How Much is a FN M1900 Worth?

Picture of FN M1900

The FN M1900 holds a venerable position in the annals of firearm history as one of the early semi-automatic pistols that revolutionized personal weaponry. This iconic pistol, with its groundbreaking design by John Browning, marked a significant technological advancement in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In this detailed examination, we explore the FN M1900's historical context, innovative features, and the enduring impact it has had on the development of modern firearms, appealing to both collectors and historical enthusiasts.

Picture of FN M1900
How Much is a FN M1900 Worth?
Written by: 
Isaiah Miller
Published On:
December 22, 2023
Updated On:
May 31, 2023
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Current Market Value of a FN M1900

While prices can vary, a typical FN M1900 is worth around $500, but the price range generally falls between $350 on the low end to as high as $700. But a well preserved FN M1900 in its original condition increases its value.

Photo of an FN M1900

Factors That Influence The Value of a FN M1900

Factors influencing the value of an FN M1900 pistol are multifaceted and pivotal in determining its market worth. Paramount among these is the pistol's condition, a key determinant that can substantially sway its overall value. Whether the firearm exhibits a pristine, well-maintained state or displays signs of wear, such as minor abrasions or marks, plays a pivotal role in assessing its worth. The specific model and any distinctive features, combined with the availability of various finishes, contribute to the pistol's desirability and consequent impact on its market price. Additionally, the presence of accessories, any modifications made, or historical significance can elevate its value, particularly appealing to collectors and firearm enthusiasts alike. To unravel the genuine value of an FN M1900, a comprehensive consideration of these factors is imperative, whether you find yourself in the position of selling or acquiring this iconic piece.


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Understanding the condition of an FN M1900 is crucial when determining its value. Whether you're thinking about buying or selling it, or you're simply curious about its worth, the pistol's condition plays a big role. Each aspect of its state can have a significant impact on its market value. In this exploration, we'll dive into the meaning of different conditions, how they affect the FN M1900's value, and what collectors, enthusiasts, and potential buyers should consider when looking at its condition. This guide aims to help everyone, from those who know a lot about pistols to those who are just starting to explore the world of firearms. Let's focus on uncovering the essential details that shape the overall value of the FN M1900.

New or Mint Condition

When we talk about an FN M1900 in New or Mint Condition, we're describing the very best state it can be in. It looks flawless, almost like it just came out of the factory and hasn't been used. In this top-notch condition, you won't find any visible wear, scratches, or imperfections. Every part of the pistol works perfectly, and it maintains its original shine. People who collect or love FN M1900 pistols really value them in New or Mint Condition. It's like having a piece of history that's almost as good as new. These pistols are seen as quite valuable and can be a good investment for collectors. Choosing an FN M1900 in New or Mint Condition is a great option if you want to own a piece of history that not only looks great but also performs at its very best.

Excellent Condition

When we say an FN M1900 is in Excellent Condition, it means it has been well taken care of, showing only minimal signs of use. Even if it has been fired, any wear or marks are on the surface and don't affect how the pistol works. The finish still looks great, with just a bit of wear in the places you'd expect. The inside, called the bore, is well-kept, ensuring the pistol stays accurate and reliable. Both collectors and those who enjoy shooting value FN M1900 pistols in Excellent Condition because they offer a good balance between quality and affordability. These pistols hold their value well in the market, making them a great choice for anyone looking for a firearm that works well and looks good. Whether you're a collector or just someone who appreciates a well-maintained pistol, an FN M1900 in Excellent Condition gives you the best of both worlds.

Very Good Condition

When we say an FN M1900 is in Very Good Condition, it means the pistol has been used but is still well-maintained. You might see some minor wear like scratches or dings, but these won't affect how the pistol works. The inside, called the barrel, is in good shape, so the pistol stays accurate and reliable. FN M1900 pistols in Very Good Condition are excellent choices for those who want a pistol that still works well, even if it shows a bit of wear. Despite signs of use, these pistols perform reliably and usually cost less than those in better conditions. Collectors might find FN M1900 pistols in Very Good Condition appealing, especially if they have historical significance or unique features. Market values for FN M1900 pistols in Very Good Condition are usually reasonable, making them a solid option for individuals looking for a reliable and affordable firearm.

Good Condition

FN M1900 has been regularly used and may show noticeable wear and signs of use. You might see visible scratches, dings, and finish wear, and in some cases, there could be surface rust. While these signs of wear don't make the pistol non-functional, they do impact its overall appearance. The barrel may also show signs of use but is still suitable for shooting. FN M1900 pistols in Good Condition are budget-friendly options for those who prioritize the pistol's functionality over its appearance. Despite the wear, these pistols are well-maintained and capable of reliable performance, making them suitable for recreational shooting and practical purposes. Collectors might find interest in FN M1900 pistols in Good Condition, especially if they have historical significance or unique features. Market values for FN M1900 pistols in Good Condition are generally lower than those in better conditions, providing an accessible option for individuals seeking a functional pistol without the premium associated with better-preserved examples.

Fair Condition

FN M1900 has been well-used and shows noticeable wear and tear. You might notice significant scratches, dings, and finish wear, and there could be surface rust or corrosion. The bore, which is the inside of the barrel, may also display wear, impacting accuracy and reliability to some extent. FN M1900 pistols in Fair Condition prioritize functionality over aesthetics, providing practical options that are typically more budget-friendly than those in better conditions. They are a suitable choice for shooters who prioritize using the pistol over its appearance. Collectors may find less interest in FN M1900 pistols in Fair Condition as they are chosen more for their utility than collectability. Market values for FN M1900 pistols in Fair Condition are generally lower than those in better conditions, offering a practical choice for individuals seeking a functional pistol at a more affordable price.

Poor Condition

FN M1900 has undergone extensive use and significant wear and tear, reaching a state where its functionality, appearance, and safety may be compromised. You may observe severe wear, corrosion, and damage, including deep scratches, dents, pitting, and rust. The bore, the inside of the barrel, is often heavily worn, impacting accuracy and reliability. FN M1900 pistols in Poor Condition are typically chosen for functional or restoration purposes rather than collectibility or regular use. They might require extensive repairs and refurbishment to restore them to a usable state. Market values for FN M1900 pistols in Poor Condition are generally quite low, reflecting their compromised state. They are often considered project pistols for experienced gunsmiths and enthusiasts who enjoy restoration work and have the necessary skills to bring the pistol back to a functional and safe condition. Collectors typically show minimal interest in FN M1900 pistols in Poor Condition unless they have exceptional historical significance or rarity.

Picture of an FN M1900


The FN M1900 presents a diverse array of models, each meticulously crafted to accommodate various preferences and applications. Ranging from the classic FN M1900 Standard Model to the specialized FN M1900 Military Model, designed to meet military specifications, there is an FN M1900 variant for every discerning firearm enthusiast. For those seeking a touch of elegance, the FN M1900 Exhibition Grade may feature intricate engravings and premium materials, making it a prized collector's item. Whether you're drawn to historical authenticity, tactical adaptations, or simply the timeless design of the original, the FN M1900 lineup caters to a wide spectrum of interests. Exploring the nuances of each model unveils the distinct qualities that contribute to the FN M1900's reputation as a versatile and coveted semi-automatic pistol.

FN M 1900

Stands as a testament to enduring design and reliability, originating from the esteemed Fabrique Nationale (FN) in Belgium. Introduced at the turn of the 20th century, this semi-automatic pistol boasts a distinctive appearance with its exposed barrel and stylish grip. The FN M1900 offers a range of models, including standard variations and potential adaptations for military or commercial use. With a caliber of 7.65mm Browning (.32 ACP), it strikes a balance between power and manageability. The FN M1900's historical significance and iconic design have made it a sought-after piece among firearm collectors. Whether you're drawn to its elegant simplicity, its role in historical contexts, or its functionality as a concealed carry option, the FN M1900 has etched its mark in the annals of firearm history. We'll explore the factors influencing the FN M1900's market value and the distinctive features that continue to captivate firearm enthusiasts worldwide.

Standard Model

Is a key figure in the history of firearms, serving as the starting point for later designs in the FN M1900 series. Known for its classic design and practical features, this iconic model captures the essence of the original vision for the FN M1900 and embodies enduring design principles that have lasted for generations. Its historical significance is profound, representing not only a specific time period but also the timeless appeal of early 20th-century firearm craftsmanship. Collectors are attracted to the authenticity and simplicity of the Standard Model, seeing it as a true representation of an earlier era. Beyond its historical importance, the FN M1900 Standard Model's rarity today makes it even more desirable for enthusiasts and collectors. Its lasting impact on market value reflects not only its functional capabilities but also the cultural and historical value it brings to any firearm collection.

Military Model

The FN M1900 Military Model is intentionally crafted for military use, meeting the rigorous demands of armed forces with purposeful design modifications. Engineered for enhanced durability, reliability, and tactical functionality, this specialized firearm is built to withstand the challenging conditions of military service. It may include reinforced components and specific attachments to boost its performance in the field. These military specifications not only showcase the gun's sturdy design but also highlight its practicality in various scenarios. For those who appreciate a firearm with a rugged design and specialized features suitable for military applications, the FN M1900 Military Model holds added value due to its durability and reliability in demanding situations. This makes it an appealing choice for collectors and enthusiasts seeking a firearm that excels in both functionality and resilience.

Commercial Model

Designed with the commercial market in mind, the FN M1900 Commercial Model stands out as a carefully crafted firearm tailored to appeal to a broad audience of civilian users. Its intentional design offers a range of finishes and grip options, allowing for easy customization to suit individual preferences. This deliberate flexibility not only enhances the pistol's visual appeal but also positively influences its market value. Collectors and enthusiasts often find the FN M1900 Commercial Model appealing due to its diverse features, contributing to its overall desirability. The adaptability and versatility of this model make it a compelling choice for those seeking a firearm that aligns with their unique tastes and preferences. The FN M1900 Commercial Model's intentional design for civilian use adds to its attractiveness, making it stand out within the FN M1900 series. As a result, this model holds added value in the eyes of collectors and enthusiasts, solidifying its position as an appealing and versatile option in the FN M1900 lineup.

Sporting Model

Designed for sports and civilian use, the FN M1900 Sporting Model brings enhancements aimed at improving accuracy and ergonomic comfort. This variant focuses on delivering a superior shooting experience, catering to sports shooters and individuals seeking refined performance. Whether it's precision-focused modifications or improvements in ergonomic design, the Sporting Model stands out for its attention to detail. This intentional focus on accuracy and comfort makes it a distinctive choice, especially for those engaged in competitive shooting or those who appreciate a more refined shooting experience. The FN M1900 Sporting Model's impact on market value is significant due to its specialized features that appeal to discerning sports shooters seeking precision and comfort in their firearms. This emphasis on performance elevates the Sporting Model's desirability, making it a valuable asset for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Exhibition Grade

At the top tier of the FN M1900 lineup, the Exhibition Grade models represent the epitome of firearm aesthetics, taking the art of gun craftsmanship to a whole new level. These models elevate their appearance with intricate engraving, premium wood grips, and other special features, showcasing meticulous attention to detail. Beyond being mere tools, these high-end models are designed to captivate attention, serving as coveted pieces for collectors and display purposes. Their impact on market value is substantial, owing to their rarity, exceptional craftsmanship, and luxurious finishes. The Exhibition Grade FN M1900 models are not just firearms; they are highly sought-after treasures, attracting enthusiasts and collectors alike. Their scarcity, coupled with the fine detailing and deluxe features, enhances their allure, making them esteemed additions to the collections of discerning firearm enthusiasts.

Picture of a FN M1900


The FN M1900 pistol is not just a firearm; it's a platform for expressing individual style and character, and its various finishes each tell a distinctive story. The Blued finish, a classic and robust choice, goes through a chemical process to shield against rust and corrosion, giving it a timeless appeal rooted in tradition. If you're looking for a sleek and corrosion-resistant option, the Nickel Plating finish offers a polished appearance that stands out. FN M1900's Stainless Steel models boast both enhanced corrosion resistance and a modern, sleek look, combining durability with contemporary aesthetics. The Two-Tone Finish, blending different finishes, creates a visually appealing contrast, adding sophistication to the firearm's design. Finally, the Case-Hardened Finish, achieved through heat treatment, not only provides a unique mottled pattern but also ensures both aesthetic charm and lasting durability. These finishes are more than just external coatings; they contribute to the FN M1900's value, offering enthusiasts a varied palette to showcase their style and enhance the pistol's market appeal.


The Blued finish on an FN M1900 pistol imparts a timeless and sophisticated appearance. Achieved through a meticulous chemical process that induces steel oxidation, this dark, blue-black finish not only showcases classic elegance but also provides durable resistance against rust and corrosion. The traditional nature of the Blued finish enhances the pistol's aesthetic appeal while ensuring a protective layer against environmental elements. It's worth noting that maintaining its polished appearance requires regular care. Despite this upkeep necessity, the enduring charm of a blued FN M1900 often contributes to its heightened market desirability, especially among enthusiasts who appreciate the vintage character of this classic choice. Consequently, FN M1900 pistols with a Blued finish typically command a higher market value.


The Nickel Plating finish on an FN M1900 pistol not only adds a distinct and polished appearance but also serves a functional purpose. This finish involves applying a layer of nickel to the pistol's surfaces, creating a shiny allure while enhancing resistance against corrosion. In simpler terms, it makes the firearm look good and provides extra protection against wear and tear. The nickel-plated FN M1900 pistols stand out for their unique aesthetic appeal, making them a preferred choice for those who appreciate a sleek and well-protected firearm. What's noteworthy is that the distinctive quality of the Nickel Plating often contributes significantly to an FN M1900's elevated market value. Collectors and enthusiasts value this finish for its combination of visual appeal and enhanced durability, making it a sought-after choice for those who prioritize both aesthetics and functionality in their firearms.

Stainless Steel

The Stainless Steel finish found on certain FN M1900 models provides a two-fold advantage—enhanced resistance against corrosion and a sleek, modern aesthetic. This finish not only ensures the pistol's durability but also adds a contemporary touch to its design. Picture it as a protective layer that keeps your firearm shielded from rust and wear while giving it a stylish, modern makeover. This feature becomes especially appealing to those who prioritize both functionality and a sophisticated appearance in their firearms. FN M1900 pistols with a Stainless Steel finish are highly valued for their resilience and modern appeal, solidifying their unique standing in the market. The incorporation of stainless steel contributes significantly to the overall worth of these pistols, making them a sought-after choice for individuals who appreciate a seamless blend of durability and a stylish, modern look in their firearms.


On an FN M1900 pistol is like a stylish outfit that blends different colors, creating a cool and unique look. It's a special way of dressing up the gun by using two different finishes on various parts. Imagine a shiny stainless steel slide paired with a deep, dark blued frame – it's like having the best of both worlds, a mix of classic and modern styles. This deliberate combination makes the FN M1900 stand out from the crowd, catching the eye of people who love diversity in design. If you're someone who appreciates a firearm that's both timeless and up-to-date, the Two-Tone Finish might be your perfect choice. FN M1900 pistols with this finish could become even more popular in the market because of their unique appearance, making them more valuable. So, it's not just a gun; it's a statement piece for those who want a mix of classic charm and modern flair in their firearms.


The Case-Hardened Finish on an FN M1900 pistol isn't just about looking cool – it adds a unique and rugged personality to your firearm. Achieved through a precise heat-treating process, this finish creates distinctive mottled patterns on the steel, making each pistol one-of-a-kind. Beyond its visual appeal, the Case-Hardened Finish enhances the gun's durability, serving as a kind of stylish body armor. For those who appreciate firearms that stand out in both looks and strength, this finish is an ideal choice. Importantly, the uniqueness and added toughness of the Case-Hardened Finish often contribute to an increased market value for the FN M1900 pistol. Collectors and enthusiasts find these firearms more desirable, making them willing to pay a premium for a firearm that blends artistry and durability.


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Included Accessories

When acquiring an FN M1900 pistol, it's more than just obtaining the firearm itself; it involves the accompanying accessories that enhance its functionality and contribute to its market value. These accessories hold a significant influence on the pistol's versatility, practicality, and overall assessment. Whether you're examining the original packaging, delving into the manuals, or inspecting additional components, these included accessories play a crucial role in elevating the FN M1900's appeal. Whether you're a seasoned firearm enthusiast or new to the world of pistols, this guide provides valuable insights into the importance of these extras when gauging the pistol's market desirability and overall value.

Original Box

The presence of the original box with an FN M1900 holds more than practical importance; it becomes a tangible piece of the pistol's history and authenticity. An exceptionally kept original box is not only a treasure for collectors but also significantly influences the firearm's overall market value. For collectors, having firearms with their original packaging is like possessing a historical artifact, highlighting the meticulous care and maintenance the pistol has received over time. Beyond its historical context, the original box imparts a sense of completeness to the firearm acquisition, making the FN M1900 even more attractive to enthusiasts who value the finer nuances of preservation. This dedication to authenticity and completeness enhances the FN M1900's appeal in the market, potentially positively impacting its overall value for those in search of a well-maintained and historically rich firearm.

User Manual

For the FN M1900 is more than a set of instructions; it serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding the pistol's operation, maintenance, and safety features. Inclusion of this manual becomes an invaluable resource for both novice and experienced firearm owners, offering essential insights into proper pistol handling and care. Beyond its practicality, the user manual holds additional significance for collectors and enthusiasts, contributing to the overall completeness of the firearm's package. Possessing the original user manual enhances the FN M1900's appeal, providing a historical and contextual narrative. For those who appreciate detailed completeness in their firearm acquisitions, the presence of the original user manual elevates the FN M1900's desirability. This meticulous attention to detail not only adds convenience to the firearm's usage but also contributes to its overall appeal and potential positive impact on market value, particularly in the eyes of collectors and firearm enthusiasts.

Cleaning Kit

The cleaning kit that comes with the FN M1900 serves a crucial purpose beyond just maintaining the pistol's appearance—it actively contributes to the firearm's functionality and long-term durability. This comprehensive set of cleaning tools is essential for preserving the pistol's performance by preventing corrosion and ensuring smooth operation. Engaging in regular maintenance with these provided tools becomes a responsible practice for firearm owners, demonstrating a commitment to proper care and attention. Including a cleaning kit enhances the overall value of the FN M1900, assuring potential buyers that the pistol has received diligent care throughout its lifespan. For collectors, having a complete set with the original cleaning kit significantly elevates the firearm's market desirability. The meticulous attention reflected in a well-preserved cleaning kit enhances the FN M1900's overall appeal, creating a more enticing package for those who understand and value the importance of proper firearm maintenance and longevity.


The addition of a holster with the FN M1900 introduces an extra layer of convenience for owners who prioritize secure and accessible carry. A precisely fitted holster not only ensures the safe transportation of the pistol but also shields it from external elements, enhancing its overall protection. While the impact on market value may vary based on individual preferences, the inclusion of an original holster can be a compelling factor for potential buyers seeking a comprehensive package. For those who appreciate the practicality of having a dedicated holster as an integral part of their firearm acquisition, its presence can positively influence the FN M1900's overall market appeal. The holster becomes more than a mere accessory; it represents an additional layer of utility and care, making the FN M1900 a well-rounded and attractive choice for those who prioritize a complete and practical firearm package.


Are critical accessories for the FN M1900, exerting a direct impact on its functionality and practicality. The inclusion of one or more magazines not only enhances the pistol's inherent value but also provides users with essential components for loading and firing. The presence of extra magazines becomes a practical advantage for potential buyers, influencing their decision-making process based on the firearm's readiness for multiple shots. Additionally, collectors place significant value on original magazines, recognizing their importance in preserving the historical authenticity of the FN M1900. They significantly contribute to the pistol's market desirability and overall value, as collectors seek completeness and authenticity in firearms that represent specific eras and technological advancements. Therefore, magazines serve as integral components in the narrative of the FN M1900, reflecting both its functional utility and historical context.

Lanyard Ring

The addition of a lanyard ring on an FN M1900 serves both practical and aesthetic purposes. Functionally, it provides a secure attachment point for a lanyard or strap, reducing the risk of accidental drops or loss. Aesthetically, the lanyard ring contributes to the unique design of the pistol. While its impact on market value may be subtle, some buyers and collectors appreciate the attention to detail and completeness of accessories, including the lanyard ring. Its presence underscores the thoughtfulness in design and adds to the overall appeal of the FN M1900, particularly for those who value a combination of functionality and visual elements in a firearm.

Wrench for Disassembly

The disassembly wrench is a handy tool designed to make maintaining and caring for the FN M1900 easier. This tool plays a key role in the disassembly process, allowing owners to clean and inspect the pistol with convenience. While its impact on market value might not be as noticeable as some other accessories, having the disassembly wrench adds to the overall completeness of the firearm package. For owners who prioritize easy maintenance and appreciate a comprehensive set of tools, the inclusion of this accessory can positively influence their view of the FN M1900's value, highlighting the firearm's user-friendly design and attention to practical details.

Spare Parts

The inclusion of spare parts with the FN M1900 is a valuable addition that enhances the pistol's long-term reliability. These spare parts, such as recoil springs or firing pins, play a crucial role for owners who prioritize proactive maintenance or may encounter unforeseen issues. The impact on market value is subjective, but the presence of spare parts can attract buyers seeking a comprehensive package, assuring them of the firearm's readiness for sustained use. This can positively influence the FN M1900's overall market appeal by providing potential owners with added confidence in the pistol's durability and long-term viability.

Locking Device

The inclusion of a locking device with the FN M1900 is a crucial accessory for promoting firearm safety. Typically in the form of a lock or a similar safety mechanism, this accessory may not overtly impact market value, but its presence highlights a commitment to responsible ownership. For buyers who prioritize safety features, having a locking device adds inherent value to the FN M1900, emphasizing secure storage and responsible handling. The comprehensive inclusion of safety accessories, such as a locking device, contributes to the overall appeal of the FN M1900 for both collectors and firearm enthusiasts, underscoring the importance of safe firearm practices.

Sights Adjustment Tool

For the FN M1900 serves as a practical and valuable accessory that empowers owners to fine-tune the pistol's sights for optimal accuracy. This specialized tool allows users to customize their shooting experience, ensuring that the firearm is aligned precisely to their preferences. Beyond its functional utility, the inclusion of the sights adjustment tool also holds significance in the context of market value. While the impact on the overall value of the FN M1900 may be subtle, the presence of this accessory adds an extra layer of appeal for potential buyers who appreciate the ability to personalize and enhance the firearm's performance. It caters to individuals who prioritize accuracy and customization, making the FN M1900 more attractive in the eyes of discerning firearm enthusiasts and collectors alike.


For dedicated firearm enthusiasts seeking to personalize their FN M1900, customization is the pathway to crafting a firearm that aligns with individual preferences, requirements, and shooting preferences. Whether it involves elevating sights, fine-tuning grips, or incorporating distinctive engravings, the decisions made during customization play a pivotal role in shaping the FN M1900's performance, aesthetics, and market value. In the pursuit of an ideal firearm, customization presents the chance to fashion an FN M1900 that seamlessly resonates with personal tastes, resulting in a more gratifying and individualized shooting experience.

Wood Grips

Custom wood grips for the FN M1900 go beyond merely enhancing its appearance; they add a touch of classic elegance and personalized style to the pistol. Meticulously crafted from various wood types, these grips not only augment the firearm's visual appeal but also offer a comfortable, bespoke fit for the owner's hands. While the impact on market value is subjective, the inclusion of well-crafted wood grips often amplifies the FN M1900's desirability. This is particularly notable among individuals who appreciate traditional aesthetics and value personalized firearm accessories. The intentional addition of these wood grips can positively influence the FN M1900's overall market value, rendering it more appealing to collectors and firearm enthusiasts who prioritize craftsmanship and individualized style in their firearms.

Rubberized Grips

For the FN M1900 is a practical way to enhance grip comfort and control recoil. Made from durable rubber materials, these grips provide a secure hold, making the pistol easier to handle during shooting. While the impact on market value might not be dramatic, the functional improvement in handling and potential recoil reduction can make the FN M1900 more appealing to a broader range of shooters. The addition of rubberized grips can positively influence the firearm's overall value, offering improved comfort and control during shooting. This customization appeals to those who prioritize a comfortable and controlled shooting experience, contributing to the FN M1900's market desirability, especially for individuals seeking a balance between practicality and performance in their firearms.

Night Sights

Night sights are a smart upgrade for the FN M1900, designed to enhance visibility in low-light conditions. These specialized sights illuminate in the dark or low-light settings, ensuring accurate aiming even when visibility is challenging. Adding night sights not only improves the FN M1900's adaptability to different situations but also increases its appeal to those seeking a firearm capable of performing well in diverse lighting conditions. This modification positively influences the FN M1900's perceived value, making it more attractive to individuals looking for a versatile and reliable handgun.

Adjustable Sights

Adding adjustable sights to the FN M1900 allows owners to fine-tune their pistol for improved accuracy. Whether you're a precision shooter or prefer a setup tailored to your preferences, adjustable sights can significantly enhance the firearm's performance. This customization may positively impact the perceived value of the FN M1900, particularly for those who prioritize accuracy and appreciate the idea of making the pistol uniquely their own. The ability to personalize the shooting experience with adjustable sights can make the FN M1900 more appealing to buyers, potentially influencing their assessment of the firearm's value.

Custom Engraving

Adding special designs, known as custom engraving, to the FN M1900 makes it like a unique piece of artwork, giving it a cool and special touch. This process involves creating detailed patterns or designs on the gun's frame or slide, making it stand out and look really cool. While how much it's worth can depend on the person, many people who like guns find this extra touch really awesome. The careful craftsmanship and individuality from custom engraving can make the FN M1900 even more wanted, boosting its appeal in the market and, as a result, its value. This special touch is especially appealing to those who enjoy having a gun that's not just functional but also has a unique and artsy feel to it.

Match Grade Trigger

Upgrading to a match-grade trigger for your FN M1900 is like giving it a top-notch improvement for better accuracy. This customization ensures that the trigger operates smoothly and consistently, allowing you to place your shots with precision. Beyond enhancing your shooting experience, having a match-grade trigger can elevate the value of your FN M1900 in the market. Those who prioritize accuracy and seek a superior shooting experience often appreciate the inclusion of a match-grade trigger, making your firearm more appealing and potentially increasing its overall worth.

Reduced Trigger Pull

Choosing a lighter trigger pull for your FN M1900 is like giving it a smoother and more responsive touch, making it easier to use and control. This customization is great for those who want a quicker and more comfortable trigger experience, especially for follow-up shots. While the effect on market value can vary based on personal preferences, the reduced trigger pull customization provides a clear advantage for those who appreciate a responsive and comfortable trigger, potentially making the firearm more appealing and, consequently, increasing its market value. This modification adds an extra layer of personalization to your FN M1900, catering to shooters who prioritize a refined and efficient trigger feel in their firearms.

Leather Holster

Choosing a leather holster for your FN M1900 is like giving it a touch of timeless elegance and style. These holsters, crafted from high-quality leather, offer a classic and sophisticated way to carry your firearm. The appeal goes beyond mere practicality, adding a sense of craftsmanship and tradition to your FN M1900. This choice resonates with those who appreciate both the look and feel of traditional accessories. While the impact on market value may vary based on individual preferences, including a leather holster often enhances the overall desirability of your FN M1900. This attention to detail in your customization reflects a commitment to quality, potentially contributing to an increased market value as it appeals to buyers who value the classic aesthetics of leather accessories.


Stippling is a practical and stylish upgrade for your FN M1900 – it's like giving your pistol a textured pattern on its frame. This isn't just about aesthetics; it serves a functional purpose too. The textured pattern enhances your grip, providing better control, especially in challenging situations. For those who prioritize a secure hold on their firearm, stippling is a valuable addition. What's interesting is that incorporating stippling into your FN M1900 might not only make it look better but could also increase its value if you ever decide to sell. So, beyond the improved functionality, it adds a touch of uniqueness that can make your pistol more appealing and valuable to fellow gun enthusiasts.

Frame Cuts

Give your FN M1900 a modern and unique appearance. These stylish cuts on the frame not only enhance the pistol's aesthetics but also contribute to reduced weight, making it easier to handle. If you're interested in a contemporary and tactical look for your firearm, frame cuts can be a compelling customization choice. However, the impact on market value can vary, as it depends on individual preferences. Some gun enthusiasts highly value the customized and modern style that frame cuts bring, potentially increasing the desirability and market value of your FN M1900 among buyers. So, while frame cuts enhance the pistol's appearance and maneuverability, they may also positively influence its market appeal and value.

Grip Accessories

Adding custom grips with integrated accessories to your FN M1900 is a practical and versatile customization. That personalized and customized grips. This upgrade not only enhances the functionality and aesthetics of your firearm but also positively influences its market value. Grip accessories appeal to users who value customization options without sacrificing the overall aesthetics of the pistol. The inclusion of this feature makes your FN M1900 more attractive to buyers seeking a firearm that offers both versatility and a personalized touch. As a result, the market value of your FN M1900 is elevated, making it a sought-after choice among firearm enthusiasts looking for a well-customized and versatile handgun.

Personalized Storage Case

Choosing a personalized storage case for your FN M1900 goes beyond customizing the firearm itself; it adds a distinctive and individualized touch to the overall presentation. This could include features like a custom foam insert, engraving, or other personalization options that make your FN M1900 stand out. While the impact on market value is subjective, a personalized storage case has the potential to significantly influence potential buyers looking for a fully customized and uniquely presented firearm package. The attention to detail and personalized touch of a customized storage case can enhance the overall appeal of your FN M1900, making it more attractive to collectors and enthusiasts seeking a firearm with added character. As a result, the market value of your FN M1900 may experience a positive boost due to the unique and personalized presentation it offers.

History of the FN M1900

The FN M 1900, crafted by the visionary firearm designer John Browning, stands as a testament to the early 20th-century revolution in handgun technology. Unveiled in 1899, this semi-automatic pistol marked a departure from the prevailing designs of the time, introducing innovative features that would shape the future of firearms. Browning's ingenuity was evident in every aspect of the FN M 1900, making it one of the earliest and most successful commercially available semi-automatic pistols.

The pistol's introduction heralded a new era, showcasing the brilliance of Browning's engineering. Chambered in the revolutionary .32 ACP cartridge, the FN M 1900 struck a delicate balance between firepower and manageable recoil, contributing to its widespread adoption. Its compact design, coupled with a reliable semi-automatic action and a distinctive grip safety, made it a popular choice across various sectors, from civilian users to law enforcement and military applications.

The FN M 1900's significance extended beyond its functional excellence. It played a crucial role in shifting the firearms landscape, laying the groundwork for subsequent semi-automatic pistol designs. Its historical journey reflects the relentless pursuit of innovation in firearms technology, leaving an indelible mark on the evolution of handguns.

One of the most intriguing chapters in the FN M 1900's history is its association with a momentous historical event. The pistol gained notoriety as the weapon used by Gavrilo Princip in the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in 1914. This event, a catalyst for World War I, underscored the firearm's unintended role in shaping global history.

Despite the passage of more than a century, the FN M 1900 continues to capture the imagination of firearm enthusiasts and collectors. Its historical significance, coupled with its role in shaping the destiny of nations, elevates the FN M 1900 to an iconic status in the mosaic of firearms history. This enduring pistol stands as a living testament to John Browning's genius and the timeless principles that have influenced the world of handguns for generations.


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A remarkable aspect of the FN M1900 is its distinction as the first firearm to implement a slide, a feature now ubiquitous in modern semi-automatic pistols. This groundbreaking design by John Browning not only enhanced the firearm's reliability and ease of use but also set a new standard for handgun design, influencing the development of semi-automatic pistols for generations to come. The FN M1900's innovative design makes it a historically significant piece, pivotal in the evolution of personal firearms.

General Questions & Answers

Who designed the FN M1900?

The FN M1900 was designed by John Browning, a famous firearms designer from Belgium.

What makes the FN M1900 special?

The FN M1900 is special because it was one of the first pistols to use a semi-automatic action, meaning it automatically loads a new round after firing.

What caliber does the FN M1900 use?

The FN M1900 is chambered in the .32 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) cartridge, which was a new and innovative caliber at the time.

How did the FN M1900 influence history?

The FN M1900 played a role in history as it was used in the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914, an event that contributed to the start of World War I.

Is the FN M1900 still used today?

Yes, the FN M1900 is still used today, however it's not commonly used, the FN M1900 still holds historical significance and is appreciated by collectors and firearm enthusiasts.

What features does the FN M1900 have?

The FN M1900 is a compact pistol with a semi-automatic action, a grip safety, and it was one of the first to use the .32 ACP cartridge.

Why is the FN M1900 considered iconic?

The FN M1900 is considered iconic because of its early adoption of innovative features, its association with historical events, and its role in shaping the development of semi-automatic pistols.



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