How Much is a Glock 20 Currently Worth?

Picture of a Glock 20

In the diverse world of firearms, the Glock 20 stands as a compact powerhouse, demanding our attention and understanding. This widely acclaimed handgun has earned its place as a versatile and dependable choice for both seasoned firearm enthusiasts and those new to the world of pistols. As we embark on this journey, we'll delve into the intricacies of the Glock 20, offering a comprehensive analysis of its value and attributes.

Picture of a Glock 20
How Much is a Glock 20 Currently Worth?
Written by: 
Isaiah Miller
Published On:
August 17, 2023
Updated On:
May 31, 2023
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Current Market Value of a Glock 20

While prices can vary, a typical Glock 20 is worth around $450, but the price range generally falls between $400 on the low end to as high as $550. If it is heavily upgraded, it may be worth even more.

Photo of a Glock 20

Factors That Influence The Value of a Glock 20

The value of a Glock 20 is influenced by a myriad of factors that go beyond its model name. These elements intricately contribute to the firearm's market value, making it essential to explore each aspect in detail.


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The condition of a firearm often speaks volumes about its history and care. In this section, we'll delve into how various levels of wear, from new to poor, can influence the market value of your Glock 20. But remember, not all wear is equal - join us as we explore how the state of your firearm contributes to its overall value.

New or Mint Condition

When we refer to a Glock 20 in new or mint condition, we're talking about a firearm that appears untouched by time. Its surfaces gleam without a hint of wear, and its components operate with the smoothness of a freshly manufactured piece. This is the epitome of firearm preservation, where the gun retains its original luster and functionality. Such a pristine Glock 20 holds a higher value due to its exceptional state—both as a collectible item and a testament to its manufacturing excellence.

Excellent Condition

Firearms in excellent condition have been handled and possibly fired, but their appearances remain remarkable. Any signs of wear are minimal and hardly noticeable. The Glock 20 in excellent condition retains its aesthetic appeal while ensuring its reliability. This makes it an attractive option for buyers who value both the visual allure and the functional performance of their firearms. Despite having seen some use, a Glock 20 in excellent condition retains a significant portion of its original value due to its combination of aesthetics and operational integrity.

Very Good Condition

The Glock 20 in very good condition may display subtle indications of use—perhaps minor wear marks on the slide or grips. These imperfections are limited and don't detract from the firearm's overall appearance. More importantly, the core components function without compromise. A Glock 20 in very good condition provides a balance between a firearm's historical use and its continued reliability. This makes it an appealing option for shooters who want a dependable firearm that still carries a touch of its past experiences.

Good Condition

Firearms in good condition exhibit noticeable wear on both the exterior and internal components. This wear could involve faded finishes, minor scratches, or signs of regular usage. While these cosmetic flaws might lower the Glock 20's visual appeal, its functionality remains solid. A Glock 20 in good condition offers an opportunity to own a reliable firearm at a more accessible price point. This condition caters to those who prioritize performance over aesthetics or those who are comfortable with some cosmetic wear.

Fair Condition

Glock 20 firearms in fair condition showcase more apparent signs of wear, both in appearance and possibly in functionality. These guns might have sustained use and handling that has taken a toll on their aesthetics and possibly affected their performance to a limited extent. While not as visually appealing as models in better conditions, a Glock 20 in fair condition can serve as a practical choice for those seeking a functional firearm at a lower cost. Buyers considering this condition should prioritize utility over appearance.

Poor Condition

Firearms in poor condition have experienced significant wear, cosmetic damage, or potential mechanical issues. These guns might exhibit substantial scratches, fading, or even rust. The performance of a Glock 20 in poor condition could be compromised, making it more suitable for collectors or enthusiasts interested in restoration projects. The value of a Glock 20 in poor condition is significantly lower due to its diminished aesthetic appeal and potential functional challenges.

Picture of a Glock 20


Glock 20 comes in various models, each with its distinct features and characteristics. From the Gen 3 to the specialized models like Glock 20C and Glock 20MOS, we'll uncover what sets each model apart and how it can impact the worth of your Glock 20 in the eyes of potential buyers.

Gen 3

The Glock 20 Gen 3 represents a pivotal evolution in the Glock lineup, introducing notable improvements to both ergonomics and durability. With its ergonomic grip design and finger grooves, it enhances comfort and control during shooting. The addition of an integrated accessory rail offers the convenience of attaching tactical accessories. The Glock 20 Gen 3's impact on market value lies in its reputation as a reliable and battle-tested choice. Its recognizable design, combined with the enhancements it brought to the table, has solidified its appeal among firearm enthusiasts and collectors. This model's enduring popularity has contributed to sustaining its market value over time, making it a sought-after option for those seeking a dependable and iconic Glock firearm.

Gen 4

The Glock 20 Gen 4 builds upon the foundation of its predecessors by introducing modular backstraps, accommodating a wider range of hand sizes and preferences. Its dual recoil spring system enhances durability and reduces felt recoil, allowing for more comfortable and controlled shooting. This model's influence on market value is manifested in its adaptability. Shooters who prioritize a personalized fit and reduced recoil find the Gen 4 appealing, potentially bolstering its value due to its modern features and enhanced shooting experience.

Gen 5

The Glock 20 Gen 5 maintains the brand's legacy of reliability while incorporating key enhancements. The improved trigger, enhanced accuracy, and ambidextrous slide stop lever cater to the demands of precision shooting. The Gen 5's market value is closely tied to its modern upgrades, which resonate with accuracy-focused shooters. Its reputation for dependability, combined with these enhancements, often leads to a higher market value due to its suitability for competitive shooting and self-defense.


The Glock 20C, denoting "compensated," features porting on the barrel and slide. This innovative design reduces muzzle flip and recoil, enabling quicker follow-up shots. Its market value is associated with its specialized nature; shooters who prioritize control and rapid target reacquisition are drawn to the Glock 20C. This demand can lead to an increased market value, given its distinct benefits for those seeking improved shooting dynamics.


The Glock 20SF, or "Short Frame," addresses grip comfort by offering a reduced grip circumference, ideal for shooters with smaller hands. Its influence on market value lies in its specialized design catering to a specific user demographic. While not substantially impacting market value for all buyers, it holds significance for those who seek a more ergonomic grip that enhances shooting control and comfort.

20SF Gen 4

The Glock 20SF Gen 4 combines the advantages of the Short Frame design with the modular features introduced in the fourth generation. Shooters who prefer a more compact grip and appreciate the enhancements of the Gen 4 platform find value in this model. Its influence on market value caters to those who want both ergonomic improvements and modern features, aligning with Glock's continuous innovation.


The Glock 20MOS, denoting "Modular Optic System," is designed to seamlessly integrate reflex sights onto the slide. This model's impact on market value is driven by its compatibility with optics, appealing to shooters seeking enhanced accuracy through sight customization. Its value is augmented by its adaptability for various shooting scenarios, from competition to self-defense, making it an appealing choice for those who prioritize precision shooting.


The Glock 20P, or "Practical," stands as a long-slide variant designed with a focus on hunting and increased velocity. Its extended barrel and slide contribute to enhanced accuracy and power, making it a preferred choice for those targeting game or seeking superior ballistic performance. The market value of the Glock 20P is elevated due to its specialized design catering to hunters and those valuing increased velocity for their shooting applications.

20SF Custom Shop

The Glock 20SF Custom Shop variant embodies Glock's commitment to precision and customization. Crafted with upgraded components and attention to detail, this model offers enhanced performance and aesthetics. Its impact on market value is derived from its exclusive nature—crafted with care to provide discerning buyers with exceptional features and craftsmanship. Collectors and enthusiasts are often drawn to this model due to its uniqueness and elevated performance.


The Glock 20L, indicating "Long," is purpose-built for competitive shooting with its extended slide and barrel. This design enhances accuracy and stability, crucial for precision-oriented shooting disciplines. Its influence on market value is notable among competitive shooters seeking a firearm tailored for accuracy and performance. The Glock 20L's distinct features and suitability for competition contribute to its higher market value in the eyes of precision shooters.

20 Tactical

The Glock 20 Tactical variant, equipped with a threaded barrel and accessory rail, aligns with tactical shooting and customization preferences. Its threaded barrel allows for suppressor attachment, while the rail accommodates various accessories. The Glock 20 Tactical's impact on market value arises from its adaptability and readiness for tactical enhancements. This model's appeal to those who prioritize customization and accessories can lead to an increased market value.


The Glock 20FS, featuring front serrations on the slide, offers improved grip and slide manipulation. This model's influence on market value centers on its enhanced handling, particularly in adverse conditions where secure grip is crucial. While not a drastic contributor to overall market value, shooters who value better control, especially under challenging circumstances, find appeal in the Glock 20FS.

20C Gen 4

The Glock 20C Gen 4 merges the compensated design with the fourth-generation platform, combining reduced recoil with modern features. Its influence on market value stems from its hybrid nature, appealing to shooters who desire both control-enhancing features and reduced recoil. This model's potential to provide a balanced shooting experience contributes to its value among those who seek performance and versatility.


The Glock 20SF RTF2, boasting Rough Texture Frame (RTF2) grips, enhances grip traction for improved control. Its effect on market value is attributed to its grip enhancement, appealing to shooters prioritizing a secure hold in various conditions. While not a significant driver of market value for all buyers, those seeking better grip and control find value in the Glock 20SF RTF2.

20C RTF2

The Glock 20C RTF2 combines the compensated design with Rough Texture Frame (RTF2) grips for enhanced grip and reduced recoil. This model's influence on market value is a fusion of control-enhancing features and recoil mitigation. Shooters interested in both improved grip and reduced muzzle flip find the Glock 20C RTF2 appealing, contributing to its market value among those who prioritize shooting dynamics.


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The finish of your Glock 20 goes beyond aesthetics, with each type of coating or modification telling a story. From the understated standard finish to eye-catching customizations, we'll dissect how the finish contributes to both the visual appeal and potential market value of your Glock 20.

Standard Finish

The standard finish on a Glock 20 is a utilitarian matte or black oxide coating. Designed with practicality in mind, this finish emphasizes function over aesthetics. It provides a layer of protection against corrosion and wear, ensuring the firearm's longevity and reliability. While the standard finish may not stand out visually, its durability and practicality contribute to the Glock 20's reputation as a dependable workhorse. The impact on market value is subtle; while it might not significantly raise the firearm's price, it helps maintain its appeal as a rugged and reliable choice for those valuing function above all else.

Cerakote Finish

The Cerakote finish is a durable ceramic-based coating that offers a wide range of colors and designs, allowing personalization and creativity. Its enhanced resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and corrosion ensures longevity while adding a unique aesthetic element. The Cerakote finish's impact on market value is twofold; it attracts buyers seeking customization and individuality, potentially leading to a higher resale value for customized firearms. Additionally, the added protection against wear and tear can contribute to maintaining the Glock 20's overall condition, influencing its value positively.

Stainless Steel Finish

A stainless steel finish exudes a classic and clean appearance while providing superior resistance to rust and corrosion. The natural stainless steel look adds an element of durability and prestige to the Glock 20. While not highly decorative, its impact on market value is seen in its suitability for humid or wet conditions, making it an attractive choice for those prioritizing resilience in challenging environments.

Two-Tone Finish

A two-tone finish combines different coatings or materials to create a visually striking contrast between the slide and frame. This finish aims at aesthetic appeal and uniqueness, which can increase the firearm's desirability among collectors and enthusiasts looking for a distinct appearance. The impact on market value lies in the allure of customization and uniqueness, potentially leading to higher demand and value among those valuing aesthetics.

Custom Engraved Finish

Custom engraving adds an artistic and personalized touch to the Glock 20. Etching intricate designs, patterns, or text onto the firearm's surface elevates it to a work of art. The impact on market value is significant, particularly among collectors and those valuing individuality. Custom engravings make the Glock 20 a unique and personalized piece, potentially leading to higher demand and increased market value due to its rarity and craftsmanship.

Polymer Frame Finish

While the Glock 20's frame is commonly made from polymer material, the choice of color and texture for the frame contributes to its overall appearance. While not a traditional firearm finish, the polymer frame's impact on market value is seen in its contribution to the Glock 20's aesthetics. Buyers seeking a specific color or texture that suits their preferences might place higher value on the firearm, even though this aspect may not be the primary driver of market value.

Camo Finish

A camo finish employs patterns designed to blend into specific environments, catering to outdoor enthusiasts and hunters. Its influence on market value is tied to functionality; the camo finish aligns with practical shooting scenarios, making the Glock 20 suitable for outdoor activities. While it might not drastically increase market value, it attracts a specific audience and resonates with those who prioritize functionality and adaptation.

Gold or Titanium Nitride Finish

Gold or titanium nitride finishes offer a unique, metallic appearance that stands out. Their impact on market value lies in their distinctive and eye-catching nature. While not adding functional benefits, these finishes cater to collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate unconventional aesthetics. Their rarity and visual appeal can lead to higher market value among those seeking firearms that make a statement.

Picture of a Glock 20

Included Accessories

Not all accessories are created equal in the world of firearm valuation. In this section, we'll uncover how elements like the original box, manuals, extra magazines, and more can enhance the overall package of your Glock 20. Join us as we explore which accessories truly make a difference when it comes to determining its market value.

Original Box

The presence of the original box for a Glock 20 can contribute to its market value by enhancing the overall package for potential buyers. While the box itself may not dramatically raise the value, it does indicate that the firearm has been well-preserved and cared for by its owner. Collectors and enthusiasts often value firearms with their original packaging as it provides a sense of authenticity and completeness to the purchase. While not every buyer may prioritize this aspect, having the original box can positively influence the perception of the Glock 20's condition and history, potentially leading to a higher market value for those who place importance on preservation and authenticity.


The inclusion of the original owner's manuals and documentation with a Glock 20 can contribute to its market value by offering valuable information to the new owner. While not significantly impacting the firearm's price, having the manuals enhances the buyer's understanding of the firearm's features, maintenance procedures, and safety guidelines. This comprehensive information adds practical value and convenience for users, particularly those new to Glock firearms.

Extra Magazines

The presence of extra magazines can impact the market value of a Glock 20 in a favorable way. Additional magazines are practical accessories that enhance the firearm's usability by allowing for more rounds to be carried and quicker reloads. This feature can make the firearm more attractive to potential buyers who appreciate convenience and functionality. While it might not dramatically increase the firearm's price, having extra magazines can contribute positively to the Glock 20's overall package.

Original Accessories

Original accessories that were included with the Glock 20 at the time of purchase, such as grip extensions, cleaning tools, or specialized sights, can have a modest impact on market value. These accessories are designed to enhance the user experience or offer specific functionality. Their inclusion can make the Glock 20 more appealing to potential buyers who value added features, potentially leading to a slightly higher market value due to the enhanced package.


Additional documentation beyond the owner's manuals, such as original purchase receipts or certificates, can provide provenance and history to a Glock 20. While not a major driver of market value, these documents can add a layer of authenticity and transparency to the transaction. They contribute to the firearm's story and can be of interest to collectors or those who appreciate the firearm's background.


Personalization can add a unique touch to your Glock 20, but not all customizations are equal in their impact. From aftermarket sights to trigger upgrades and beyond, we'll break down how these modifications can sway the market value of your Glock 20, shedding light on the choices that truly enhance its worth.

Aftermarket Sights

Aftermarket sights, such as night sights or fiber optic sights, can influence the market value of a customized Glock 20. High-quality sights from reputable manufacturers can enhance accuracy and target acquisition, making the firearm more appealing to potential buyers seeking improved performance. Conversely, low-quality or incompatible sights might not significantly raise the firearm's value and could potentially even decrease it if they hinder accuracy or functionality.

Grip Enhancements

Customized grip enhancements, like stippling or grip tape, can influence the market value of a Glock 20. A well-executed grip modification can improve handling and control, potentially attracting buyers seeking better ergonomics. However, poor-quality grip enhancements might negatively impact the firearm's value if they result in discomfort or reduced functionality.

Trigger Upgrades

Aftermarket trigger upgrades can impact the market value of a customized Glock 20. A smooth and consistent trigger can enhance accuracy and shooting experience. High-quality trigger modifications, often accompanied by reduced trigger pull weight and crisp breaks, can appeal to shooters seeking improved performance. Conversely, poorly executed trigger upgrades that affect reliability or safety might not contribute positively to the firearm's value.

Slide Milling and Porting

Custom slide milling and porting can impact the market value of a Glock 20. These modifications can reduce slide weight, muzzle flip, and recoil, enhancing the shooting experience. Professionally executed milling and porting by trusted gunsmiths can attract buyers looking for improved performance and aesthetics. However, poorly executed modifications that compromise functionality or structural integrity can have a negative impact on market value.

Finish Customization

Customized finishes, such as cerakote or hydro-dipping, can influence the market value of a Glock 20. A well-applied finish can add uniqueness and personalization to the firearm, potentially attracting buyers who appreciate aesthetics. However, a poorly executed finish that deteriorates quickly or negatively affects the firearm's appearance might not add value and could even diminish it.

Magwell Enhancements

Aftermarket magwell enhancements can impact the market value of a customized Glock 20. A well-designed magwell can facilitate faster magazine changes, making the firearm more attractive to competitive shooters or those who prioritize quick reloads. However, an improperly designed or incompatible magwell might not add significant value and could potentially hinder functionality.

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Introduced in 1991, the Glock 20, conceived by Gaston Glock, answered the call for a robust and reliable 10mm Auto pistol, accommodating both law enforcement demands and the outdoor enthusiasts' need for stopping power. Notably contributing to the development of the 10mm Auto cartridge, the Glock 20 emerged as a versatile choice for hunters, law enforcement, and those valuing performance. Its historical significance as a pioneering 10mm pistol and its association with the potent cartridge underpin its enduring appeal. This legacy, combined with its reliability, positions the Glock 20 as a sought-after firearm, impacting its market value as a testament to its innovative design and role in firearms history.


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Did you know that the Glock 20, a semi-automatic pistol designed by Gaston Glock in the early 1990s, was originally created with the specific intent of meeting the needs of hunters and outdoors enthusiasts? Chambered in the powerful 10mm Auto cartridge, it was designed to offer superior stopping power against large game in the wild, making it a versatile choice for those who ventured into bear country or faced other potentially dangerous wildlife encounters. The Glock 20's ability to handle the potent 10mm ammunition, originally developed for the FBI, combined with its high magazine capacity and legendary reliability, solidified its place as a favorite among those who needed a robust and dependable sidearm while exploring the great outdoors, proving that Glock's innovative design philosophy extends beyond the realm of law enforcement and self-defense.

General Questions & Answers

What is the Glock 20 good for?

The Glock 20 is versatile, excelling as both a hunting sidearm and a self-defense weapon.

Is the Glock 20 suitable for concealed carry?

The Glock 20 can be carried concealed, but its larger frame may require specific holsters and clothing choices for comfort.

Is it acceptable to dry fire a Glock?

Yes, dry firing a Glock is generally safe, as it has a firing pin safety built-in to protect the pistol.

How many rounds can a Glock 20 hold?

The Glock 20 typically holds 15 rounds in its standard magazine, but extended magazines can increase capacity.

Is the 10mm caliber more potent than the .45 ACP?

The 10mm cartridge generally delivers more energy than the .45 ACP, making it a more potent round.

Is the Glock 20 challenging to shoot?

The Glock 20's recoil can be manageable with practice, but it may be considered stout for some shooters due to the powerful 10mm cartridge.

Which generation of the Glock 20 is considered the best?

The best generation of Glock 20 is subjective, as it depends on individual preferences and needs.

Which Glock model is best suited for everyday carry?

For everyday carry, many prefer the Glock 19 due to its balance of size, capacity, and versatility.

Why is the Glock favored by so many?

Glock's popularity is due to its reliability, simplicity, and wide availability of accessories.

How challenging is it to handle the 10mm caliber?

Mastering the 10mm's recoil can be challenging, requiring practice and proper technique.

What is the lethality of the 10mm cartridge?

The 10mm is considered a potent and lethal cartridge, suitable for both self-defense and hunting.

How significant is the recoil of the 10mm round?

The 10mm's recoil can be sharp, especially in lightweight pistols, but it's manageable with proper training and grip techniques.



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