How Much is a Glock 29 Currently Worth?

Picture of a Glock 29

Navigating the intricate world of firearms, it's crucial to know the real worth of your possessions. This article dives into the specificities of the Glock 29, a compact powerhouse in the world of handguns, to provide you with a detailed breakdown of its value. Let's strip it down to its nuts and bolts, shall we?

Picture of a Glock 29
How Much is a Glock 29 Currently Worth?
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Frank Holder
Published On:
August 1, 2023
Updated On:
May 31, 2023
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Current Market Value of a Glock 29

While prices can vary, a typical Glock 29 is worth around $400, but the price range generally falls between $350 on the low end to as high as $435. If it is heavily upgraded, it may be worth even more.

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Factors That Influence The Value of a Glock 29

Numerous factors come into play when determining the value of a Glock 29. From the firearm's condition to its unique features and accessories, each element contributes to its overall market worth. Understanding these factors is crucial for both Glock 29 owners looking to sell or trade their pistols and prospective buyers aiming to make informed decisions.


The condition of a Glock 29 plays a crucial role in determining its market value. Glock 29s are found in various conditions, each with its own influence on the firearm's worth. From new or mint condition models, highly prized by collectors and those seeking an as-new firearm, to those in poor condition, often considered restoration projects, the spectrum is broad. When selling or trading your Glock 29, accurately describing its condition is essential, as potential buyers will consider this information in their decision-making process. Regular maintenance can also help preserve your Glock 29's condition and ensure its long-term value.

New or Mint Condition

A Glock 29 in new or mint condition is the holy grail for collectors and firearm enthusiasts alike. These guns are essentially brand new, never having been fired or carried. They retain their original finish, with no signs of wear or scratches. The bore is pristine, and all the components function flawlessly. In this condition, a Glock 29 can command a premium price, often reaching the highest market value. Collectors are willing to pay top dollar for a firearm that has been preserved in such impeccable condition.

Excellent Condition

Glock 29s in excellent condition are well-maintained firearms that have seen minimal use. While they may have been fired a few times, they show no significant signs of wear. The finish remains in great shape, and the bore is clean. These guns still function perfectly, and their overall appearance is near-new. Firearms in excellent condition are highly desirable and can fetch a substantial market value, although slightly less than those in mint condition.

Very Good Condition

Glock 29s in very good condition have been used but have been cared for meticulously. They might show some minor wear marks, primarily from holstering and handling, but these marks are not extensive. The finish remains mostly intact, and the bore is still in good shape. Functionally, they perform excellently, and any wear is primarily cosmetic. Guns in very good condition are still attractive to buyers and can be sold at a reasonable price, though less than those in excellent condition.

Good Condition

Firearms in good condition have been used more frequently and show noticeable signs of wear. You may observe finish wear, holster marks, or minor scratches. Despite these cosmetic imperfections, Glock 29s in good condition still function reliably. While they may not be as visually appealing as those in better condition, they are functional and can be sold at a lower market value compared to guns in excellent or very good condition.

Fair Condition

A Glock 29 in fair condition has been used extensively and may exhibit significant wear. Finish wear is more pronounced, and there may be noticeable scratches and blemishes. While still functional, these guns show clear signs of heavy use. Buyers interested in fair condition firearms are often looking for a reliable firearm at a budget-friendly price. Market value for Glock 29s in fair condition is notably lower compared to those in better conditions.

Poor Condition

Firearms in poor condition have seen extensive use and potentially neglect. These guns may have severe wear, rust, or other issues that affect their appearance and functionality. Buyers typically seek out firearms in poor condition for restoration projects or spare parts. The market value for Glock 29s in poor condition is considerably low, reflecting the need for significant repairs or restoration.


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Generation/Year of Production

The Glock 29, a compact powerhouse in the world of firearms, has evolved over the years, showcasing its adaptability and resilience. With each generation, it has brought forth refinements, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of its users. The Glock 29's journey through the years is a testament to its commitment to excellence and its ability to stay relevant in a dynamic market. Understanding its generational nuances can provide valuable insights into its evolution and market appeal.


The First Generation of the Glock 29, produced from 1997 to 1998, represents the inception of this compact powerhouse. These early models featured a non-rail frame design, making them distinct from later generations. Gen1 Glock 29s have a certain collector's appeal due to their historical significance as the original design. However, their limited capacity of 10 rounds and lack of accessory rails may make them less practical for modern users. The impact on market value varies; collectors seeking a piece of Glock's history are willing to pay a premium for a well-preserved Gen1 Glock 29, while those looking for a functional concealed carry option may prefer later generations.


The Second Generation Glock 29, manufactured from 1998 to 2009, brought about several important enhancements. Notably, checkering on the front and backstraps improved grip, making it easier to handle in various conditions. While Gen2 models lack the accessory rail found on later generations, they offer a balanced blend of reliability and user-friendliness. Market value for Gen2 Glock 29s can be competitive, as they are appreciated for their improved ergonomics and reliability, making them suitable for both collectors and shooters.


Gen3 Glock 29s were produced from 2009 to 2010 and introduced a significant change: the universal accessory rail. This rail allowed users to attach lights, lasers, and other accessories, enhancing the gun's versatility. Gen3 models continued to build on Glock's reputation for reliability and durability. The addition of the accessory rail increased their appeal, especially for those looking to customize their firearm. Consequently, Gen3 Glock 29s often command slightly higher market values than Gen2 models due to their expanded functionality and adaptability to modern accessories.


Since 2010, Glock has been producing the Glock 29 in its Fourth Generation, or Gen4, format. Gen4 models are notable for introducing a modular backstrap system, enabling users to adjust grip size to better fit their hands. This innovation improved ergonomics and recoil management, enhancing overall shooting comfort and accuracy. Gen4 Glock 29s typically have competitive market values due to their ergonomic improvements, making them popular choices among shooters who prioritize customization and comfort.

Picture of a glock-29

Model Variant

The Glock 29 comes in two primary variants: the standard Glock 29 and the Glock 29SF (Short Frame). These variants offer distinct features and ergonomics, providing options for shooters with different preferences. The standard Glock 29 retains the original Glock design, striking a balance between compactness and firepower. On the other hand, the Glock 29SF prioritizes ergonomics with a reduced grip circumference, enhancing comfort and control. Both variants deliver the reliable performance and stopping power that Glock is renowned for, making them dependable choices for various shooting applications.


The standard Glock 29 is a compact and powerful 10mm pistol celebrated for its unwavering reliability and versatility. It boasts a full-size grip frame designed to accommodate Glock's 10-round double-stack magazines, capable of handling potent 10mm ammunition. Glock's renowned build quality and engineering ensure consistent performance, even with the robust 10mm rounds. This model's balanced design, comfortable grip, and an accessory rail for lights and lasers make it an excellent choice for both personal defense and outdoor activities like hunting. Its broad appeal across various shooting disciplines and its reputation for reliability contribute to its competitive market value. The Glock 29 remains a popular and respected option among those seeking a combination of compactness and firepower.

Glock 29SF

The Glock 29SF, where "SF" stands for "Short Frame," is a specialized variant of the standard Glock 29. This model features a reduced grip frame, designed to enhance ergonomics and accommodate shooters with smaller hands. Glock developed the Glock 29SF to cater to those who sought a compact, yet powerful, concealed carry option. The shortened grip frame ensures a comfortable and secure grip, making it especially appealing to individuals who find the standard Glock 29 grip slightly oversized. Importantly, the Glock 29SF retains all the capabilities and features of the standard Glock 29, including its 10mm caliber and reliable performance. In the market, the Glock 29SF commands attention from those who prioritize concealment and shootability. Shooters with smaller hands or a preference for a more compact grip frame may be willing to pay a premium for this specialized variant, positively impacting its market value.


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The finish of a Glock 29 is not merely a matter of aesthetics; it can significantly impact both its appearance and durability. Glock offers various finishes for their pistols, each serving specific purposes and affecting the market value differently. Understanding these finishes can provide valuable insights for Glock 29 owners and potential buyers.


The Tenifer finish is Glock's signature and most common finish, known for its exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. This matte black finish not only provides a tactical appearance but also ensures the longevity and protection of the firearm's components. While it doesn't directly affect functionality, its reputation for durability and reliability enhances the market value of Glock 29s with this finish.

Gas Nitride

Similar to Tenifer, the gas nitride finish offers excellent corrosion and wear resistance. It boasts a matte black appearance and excels in enduring harsh conditions. Functionally, it matches Tenifer in preserving the firearm's longevity, making it highly valued in terms of market appeal and resale value.


Cerakote is a popular aftermarket finish known for its outstanding corrosion resistance and a wide spectrum of color options. Glock 29 owners often opt for custom Cerakote finishes to add a personalized touch to their firearms. The market value impact of Cerakote varies based on the uniqueness and quality of the application. When professionally executed with a unique or tasteful color scheme, Cerakote customization can enhance the pistol's appeal and potentially elevate its market value. However, it's important to note that poorly applied or overly flashy Cerakote jobs may have the opposite effect.


Glock has employed the Flat Dark Earth finish, presenting a distinctive tan-colored appearance. The impact of FDE on market value primarily depends on the level of collector interest. While it may not significantly alter the firearm's performance, the FDE finish offers a unique aesthetic option for Glock 29 enthusiasts seeking to deviate from the standard black finishes. Collectors with an affinity for limited-run models may place a premium on Glock 29s with this finish.


Certain Glock 29 models showcase a striking two-tone finish, marrying a silver slide with a black frame. This eye-catching design can captivate both collectors and individuals searching for a unique visual appeal in their firearm. The two-tone finish has the potential to enhance the pistol's market value by making it stand out from conventional models. It appeals to those who appreciate a departure from the typical all-black look and may be willing to pay more for this distinctive variation.

Nickel Boron

Nickel Boron is a robust and corrosion-resistant finish with a distinctive silver appearance. Glock has utilized this finish for select limited edition models, and it is renowned for both its durability and collector appeal. Glock 29 pistols featuring the Nickel Boron finish often command higher market values due to the unique appearance and the finish's enhanced resistance to wear and corrosion. Collectors, in particular, find these models highly desirable, which contributes to their increased worth in the market.

Picture of a Glock 29 that hit targets on a shooting range.

Included Accessories

When assessing the value of a Glock 29, it's essential to consider the included accessories that accompany the firearm. Glock provides a range of accessories designed to enhance the functionality and usability of their pistols. These accessories can influence the overall value of your Glock 29 and cater to specific user needs. Understanding what's included and its significance can be crucial when evaluating the worth of your firearm.

Original Box

Glock 29 handguns are packaged in their original factory boxes, which are often labeled with the Glock logo and model information. While not an accessory, the original box can be important for collectors, as it preserves the firearm's history and authenticity. Collectors often place a premium on firearms that include the original packaging, which can positively impact market value, particularly among collectors and enthusiasts.


Glock 29 handguns typically include one or more magazines, with each magazine having a 10-round capacity for the 10mm Auto caliber. These magazines are an essential component of the firearm, as they hold and feed the ammunition required for firing. The inclusion of multiple magazines can be particularly advantageous for users who wish to have spare rounds readily available during shooting sessions. While the presence of magazines does not significantly impact market value, having extra magazines included in the package can enhance the overall value proposition, especially for those who appreciate the convenience of having multiple loaded magazines on hand.

Magazine Loader

Some Glock 29 packages include a magazine loader, a small but highly practical accessory. This tool assists users in loading rounds into the magazines more easily, reducing the physical strain on their fingers. Magazine loaders are particularly appreciated during high-volume shooting sessions or when loading magazines with powerful 10mm ammunition, which can be challenging by hand. Although not a major factor in determining market value, the inclusion of a magazine loader can be seen as a thoughtful addition that enhances the user experience.

Cleaning Rod and Brush

Included with the Glock 29 is a cleaning rod and brush, essential tools for firearm maintenance. These accessories facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of the handgun, ensuring that it functions reliably over time. The cleaning rod allows users to clean the bore, while the brush assists in removing fouling and debris from various parts of the firearm. Proper maintenance is critical for firearm longevity and performance, and Glock's inclusion of these tools underscores their commitment to firearm care. While not directly impacting market value, their presence signifies a manufacturer's dedication to the long-term functionality of the firearm.

Cable Lock

The Glock 29 often comes with a cable lock, serving as an important safety accessory. This lock is designed to secure the firearm and prevent unauthorized access. Users can thread the cable lock through the action, effectively disabling the firearm. While the cable lock is primarily a safety feature, its inclusion can indirectly impact the market value by enhancing the firearm's appeal to safety-conscious buyers and ensuring compliance with legal requirements in some regions.

Owner's Manual and Documentation

Every Glock 29 package includes an owner's manual, providing critical information about the firearm. This manual contains safety instructions, disassembly and cleaning procedures, and maintenance guidelines. Additionally, other documentation related to the firearm, such as warranty information and product registration instructions, may be included. These documents are invaluable resources for users, ensuring safe and responsible firearm ownership. While not a direct factor in market value, they contribute to the overall user experience and demonstrate Glock's commitment to customer support and education.

Glock Patch or Decal

On occasion, Glock may include a patch or decal featuring the Glock logo or branding as a promotional item. These items are not directly related to the firearm's functionality but serve as collectible or promotional items for enthusiasts. While they don't significantly affect the firearm's market value, they can be appreciated by Glock enthusiasts and collectors as a display of brand loyalty.

Spare Backstraps

Depending on the specific Glock 29 model or package, spare backstraps of different sizes may be included. These backstraps allow users to customize the grip size to better fit their hands. The inclusion of spare backstraps highlights Glock's commitment to user comfort and ergonomics. While not a primary driver of market value, it can make the firearm more appealing to individuals seeking a personalized fit, potentially positively impacting resale value.

Sight Adjustment Tools

If the Glock 29 model includes adjustable sights, it may come with sight adjustment tools. These tools enable users to modify the sights for windage and elevation, ensuring accuracy. While not all Glock 29 models have adjustable sights, the presence of these tools can be a practical addition for those who prioritize precise aiming. They may slightly enhance market value by contributing to the firearm's versatility and accuracy.


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Customizing your Glock 29 can be an exciting way to personalize your firearm to meet your specific needs and preferences. However, it's essential to understand how customization can influence the market value of your pistol. While some modifications can increase its worth by enhancing performance or aesthetics, others may have a less favorable impact. Exploring the world of customization for the Glock 29 and its potential effects on market value is essential for owners looking to make personalized enhancements.

Night Sights

Night sights with tritium inserts enhance low-light accuracy and target acquisition, potentially increasing market value for those valuing low-light shooting. However, it's important to ensure that these sights are properly installed and of high quality, as poorly executed installations or low-quality sights can hinder both performance and market value.

Extended Slide Stop Lever

An extended slide stop lever simplifies slide manipulation, offering convenience without significantly affecting market value. Still, the quality of the lever matters; a well-made upgrade improves performance without drawbacks, while a subpar or ill-fitted lever can hinder both usability and market value.

Extended Magazine Release

The extended magazine release is designed to expedite magazine changes, enhancing usability. A properly executed upgrade can make the Glock 29 more appealing without significantly affecting market value. However, a low-quality or poorly fitted release can negatively impact both performance and market value.

Trigger Upgrade

Aftermarket trigger kits can greatly impact performance by improving trigger control and accuracy. A high-quality upgrade can positively affect market value, but a poorly executed or unreliable trigger modification can have the opposite effect, diminishing both performance and market value.

Barrel Upgrade

Custom barrels designed to improve accuracy can significantly enhance performance, making the firearm more attractive to accuracy-oriented buyers. However, the quality of the barrel is paramount; a well-fitted and high-quality barrel enhances both performance and market value, while a substandard or incorrectly fitted barrel can hinder both.

Custom Grips and Backstraps

Custom grips and backstraps provide tailored ergonomics for improved comfort and control. High-quality customizations can enhance usability and potentially increase market value, but it's essential to prioritize craftsmanship. Poorly crafted grips may not provide the expected benefits and can negatively impact both performance and value.

Frame Stippling

Frame stippling enhances grip texture and control, especially in adverse conditions. A well-executed stippling job can improve performance and make the Glock 29 more appealing, while poorly executed stippling can lead to discomfort and a decrease in both performance and market value.

Magazine Well Flare

A magazine well flare improves reload speed and reliability, particularly for competitive shooters. A properly installed flare can enhance performance without significantly affecting market value. However, an inadequately executed modification can hinder usability and potentially decrease value.

Recoil Spring Assembly

Upgrading the recoil spring assembly can enhance control with hotter 10mm loads, which is attractive to certain buyers. A reliable upgrade can positively influence both performance and market value, while a subpar modification can result in reliability issues, negatively affecting both.

History of the Glock 29

The Glock 29, chambered in the powerful 10mm Auto caliber, is a notable addition to Glock's extensive lineup of semi-automatic pistols. Its history is intertwined with the development of both the 10mm cartridge and the Glock brand itself.

The origins of the Glock 29 can be traced back to the early 1980s when the FBI was in search of a new service cartridge. This quest ultimately led to the creation of the 10mm Auto round, a powerful and potent cartridge designed to offer superior ballistics and stopping power compared to existing options. Recognizing the potential of the 10mm, Gaston Glock and his team set out to design a pistol that could harness its capabilities.

In 1990, Glock introduced the Glock 29, marking the company's foray into the world of 10mm pistols. This compact powerhouse was built on Glock's renowned polymer-framed platform, combining lightweight construction with durability. With its 10-round magazine, the Glock 29 offered an impressive firepower package in a relatively small package.

The Glock 29 was embraced by those seeking a concealed carry firearm with substantial firepower. Its versatility and reliability made it a favorite among outdoors enthusiasts, as it could be used for self-defense against both human and wildlife threats. The 10mm cartridge's flatter trajectory and significant energy made it an attractive option for those who ventured into the backcountry.

Over the years, the Glock 29 underwent various updates and improvements, maintaining Glock's commitment to innovation and quality. It became available in different generations, each incorporating refinements to enhance its performance and user experience. The Glock 29SF (Short Frame) variant was introduced to cater to shooters with smaller hands, offering improved ergonomics.

The Glock 29 has become a popular choice for those who appreciate customization. Its robust design allows for a wide range of aftermarket accessories and modifications, further enhancing its appeal to firearm enthusiasts.

Throughout its history, the Glock 29 has solidified its reputation as a reliable and powerful compact pistol, perfectly suited for concealed carry, outdoor adventures, and self-defense. Its enduring popularity is a testament to Glock's commitment to innovation and its ability to meet the diverse needs of firearm owners. Today, the Glock 29 continues to be a trusted companion for those who value both power and practicality in their sidearm.


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The Glock 29 is the smallest pistol in Glock's impressive lineup that packs a serious punch with its chambering in the powerful 10mm Auto cartridge. This subcompact powerhouse is a popular choice for concealed carry enthusiasts who seek a compact firearm without compromising on stopping power. Despite its diminutive size, the Glock 29 remains a reliable and formidable option for self-defense and other applications, making it a unique and highly versatile handgun in the world of firearms.

General Questions & Answers

What calibers can a Glock 29 shoot?

The Glock 29 is designed to shoot 10mm Auto caliber ammunition.

What is a Glock 29 good for?

The Glock 29 is primarily designed for self-defense due to its compact size and significant stopping power from the 10mm Auto caliber. It can also be used for hunting small to medium game and sports shooting.

Is a Glock 29 powerful?

Yes, the Glock 29 is powerful. It fires 10mm Auto ammunition, which is known for its high energy and stopping power.

Is a Glock 29 compact or subcompact?

The Glock 29 is classified as a subcompact handgun.

Is the Glock 29 still in production or is it discontinued?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the Glock 29 was still in production. For the most accurate and current information, please visit the Glock company's official website or contact them directly.

What's the difference between a Glock 20 and a Glock 29?

Both the Glock 20 and Glock 29 are chambered in 10mm Auto. The key difference is their size: the Glock 20 is a full-size pistol, while the Glock 29 is a subcompact pistol, making it smaller and more suitable for concealed carry.

How accurate is Glock 29?

While specific accuracy can depend on the shooter's skill, the Glock 29 is designed for high accuracy. It has a reputation for being reliable and consistent in the hands of trained users.

How many rounds does a Glock 29 hold?

The standard magazine of the Glock 29 holds 10 rounds of 10mm Auto ammunition, but higher capacity magazines are available.



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