How Much is a Glock 19 Currently Worth?

Picture of the Glock 19

In the diverse world of firearms, the Glock 19 stands as a compact powerhouse, demanding our attention and understanding. This widely acclaimed handgun has earned its place as a versatile and dependable choice for both seasoned firearm enthusiasts and those new to the world of pistols. As we embark on this journey, we'll delve into the intricacies of the Glock 19, offering a comprehensive analysis of its value and attributes.

Picture of the Glock 19
Published On:
August 17, 2023
Updated On:
January 30, 2024
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Current Market Value of a Glock 19

While prices can vary, a typical Glock 19 is worth around $375, but the price range generally falls between $325 on the low end to as high as $425. If it is heavily upgraded, it may be worth even more.

Photo of a Glock 19

Factors That Influence The Value of a Glock 19

The value of a Glock 19 isn't solely determined by its make and model; it's a nuanced interplay of several elements. From its physical condition to the year of production and even the presence of special editions, every detail matters when gauging its worth. Let's embark on this journey to unravel the dynamics that shape the market value of your Glock 19.


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The condition of your Glock 19 can significantly sway its market value. From mint to poor condition, we break down the various states your firearm can be in and explore how each condition level impacts its worth. Understanding the relationship between condition and value is essential to accurately appraising your Glock 19.

New or Mint Condition

A Glock 19 in this state exudes an aura of untouched perfection. Its surfaces gleam without a hint of wear, its mechanisms operate with the precision of a Swiss watch. A firearm classified as new or mint condition suggests that it has never been fired or used beyond factory testing. This rarity elevates its market value significantly, appealing to collectors and enthusiasts who seek a piece of history frozen in time.

Excellent Condition

 A Glock 19 in excellent condition retains its luster despite minor signs of handling. Its surfaces might show negligible wear, often confined to slight handling marks. Mechanically, it operates flawlessly, with every function performing as intended. While not pristine like a mint piece, a Glock 19 in excellent condition still commands a higher value due to its well-maintained state and appeal to buyers who prioritize aesthetics without compromising performance.

Very Good Condition

A Glock 19 in very good condition showcases signs of use but remains solid in its performance. Minor wear might be visible, possibly in the form of slight scratches or finish wear from holstering or regular handling. Mechanically, it remains dependable and fully functional. Firearms in very good condition retain a respectable market value, appealing to those seeking a balance between aesthetics and practicality.

Good Condition

A Glock 19 labeled as good condition might show more noticeable wear but maintains its core functionality. Wear patterns could include more pronounced scratches, finish wear, or handling marks. Despite its visible signs of use, the gun operates reliably and serves its purpose well. Firearms in good condition often find a home with shooters who prioritize performance over aesthetics, making them a practical choice while still holding some market value.

Fair Condition

Firearms in fair condition show clear signs of wear and use. A Glock 19 classified as fair might display a combination of finish wear, scratches, and other marks that reflect its history of use. While these imperfections are more evident, the gun is still operational. Firearms in fair condition might have a diminished market value, often appealing to buyers seeking a functional firearm without the expectation of cosmetic perfection.

Poor Condition

A Glock 19 in poor condition has endured heavy use or neglect. It might exhibit substantial wear, significant scratches, dents, or other forms of damage. Mechanically, a firearm in poor condition might still function but could require attention or repair. Firearms in poor condition generally have a lower market value, typically appealing to buyers who prioritize affordability over aesthetics or collectors seeking restoration projects.

Picture of a Glock 19


Glock 19 isn't just a name; it represents a diverse family of models with unique features and characteristics. We'll walk you through the various generations and special editions, explaining their distinctions and highlighting how specific model variations can influence the value of your Glock 19.

Gen 3

The Glock 19 Gen 3 stands as a testament to simplicity and reliability. Introduced as the third generation of the iconic Glock 19 series, this model encompasses the core values that have made Glock a household name among firearms enthusiasts. Built on a polymer frame, the Gen 3 offers a balanced blend of size, weight, and capacity, making it a versatile choice for both concealed carry and duty use. Its lack of finger grooves on the grip appeals to a wider range of hand sizes, while its familiar Glock Safe Action System ensures consistent and safe firing. With its reputation for unfaltering performance and minimalistic design, the Glock 19 Gen 3 holds enduring appeal. While subsequent generations brought refinements and enhancements, the Gen 3's reliability and wide adoption contribute to its market value, appealing to those who seek a dependable firearm with a storied legacy.

Gen 4

The Glock 19 Gen 4 builds upon its predecessors with notable ergonomic improvements. The addition of interchangeable backstraps allows shooters to customize the grip, accommodating different hand sizes comfortably. Enhanced texturing on the frame enhances grip control, especially in adverse conditions. The introduction of a dual recoil spring assembly aids in managing recoil and extends the firearm's service life. The Gen 4's improved ergonomics and adaptability make it a popular choice among shooters seeking a tailored fit and enhanced control. These enhancements can positively influence the market value, particularly for those who prioritize comfort and customization.

Gen 5

The Glock 19 Gen 5 represents a modern evolution of the series. Notable features include an improved trigger system for consistent pull and reset, a Marksman barrel for enhanced accuracy, and an ambidextrous slide stop lever for accessibility. The removal of finger grooves on the grip contributes to a more universal fit. The Gen 5's emphasis on enhanced performance and user-friendly design caters to contemporary shooter demands. These refinements can lead to a higher market value, appealing to those who seek modern features and improved shooting dynamics.


The Glock 19C, or Compensated model, introduces a barrel with integral ports that redirect muzzle gases, effectively reducing recoil and muzzle flip. This design enhances control during rapid firing and follow-up shots. The compensator's effect on managing recoil and improving shooting comfort adds a unique dimension to the firearm. While not a dramatic market influencer, the Glock 19C might hold slightly higher value for those seeking improved shooting control without compromising on Glock's renowned reliability.

19 MOS

The Glock 19 MOS (Modular Optic System) accommodates micro red dot sights, allowing shooters to enhance accuracy and target acquisition speed. The MOS configuration enhances versatility by enabling users to attach optics for various shooting scenarios. This adaptability to modern aiming solutions can positively affect the market value, appealing to those who prioritize precision and customization.


The Glock 19X presents a hybrid design, blending the compact slide of the Glock 19 with the full-size frame of the Glock 17. This combination offers improved grip ergonomics and increased capacity. The Glock 19X's unique size and capacity balance might influence a slightly higher market value due to its specialized design catering to those who desire both compactness and capacity.

19 RTF2

The Glock 19 RTF2 (Rough Textured Frame 2) introduces an aggressive grip texture for enhanced control in adverse conditions. The improved grip provides shooters with added confidence in handling the firearm. The RTF2's enhanced grip texture contributes to its value, particularly for those who prioritize a secure grip and improved shooting stability.


The Glock 19L, or Longslide model, features an extended barrel and slide for increased accuracy and velocity. This model caters to shooters seeking enhanced performance for longer-distance shots. Its focus on accuracy and specialized design might lead to a slightly higher market value for those who value precision shooting.

Glock 19M

The Glock 19M caters to law enforcement agencies, featuring ambidextrous slide stop levers and no finger grooves on the grip. These attributes enhance accessibility and adaptability for duty use. While its impact on the broader market might be limited, the Glock 19M holds value for those interested in law enforcement-oriented features.

19 Custom

Customized Glock 19 models offer personalized modifications, ranging from enhanced triggers to aesthetic enhancements. These customizations can positively or negatively impact market value based on the quality and compatibility of the modifications. Custom models appeal to those seeking unique performance or appearance.

Standard Glock 19

The standard Glock 19 model embodies the series' reliability and simplicity. With its proven track record and well-established design, it retains its market value over time. While lacking specialized features, its enduring reliability appeals to a wide range of shooters.


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Uncover the impact of finishes on your Glock 19's market value. From classic stainless steel to custom Cerakote patterns, we'll guide you through each finish's significance, from its aesthetics to its practical implications and its potential role in enhancing the appeal and worth of your firearm.

Black Nitride

The Black Nitride finish, also known as Melonite or Ferritic Nitrocarburizing, is a surface treatment that enhances the hardness and corrosion resistance of firearm components. It involves diffusing nitrogen and carbon into the metal's surface, creating a hard and wear-resistant layer. This finish provides excellent protection against rust, scratches, and general wear, extending the firearm's lifespan. The sleek matte black appearance of Black Nitride offers a modern and uniform look, appealing to both practical shooters and those who appreciate aesthetics. While the Black Nitride finish may not drastically impact the market value, its durability and stylish appearance can contribute positively, especially for firearms used in harsh conditions or for collectors who prioritize longevity.

Gas Nitride

The Gas Nitride finish, also known as Ferritic Nitrocarburizing or Tennifer, is a surface treatment that significantly improves a firearm's resistance to corrosion and wear. Through a controlled diffusion process, nitrogen and carbon are introduced to the metal, creating a durable layer that enhances hardness. This finish not only safeguards against rust and abrasion but also provides a sleek matte black appearance. The Gas Nitride finish combines practicality with aesthetics, making it a popular choice among those who value both form and function. While its direct impact on market value might be subtle, the enhanced protection and timeless appearance of the Gas Nitride finish can be factors that appeal to a broad range of firearm enthusiasts.


Cerakote is a versatile ceramic-based finish that offers both aesthetics and durability. Applied as a liquid and cured to create a hard coating, Cerakote comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, allowing for personalized firearm designs. Beyond customization, Cerakote provides excellent protection against corrosion, chemicals, and abrasion, ensuring the firearm retains its visual appeal and integrity over time. The Cerakote finish's dual benefits of customization and endurance can influence market value positively, as individuals often seek both unique appearances and long-lasting performance when evaluating firearms.

OD Green

The OD Green (Olive Drab Green) finish is characterized by its green hue, often associated with military and tactical firearms. This finish not only offers a distinctive appearance but also serves practical purposes, blending well in outdoor and tactical environments. The earthy green color can provide an element of camouflage and may resonate with those who prefer a more tactical aesthetic. While the impact on market value might vary, the OD Green finish's tactical appeal can attract shooters seeking both a unique look and functional advantage in specific contexts.


The Flat Dark Earth (FDE) finish features a subdued tan or earth-toned color, offering a balanced combination of aesthetics and adaptability. This finish's versatility makes it suitable for a range of settings, from urban to outdoor environments. The FDE finish's muted elegance appeals to those who appreciate a more understated yet visually appealing appearance for their firearms. While its direct influence on market value can depend on individual preferences, the FDE finish's adaptability and refined charm can resonate with a diverse array of firearm enthusiasts.


Tennifer, also known as Ferritic Nitrocarburizing or Melonite, is a surface treatment that enhances firearm components' hardness and resistance to corrosion. By infusing nitrogen and carbon into the metal, Tennifer creates a robust and wear-resistant layer. This process significantly increases the firearm's durability and lifespan while offering a matte black appearance. The Tennifer finish's combination of practical benefits and sleek aesthetics can positively influence market value, appealing to those who seek firearms capable of withstanding demanding conditions while maintaining an enduring, uniform look.


The Battleworn finish is achieved through controlled abrasion, creating a distressed or weathered appearance on firearm surfaces. This unique aesthetic serves as a tribute to battle-tested firearms while offering a distinct and visually captivating look. The Battleworn finish's artistic expression can add individuality to a firearm, but its impact on market value might vary based on personal preferences. Collectors and enthusiasts who value artistic nuances in their firearms could find the Battleworn finish appealing for its distinctive and custom-like appearance.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel finishes offer timeless elegance and superior resistance to rust and corrosion. Stainless steel models, including the Glock 19, present a sleek, metallic appearance that exudes durability and sophistication. The Stainless Steel finish's practical benefits and classic charm can positively affect market value, appealing to those who appreciate a premium appearance and the assurance of enduring performance.


The Two-Tone finish involves applying different finishes to distinct parts of the firearm, creating an appealing contrast between surfaces. This aesthetic customization adds visual interest and a personalized touch to the firearm's appearance. The Two-Tone finish's individualized style can resonate with shooters seeking a unique look, but its direct influence on market value might vary based on the quality of execution and personal preferences.

Gold Accents

Gold accents are often used as detailing on special editions or custom firearms, adding a touch of luxury and exclusivity. Gold plating or engraving on select parts elevates the firearm's aesthetic appeal, creating a unique and sophisticated appearance. The Gold Accents finish's ornamental charm can increase the firearm's perceived value among collectors and those who appreciate lavish details in their firearms.


A Silver finish presents a distinctive metallic appearance that reflects light and provides a striking visual impact. This finish can enhance the firearm's aesthetics, offering a distinct look that stands out from more traditional finishes. While its impact on market value can vary, the Silver finish's eye-catching allure might attract those who seek a firearm with a uniquely captivating appearance.


The Bronze finish imparts a warm and antiqued appearance to the firearm, evoking a sense of history and character. This finish can give the firearm a rustic charm, appealing to those who appreciate firearms with a vintage or weathered aesthetic. While its direct effect on market value might depend on individual preferences, the Bronze finish's distinct and evocative look can attract enthusiasts seeking firearms with a touch of nostalgia.

Close up picture of a Glock 19

Included Accessories

The accessories that come with your Glock 19 add both practicality and intrigue to its package. We delve into the value of items like the original box, manuals, holsters, and more, examining how each inclusion impacts the overall value and user experience of your firearm.

Original Box

The original box, though not a major factor in market value, carries a collectible sentiment. Holding the Glock 19's history and authenticity, it appeals to enthusiasts and collectors who value preserving the firearm's legacy. While its direct impact on value might be modest, possessing the original box adds completeness and authenticity to the package, making it appealing to those who appreciate the firearm's provenance and completeness. For the average user, its significance lies more in its role as a part of the firearm's history and as an item of interest for collectors rather than as a substantial market value influencer.


Included manuals offer valuable information on the safe operation, maintenance, and care of the Glock 19. While they don't directly impact market value, they provide essential guidance for users to operate the firearm safely and keep it in optimal condition. Manuals are especially useful for new firearm owners or those unfamiliar with the Glock platform, enhancing their shooting experience and fostering responsible ownership.

Extra Magazines

Extra magazines can provide a practical advantage by allowing shooters to carry more ammunition without the need for frequent reloading. While they might not drastically increase market value, they enhance shooting sessions by minimizing interruptions for reloading. The number of extra magazines and their condition can influence the extent of this advantage, but the direct effect on market value might be limited.


A holster offers a secure way to carry and protect the Glock 19. While it might not substantially affect market value, it adds convenience for users by allowing them to carry the firearm comfortably and safely. The choice of holster type and its compatibility with the Glock 19 can impact its value, catering to those who prioritize easy and safe firearm transport.

Cleaning Kit

A cleaning kit contributes to the Glock 19's longevity and performance by allowing users to properly maintain the firearm. While its effect on market value might not be pronounced, a complete cleaning kit ensures that users can keep the firearm in optimal condition, contributing to its reliability and preserving its value over time.

Sight Tools

Sight tools assist users in adjusting or replacing sights for accurate shooting. Their impact on market value might be subtle, but they play a crucial role in maintaining the firearm's accuracy and ensuring that shots hit their intended targets. Sight tools are especially valuable for those who prioritize precision shooting and want to ensure their Glock 19 is dialed in correctly.


A lock enhances firearm safety by preventing unauthorized use. While not a direct contributor to market value, it emphasizes responsible ownership and can be appealing to those who value firearm security, particularly when storing the firearm at home or during travel.

Magazine Loader

A magazine loader aids in efficiently loading ammunition into magazines. While its influence on market value might be limited, it adds convenience by making the reloading process easier, which can be particularly beneficial during shooting sessions that involve frequent magazine changes.

Grip Extensions

Grip extensions offer customized comfort by improving the grip's ergonomics. While their impact on market value might not be significant, they can enhance the shooting experience for individuals who find the standard grip less comfortable, tailoring the firearm to their personal preferences.


Backstraps allow users to adjust the grip's size and shape to fit their hand comfortably. While their direct impact on market value might be modest, they contribute to the Glock 19's adaptability and user comfort, ensuring a better shooting experience for a wider range of users.

Laser or Light Attachment

Attachments like lasers or lights enhance accuracy and visibility. Their impact on market value could be subjective, as they cater to specific shooting needs. While they may not considerably increase value, they can significantly improve shooting dynamics for users who prioritize accuracy and low-light performance.

Night Sights

Night sights provide enhanced visibility in low-light conditions. While they might not significantly impact market value, they play a crucial role in accuracy during nighttime shooting or in environments with limited light. Night sights can be particularly appealing to those who value reliable performance in various conditions.

Aftermarket Parts

While the direct impact on market value can vary, quality aftermarket parts such as triggers, barrels, or slides can enhance the Glock 19's performance and customization. These parts cater to specific preferences, so their influence on market value is tied to their quality, compatibility, and the desires of potential buyers.


Documentation accompanying the Glock 19 includes user manuals, safety guidelines, and warranty information. These materials play a crucial role in promoting safe firearm use, maintenance, and informed ownership. While the documentation itself might not significantly alter market value, it empowers users, particularly those unfamiliar with the firearm, to operate it safely and responsibly. For collectors and enthusiasts, original documentation may enhance the historical authenticity of the package. However, its impact on market value is modest; its true value lies in providing users with the knowledge needed to ensure safe and optimal use of their Glock 19.

Picture of a Glock 19


Customizing your Glock 19 is an avenue to tailor the firearm to your preferences. We explore the world of aftermarket sights, trigger upgrades, slide modifications, and other enhancements, discussing how these personalized alterations can impact your Glock 19's value based on quality, function, and the specific tastes of potential buyers.


Aftermarket sights replace the Glock 19's standard sights with alternatives that offer improved accuracy and visibility. Quality sights from reputable manufacturers can enhance shooting performance, potentially increasing market value. However, the value impact depends on the brand, type (night sights, fiber optics, etc.), and overall quality.

Trigger Upgrades

Upgraded triggers improve the Glock 19's trigger pull, resulting in better control and potentially increased accuracy. A high-quality trigger upgrade can positively affect market value if it enhances the firearm's shooting experience, though the extent depends on the specific brand and model.

Slide Modifications

Custom slide modifications, such as serrations, cuts, or coatings, can improve functionality and aesthetics. A well-executed modification might enhance market value, particularly if it enhances grip or slide manipulation without compromising reliability. However, the value impact varies based on the modification's execution and appeal.

Barrel Upgrades

Upgraded barrels can improve accuracy and overall firearm performance. A high-quality barrel from a respected manufacturer might increase market value by contributing to better shooting dynamics. However, the effect on value is determined by factors like brand reputation, material, and improvements in accuracy or performance.

Grip Enhancements

Grip enhancements, like stippling or grip tape, improve ergonomics and control. A well-executed enhancement can positively influence market value, especially if it offers a more secure grip without compromising comfort or appearance.

Magazine Well Extensions

Extensions added to the magazine well aid in faster magazine reloading. Their effect on market value might be subtle, as they cater to specific shooting preferences. The value impact depends on the extension's design, ease of use, and relevance to potential buyers.

Close up picture of the Glock 19 barrel


The Glock 19, introduced in 1988 by Austrian engineer Gaston Glock, marked a significant milestone in firearm design and functionality. Built on Glock's innovative polymer frame and striker-fired mechanism, it swiftly gained global recognition for its reliability, simplicity, and ergonomic design. Its adoption by law enforcement agencies and military units around the world solidified its reputation as a dependable and versatile sidearm. The Glock 19's impact on the firearms landscape transcended its role as a compact 9mm pistol; it became a symbol of modern firearm engineering, influencing subsequent designs and setting new standards for durability, safety, and ease of use.


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General Questions & Answers

What do I need to know about the Glock 19?

The Glock 19 is a highly versatile, compact 9mm pistol known for its reliability, ease of use, and widespread popularity among both law enforcement and civilian firearm enthusiasts.

Is it okay to dry fire a Glock?

Dry firing a Glock occasionally for practice is generally safe, but it's advisable to use snap caps or dummy rounds to protect the firing pin from excessive wear.

What makes the Glock 19 so special?

The Glock 19's special appeal lies in its perfect balance between size, capacity, and performance, making it an ideal choice for concealed carry and personal defense.

Does the Glock 19 ever jam?

While no firearm is entirely immune to malfunctions, Glock's reputation for reliability means that a properly maintained Glock 19 is less likely to jam than many other handguns.

What does every Glock owner need?

Every Glock owner should have essential accessories like spare magazines, a quality holster, and appropriate cleaning supplies to maintain their pistol effectively.

Is it difficult to carry a Glock 19?

Carrying a Glock 19 concealed can be comfortable with the right holster and clothing choices, but individual preferences and body types may influence the level of ease.

Are Glocks waterproof?

Glocks are not entirely waterproof, but they are highly water-resistant due to their polymer frames and tight tolerances, making them suitable for use in wet conditions.

Will a Glock fire if dropped?

Glocks are designed with drop safety features, making it highly unlikely that they will fire when dropped under normal circumstances.

How far can a Glock 19 shoot?

A Glock 19 can accurately shoot up to around 50 yards, but its effective range for self-defense is typically within 15-25 yards.

How often should I clean my Glock?

Regular cleaning is crucial for Glock maintenance; a thorough cleaning after every range session and a detailed strip and clean every 1,000 rounds is a good rule of thumb.

Why does everyone love Glock?

Glock's widespread popularity stems from its reliability, ease of use, and minimalistic design, which resonates with a wide range of firearm enthusiasts.

What size Glock is best for carry?

The best Glock size for carry depends on individual preferences and body types; the Glock 19's compact size strikes a balance between concealability and capacity.

What components break on a Glock?

While Glocks are renowned for their durability, components like recoil springs and magazines can wear out with high round counts and require replacement.

Which parts wear out on a Glock?

Parts like recoil springs, magazines, and slide components may wear out over time, but regular maintenance can extend their lifespan.

Do you need to lubricate a Glock?

Proper lubrication is essential for Glock pistols to ensure smooth operation and reduce friction between moving parts; follow Glock's recommended lubrication points in the owner's manual.



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Did you know that the Glock 19, a popular compact pistol, owes its innovative design in part to a curtain rod manufacturer? Gaston Glock, the Austrian engineer who founded the company, had never designed firearms before. In the early 1980s, when the Austrian military announced its search for a new sidearm, Glock decided to enter the competition. Lacking any prior experience in firearm design, he approached the task with fresh eyes, uninfluenced by traditional gunmaking conventions. Glock used his expertise in synthetic polymers, a material he had worked with extensively in his curtain rod business, to create a pistol frame that was not only lightweight but also exceptionally durable. This pioneering use of polymer in firearm construction revolutionized the industry, giving birth to the Glock 19 and the broader Glock series, which are now some of the most popular handguns in the world. This unexpected journey from curtain rods to firearms showcases how innovation can emerge from the most unlikely sources.


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