might fetch a premium price, particularly if the work is by a recognized artisan, a poorly executed job can detract from its market appeal. As always, value lies in the eyes of the beholder, and what might be art to one individual might be an eyesore to another.

Custom Stock and Forend

The stock and forend of a shotgun play crucial roles, not only in the firearm's aesthetics but also in its functionality, ergonomics, and shooting experience. A custom stock and forend tailored to fit a shooter can vastly improve gun handling, accuracy, and comfort. For the Browning Citori, opting for a high-quality custom stock and forend can significantly increase its appeal, especially if it uses premium materials or is tailored for a specific shooting discipline. Beautiful wood with intricate grain patterns or a finely hand-checkered grip can be particularly enticing. Renowned craftsmen who produce exceptional work can add significant value to the shotgun. However, there's a flip side. A stock and forend that are heavily modified or deviate too much from standard dimensions can make the firearm less desirable to the general market. If modifications appear amateurish or the fit and finish are not up to par, they can decrease the firearm's market value. In some cases, potential buyers may factor in the cost of returning the gun to its original configuration. It's a balance of artistry, functionality, and personalization, and while a custom touch might be perfect for one shooter, it might not fit the preferences or needs of another.

Adjustable Comb

The comb of a shotgun is the top portion of the stock that sits against a shooter's cheek, playing a pivotal role in obtaining a proper sight picture and ensuring consistent eye alignment with the shotgun's sights or rib. An adjustable comb, as its name implies, can be shifted both vertically and laterally to accommodate individual shooter preferences. This customization becomes particularly valuable for competitive shooters or those who take their shooting very seriously. The Browning Citori equipped with an adjustable comb offers a distinct advantage: it can be tailored to the individual shooter for optimal fit, which in turn can enhance accuracy and consistency. In the realm of over-and-under shotguns, especially ones used for trap, skeet, or sporting clays, an adjustable comb is often seen as a premium feature. When well-executed, it can add to the market value of the shotgun. However, if the modification appears to be done poorly or compromises the integrity of the stock, it could detract from the shotgun's value. As with other customizations, quality of workmanship is paramount. A professional, seamlessly integrated adjustable comb is an asset, while a hastily added or ill-fitting one might raise eyebrows among discerning buyers.

Extended Choke Tubes

Choke tubes play an essential role in shotguns by controlling the spread of the shot as it exits the barrel, affecting the pattern density over varying distances. Traditional choke tubes are flush-fitting and sit entirely inside the barrel, while extended choke tubes protrude slightly from the end of the barrel. The advantage of extended choke tubes, especially in the Browning Citori and other sport-oriented shotguns, is twofold. First, they often feature knurled or grooved exteriors, allowing for hand-tightening or removal without the need for a wrench, facilitating quick changes in the field or on the range. Second, many believe that extended choke tubes offer improved patterning due to their length and the gradual constriction they offer. A Browning Citori equipped with high-quality extended choke tubes, especially those from respected manufacturers, can see an uptick in its market value. They not only enhance performance but also provide an aesthetic edge, giving the shotgun a more competitive and sporty appearance. Conversely, if the extended tubes are of inferior quality or show excessive wear, they could either have a neutral impact or slightly decrease the perceived value. It's crucial for potential buyers to recognize and differentiate between top-tier extended chokes and those of lesser quality.

Recoil Pads

Fundamental to shooting comfort, a recoil pad is designed to absorb the recoil produced when firing a shotgun, offering protection to the shooter's shoulder. In the world of shotguns like the Browning Citori, the quality and type of recoil pad can make a noticeable difference. A well-made, ergonomic recoil pad can enhance the shooting experience by reducing felt recoil and preventing bruising, allowing for longer shooting sessions and improved accuracy. Additionally, advanced recoil pads can help in achieving a better gun fit, as they can alter the length of pull. As for market value, a Browning Citori equipped with a high-quality recoil pad from reputable brands might witness a slight increase in its value. Such pads indicate that the owner has invested in ensuring comfort and functionality. On the other hand, an ill-fitting or worn-out pad might not be as beneficial. If the recoil pad is a generic or poorly installed one, it might neither add nor detract from the shotgun's overall value. It's important for potential buyers to understand that while a good recoil pad can elevate the shooting experience, its presence alone doesn't guarantee a significant value jump, unless it's a part of a broader customization package ensuring enhanced comfort and performance.

Barrel Porting

Barrel porting is a feature in which small holes are drilled or machined into the forward part of a shotgun barrel, primarily with the aim to reduce muzzle rise and felt recoil. For shotguns like the Browning Citori, this can mean more rapid target re-acquisition, a potential advantage particularly in sports shooting disciplines. The concept behind porting is that as the shot and gases exit the barrel, they are partially vented upwards through these ports, counteracting the natural muzzle climb. However, the efficacy and appreciation of barrel porting can be somewhat divisive among shooters. Some herald the reduced recoil and muzzle flip, feeling it gives them a competitive edge, while others may not find the noise and increased muzzle blast favorable. As for the Citori's market value, barrel porting, when professionally done, can add value especially for those who appreciate its benefits. Yet, for traditionalists or those who prioritize original configurations, porting might be seen as a modification that neither adds nor detracts significantly from the gun's intrinsic value. Moreover, amateurish or poorly-executed porting can potentially decrease the shotgun's value, as it can affect the barrel's integrity and overall performance. As always with customization, the perceived value addition or reduction is often in the eye of the beholder.

Gold Inlay

Gold inlay is an age-old artistry technique where thin sheets or threads of gold are meticulously embedded into engraved designs or letterings on a firearm, typically used to accentuate specific features, logos, or artwork. In the context of the Browning Citori, gold inlays can be seen on special editions or high-end models, providing an elevated aesthetic appeal and reflecting the gun's prestige. The allure of gold inlay stems not only from the intrinsic value of gold but also from the craftsmanship required to execute this intricate work. When done exquisitely, gold inlays can elevate the visual allure of the Citori, thereby potentially increasing its market value. However, it's essential to discern between factory-original gold inlays and aftermarket additions. Authentic, factory-original gold inlays, particularly from celebrated artisans or for commemorative editions, can significantly enhance a gun's worth. Conversely, aftermarket inlays, especially if not executed to high standards, may not have the same value-enhancing effect and, in some cases, can detract from the firearm's originality. As always, the context is crucial: a discerning buyer will appreciate the quality, originality, and the story behind the inlay, all of which can influence the perceived value of the Citori.

Custom Sights

The sighting system of a shotgun plays a crucial role in the shooter's ability to accurately point and hit the intended target. For the Browning Citori, the factory usually provides a bead sight system, which is typical for over-under shotguns. However, custom sights can be added as an aftermarket customization, catering to specific shooting disciplines or personal preferences. Custom sights can range from fiber optic front beads, which provide a more visible point of reference in various lighting conditions, to adjustable rear sights for those who prefer a rifle-style sight picture. The value these additions bring to the Citori largely depends on the quality and reputation of the sight's manufacturer, as well as its relevance to the gun's intended use. Top-tier, renowned brands will likely add more value than lesser-known brands. Furthermore, a custom sight tailored for trap shooting may add significant value for a trap shooter but might be less valuable to someone looking for a general-purpose shotgun. It's also worth noting that any modification that involves permanent alteration of the gun, such as drilling and tapping the barrel for sight installation, might deter some purists or collectors. Thus, while high-quality custom sights can enhance performance and increase value for a specific audience, they may not universally boost the market value of the Citori.

Trigger Adjustments

The trigger mechanism is at the heart of any firearm's performance, governing the shooter's interaction with the gun and directly influencing accuracy and shooting comfort. For shotguns like the Browning Citori, having a crisp, predictable trigger pull can make all the difference, especially in disciplines where rapid follow-up shots are crucial. Over time, or in pursuit of a personalized shooting experience, owners might opt for trigger adjustments or replacements. These can range from lightening the trigger pull, reducing creep, or even installing an entirely new custom trigger system. A well-executed trigger job by a reputable gunsmith can enhance the shooting experience and thus add value to the gun. However, it's vital to remember that not all trigger modifications are created equal. High-quality work, using premium parts, will likely be a value booster. In contrast, poorly done adjustments can degrade performance, safety, and consequently, the shotgun's value. Potential buyers often scrutinize trigger modifications, knowing that a bad trigger job can be expensive to rectify. For the Citori, given its reputation and target market, a trigger that closely maintains its original character while offering refined performance is most likely to be received positively in the market.

Cerakote Finish

Cerakote, a polymer-ceramic composite coating, has gained significant traction in the firearm industry due to its robust properties. It offers enhanced protection against wear, corrosion, and chemicals, making guns more resilient in challenging environments. For a Browning Citori, which can be seen as both a functional tool and a work of art, applying a Cerakote finish can serve a dual purpose. On one hand, it can provide the shotgun with a unique aesthetic appeal, allowing for personalization in colors and patterns not achievable with traditional finishes. On the other, it gives the Citori an added layer of protection, especially beneficial for those who frequently use their guns in diverse weather conditions or challenging terrains.

Custom Leather Work

Leatherwork in the realm of firearms has a rich history, with gun enthusiasts often drawn to its classic aesthetic and tactile appeal. When applied to the Browning Citori, custom leather enhancements can vary from leather-wrapped stocks to intricate hand-tooled designs and leather recoil pads. A beautifully crafted leather addition can elevate the firearm's elegance, bringing a sense of old-world charm and luxury. This fusion of craftsmanship and functionality can resonate deeply with collectors and shooting enthusiasts who appreciate both form and function. However, the market's valuation of custom leatherwork hinges heavily on its quality and execution. High-quality, professionally done leatherwork, that complements the Citori's form, can certainly enhance its market value. It speaks to exclusivity, craftsmanship, and a bespoke touch. Conversely, subpar or mismatched leather additions might not only fail to add value but could potentially detract from it, especially if they alter the gun's ergonomics or appear out of place. In essence, while custom leather work can be a beautiful addition to the Browning Citori, its impact on value is dictated by the quality of work and the preferences of potential buyers.

Weight and Balance Adjustments

Weight and balance adjustments in firearms involve altering the distribution of mass to optimize how a gun handles and points. For the Browning Citori, these adjustments can take various forms, such as adding or removing weights to the stock or adjusting the balance point. Customizing the weight and balance of a shotgun can significantly impact its performance, particularly for competitive shooters who seek a tailored shooting experience. Achieving the right balance can enhance swing dynamics, target acquisition, and follow-through, contributing to better accuracy and control. However, the influence of weight and balance adjustments on the market value of a Citori is nuanced. While customizations that align with popular preferences for a particular shooting discipline can potentially increase the shotgun's value among those who share those preferences, they might not have the same impact on buyers with different shooting styles. Additionally, the quality of the work and its reversibility can affect market perception. High-quality, professional adjustments that maintain the gun's integrity are more likely to be seen positively, whereas amateurish modifications that compromise functionality or aesthetics can deter potential buyers. As such, the market value impact of weight and balance adjustments can be subjective and context-dependent.

Picture of a Browning Citori

History of the Browning Citori

The Browning Citori is a legend in the world of over-and-under shotguns, and its origin is intertwined with the legacy of the firearms industry's most prolific innovator: John Moses Browning. However, the Citori itself was not a creation of John Browning but is more accurately described as a continuation of his legacy.

John Browning had earlier designed the Superposed shotgun, which was the world's first over-and-under shotgun, in the late 1920s. He, unfortunately, passed away before he could see the final production of the Superposed, but his son, Val Browning, took it upon himself to complete the project, and the gun was eventually released in 1931. The Superposed was a luxury item, a masterpiece both in terms of its craftsmanship and functionality, and it was priced accordingly.

But by the 1970s, the cost of producing the Superposed in Belgium had risen significantly due to factors such as increased labor costs. This price escalation meant that the Superposed was slowly moving out of the financial reach of many American shotgun enthusiasts. Browning, the company, recognized the need for a more affordable over-and-under shotgun that maintained high quality but at a price point more accessible to the average shooter.

This led to the birth of the Browning Citori. Introduced in 1973, the Citori was manufactured in the Miroku firearms factory in Kochi, Japan, benefiting from Japanese precision craftsmanship but at a fraction of the production cost in Belgium. The name "Citori" doesn't have a profound meaning; it was more of a branding decision to give the shotgun a unique identity in the market.

From the onset, the Citori was celebrated for its robust design, reliability, and affordability. While it borrowed from the foundational design principles of the Superposed, the Citori had its innovations and features. Over the years, the Citori has undergone various modifications and improvements, ensuring it remains relevant and appealing to shotgun enthusiasts, whether they're hunters or sport shooters.

The Citori's design focused on durability. With features like a full-width hinge pin and tapered locking bolt design, the Citori was built to withstand the demands of heavy shooting. Its versatility was another hallmark, with various models designed for specific shooting disciplines, from trap and skeet to sporting clays and upland bird hunting.

Over the decades, the Citori has become one of the most popular over-and-under shotguns in the world, securing its place in the annals of firearms history. Its blend of affordability, reliability, and versatility has ensured that the Browning Citori remains a favorite among both seasoned shooters and newcomers to the sport. Its enduring legacy is a testament to Browning's commitment to innovation and quality, values that were deeply embedded by John Moses Browning and continue to guide the company to this day.


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General Questions & Answers

What is the rarest Browning gun?

The Browning Superposed Diana Grade is often considered one of the rarest and most coveted Browning guns. These shotguns were highly decorated and meticulously crafted with intricate engravings, fine wood, and exceptional craftsmanship. Their rarity is attributed to the limited production and the extensive handwork involved in their creation.

What does the name Citori mean?

The name "Citori" in Browning shotguns is derived from the Japanese word "Citlalli," which means "heavenly" or "celestial." It was chosen to signify the quality and craftsmanship associated with these shotguns, suggesting that they are of exceptional and heavenly quality.

How much does a Browning Citori weigh?

The weight of a Browning Citori shotgun can vary depending on the specific model and gauge. On average, a Browning Citori shotgun typically weighs between 6.5 to 8.5 pounds, with lighter models designed for field use and slightly heavier ones for target shooting.

Where are Browning shotguns made?

Browning shotguns are manufactured in various locations, primarily in Belgium, Japan, and the United States. The exact location of production can vary depending on the specific model and series. Browning's over-under shotguns, like the Citori, are often produced in Japan, while some semi-automatic and pump-action models are made in Belgium.



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Designed with precision and elegance, the Browning Citori's production process involves over 100 individual and finely-tuned hand-fitted parts, showcasing not just the engineering prowess but also the artisanal dedication that goes into each firearm. This meticulous craftsmanship is a testament to its unparalleled quality and enduring appeal among shotgun enthusiasts.


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