How Much is a Kimber Custom II 1911 Currently Worth?

Kimber Custom II 1911 illustration

A Kimber Custom II 1911 is more than just a firearm—it's an embodiment of historical design merged with modern innovations. As part of Kimber's 1911 range, the Custom II series represents a commitment to quality and craftsmanship that brings new life to a classic American design.

Kimber Custom II 1911 illustration
Published On:
July 25, 2023
Updated On:
January 30, 2024
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Current Market Value of a Kimber Custom II 1911

While prices can vary, a typical Kimber Custom II 1911 is worth around $725, but the price range generally falls between $600 on the low end to as high as $775.

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Factors That Influence The Value of a Kimber Custom II 1911

The value of a firearm like the Kimber Custom II 1911 is determined by a multitude of factors, ranging from its condition to its unique features and historical significance. Let's explore these elements that contribute to the overall market worth of this iconic handgun.

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New or Mint Condition

Representing the epitome of pristine state, a Kimber Custom II 1911 in new or mint condition showcases an untouched allure. Absolutely free from wear or blemishes, it arrives with its original components and accessories. Such a condition commands a premium value, as collectors and enthusiasts covet firearms that have retained their immaculate character.

Excellent Condition

A Kimber Custom II 1911 in excellent condition denotes a firearm that has been impeccably cared for, exhibiting minimal wear. Any imperfections are modest and purely cosmetic, leaving its functionality and visual appeal intact. This condition ensures a robust market value, reflecting its enduring state of excellence.

Very Good Condition

Firearms in very good condition bear subtle traces of use, manifested through minor scuffs or superficial scratches. Their functionality remains unwavering, and they retain an appearance well above the ordinary. Although not flawless like those in excellent or new condition, firearms in very good condition uphold a commendable market value.

Good Condition

A Kimber Custom II 1911 in good condition wears its history more visibly, with moderate wear that does not compromise its reliability. While noticeable cosmetic imperfections might exist, its operational capabilities remain solid. Firearms in good condition carry a value that resonates with their functionality, providing an entry point for those seeking reliability.

Fair Condition

Firearms in fair condition bear pronounced signs of wear, both externally and internally. Despite cosmetic deficiencies and evidence of usage, they can still perform. The value of a Kimber Custom II 1911 in fair condition is notably diminished, appealing to those prioritizing functionality over aesthetic perfection.

Poor Condition

Firearms in poor condition exhibit significant wear and potentially functional issues. These firearms may carry indications of neglect or heavy usage, impacting both their appearance and operational consistency. The market value of a Kimber Custom II 1911 in poor condition experiences a substantial reduction, often attracting budget-conscious buyers or those interested in restoration projects.


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The Kimber Custom II 1911 is a flagship offering from Kimber, known for its exceptional craftsmanship, accuracy, and timeless design. Rooted in the classic 1911 platform, this model combines modern manufacturing techniques with the enduring appeal of John Browning's iconic design. Let's explore the Kimber Custom II 1911's distinctive attributes and how they impact its value:

Design Heritage

The Kimber Custom II 1911 pays homage to the iconic design heritage of the original M1911 pistol, which was developed by John Browning and adopted by the United States military over a century ago. The Kimber Custom II is a modern interpretation of this timeless classic, combining the 1911's distinctive aesthetics with contemporary manufacturing techniques and materials. Retaining the renowned single-stack frame, manual thumb safety, and crisp single-action trigger, the Custom II showcases the enduring appeal of the 1911 design. Its blend of nostalgic charm and modern functionality appeals to both traditionalists and those seeking a reliable self-defense or sport shooting firearm. This faithful continuation of the M1911's design lineage contributes to the Custom II's prestige and market desirability, as collectors and enthusiasts value its connection to a rich history of firearms innovation.

Precision Craftsmanship

At the heart of the Kimber Custom II 1911 lies a dedication to precision craftsmanship. Every facet of its construction exemplifies meticulous attention to detail. From the hand-fitted components to the tight tolerances maintained during assembly, the Custom II showcases the artistry and skill of Kimber's gunsmiths. Each slide-to-frame fit, barrel bushing alignment, and trigger adjustment is executed with care, resulting in a firearm that not only exudes refinement but also contributes to enhanced accuracy and reliability. This level of precision craftsmanship ensures that the Custom II delivers consistent performance, shot after shot. The commitment to excellence extends to the choice of materials, with high-quality steel and finishes that not only enhance durability but also add to the gun's aesthetic appeal. This emphasis on precision craftsmanship not only sets the Custom II apart from mass-produced firearms but also underlines its value proposition in the market, appealing to those who appreciate the harmonious marriage of form and function achieved through skilled workmanship.


The Kimber Custom II 1911 stands as a testament to the pursuit of exceptional accuracy in a handgun. Its design, construction, and components synergistically contribute to a firearm that consistently delivers impressive shot placement. The Custom II's match-grade barrel, hand-fit slide, and precise trigger work in unison to minimize mechanical inconsistencies that could impact accuracy. The inherent stability of the 1911 platform, coupled with the craftsmanship and engineering finesse behind the Custom II, results in a handgun that can achieve remarkable groupings. Whether engaging targets on the range or for personal defense, the Custom II's inherent accuracy instills confidence in shooters of all levels. This aspect not only adds to its allure in the market but also positions it as a versatile tool that can excel in competitive shooting, recreational plinking, and self-defense scenarios. The pursuit of accuracy has been central to the Custom II's design philosophy, making it a favored choice among those who prioritize precision and consistency in their shooting experiences.

Quality Materials

The Kimber Custom II 1911 is built upon a foundation of high-quality materials, reflecting the brand's commitment to durability and performance. From the frame to the smallest internal components, each part is selected and crafted with precision. The use of premium steel alloys ensures the structural integrity and longevity of the firearm, even under the rigors of frequent use. The slide's durable finish enhances resistance to wear and corrosion while maintaining an attractive appearance. Additionally, the Custom II's grips, often crafted from quality wood or synthetic materials, not only contribute to its aesthetic appeal but also provide ergonomic comfort and control during shooting. The reliance on top-notch materials serves to enhance the overall reliability and longevity of the firearm, making it a trusted companion for years to come. This emphasis on quality materials not only aligns with Kimber's reputation for excellence but also substantiates the Custom II's position as a premium offering in the market, where discerning enthusiasts and shooters seek firearms that are built to withstand the test of time and use.

Customization Options

The Kimber Custom II 1911 offers a realm of exciting customization options, allowing owners to tailor the firearm to their personal preferences and shooting style. Its design lends itself to a wide array of modifications, making it a popular choice among firearm enthusiasts who enjoy personalizing their weapons. Whether it's swapping out grips, sights, or trigger components, the Custom II's compatibility with aftermarket parts opens up a world of creative possibilities. This adaptability extends from enhancing ergonomics and aesthetics to fine-tuning performance aspects such as trigger pull and sight alignment. The 1911 platform's enduring popularity ensures a rich ecosystem of accessories and upgrades, providing ample opportunities for shooters to create a truly unique firearm that suits their needs. This customization potential not only adds intrinsic value to the Custom II but also reflects the modern shooter's desire to make their firearm an extension of their individuality and preferences, ultimately cementing its status as a versatile and personalized tool.


The Kimber Custom II 1911 is synonymous with dependability, a trait that lies at the core of its design and engineering. Built on a foundation of robust materials and meticulous craftsmanship, this firearm is engineered to consistently function flawlessly. The 1911's proven operating system, combined with Kimber's commitment to precision, ensures reliable cycling and ejection of rounds. The manual thumb safety and grip safety mechanisms add an extra layer of security, contributing to the overall trustworthiness of the firearm. This dependability is not confined to ideal conditions; the Custom II's design accounts for a range of environmental factors, making it a reliable partner in various shooting scenarios. Whether used for self-defense, competition, or recreational shooting, the Custom II's reputation for dependable performance instills confidence in its users. This steadfast reliability not only bolsters its market appeal but also underscores its value as a firearm that can be relied upon when it matters most, cementing its place as a sought-after choice among discerning shooters.

Market Value

The Kimber Custom II 1911 typically holds its market value well due to its reputable performance, craftsmanship, and brand recognition. Firearms in excellent or new condition often command a premium, while those in very good or good condition maintain respectable values.

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The finish of a firearm not only enhances its appearance but also plays a role in its overall market value. Kimber Custom II 1911 models come in a variety of finishes, each with its own unique characteristics and implications for the firearm's appeal and worth.

Stainless Steel

The Stainless Steel finish of the Kimber Custom II 1911 embodies both aesthetics and functionality. This finish not only imparts a sleek and sophisticated appearance but also offers practical benefits. Stainless steel is renowned for its resistance to corrosion and wear, making it an ideal choice for a firearm's exterior. The stainless steel frame and slide of the Custom II not only contribute to the gun's durability but also ensure that it can withstand the challenges of various environments without compromising its appearance. The finish's inherent ability to ward off rust and maintain its luster adds to the firearm's long-lasting appeal, making it a favored choice among those who value both form and function. The Stainless Steel finish of the Kimber Custom II underscores the brand's commitment to producing firearms that are built to endure, while also elevating its market desirability among shooters who seek a combination of elegance and resilience in their firearm choices.


The Two-Tone finish of the Kimber Custom II 1911 presents a visually striking and distinctive option for firearm enthusiasts. Combining the allure of contrasting colors, typically a matte or brushed stainless steel slide with a darker frame, the Two-Tone finish adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the Custom II's design. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this finish offers practical advantages as well. The stainless steel slide, known for its corrosion resistance and durability, pairs seamlessly with the frame's durable materials, ensuring both an eye-catching appearance and long-lasting performance. The Two-Tone finish serves as more than just a stylistic choice; it reflects the balance between form and function that Kimber strives for in their firearms. This finish not only allows the Custom II to stand out in the market but also resonates with shooters who appreciate a harmonious blend of aesthetics and utility, making it a sought-after choice for those who desire a firearm that is as dependable as it is visually captivating.


The Blued finish of the Kimber Custom II 1911 pays homage to classic firearm aesthetics while retaining its practical charm. This traditional finish is achieved through a controlled oxidation process that not only imparts a deep, rich color to the metal but also provides a layer of protection against corrosion. The Blued finish not only enhances the firearm's visual appeal with its deep, lustrous appearance but also contributes to its historical and nostalgic significance. While not as corrosion-resistant as stainless steel, the Blued finish has enduring appeal due to its time-honored association with firearms of the past. The Custom II's Blued finish not only evokes a sense of heritage but also serves as a canvas for personalization, as some shooters prefer to add their custom engravings or markings to the finish. This finish option is more than just a coating; it's a statement of tradition and craftsmanship, making the Kimber Custom II a testament to the melding of history and modernity in the firearms world.


The Matte finish of the Kimber Custom II 1911 offers a contemporary take on firearm aesthetics that is both practical and stylish. This finish, achieved through various techniques like bead blasting or chemical treatments, results in a non-reflective surface that reduces glare and minimizes distractions when aiming. Beyond its functional advantages, the Matte finish also adds a subdued elegance to the Custom II's appearance. This understated yet sophisticated look appeals to shooters who prefer a low-profile and tactical aesthetic. The Matte finish's resistance to fingerprints and smudges further contributes to its practicality, ensuring that the firearm maintains a clean and professional appearance even after prolonged use. The Kimber Custom II's Matte finish showcases a commitment to modern design sensibilities while catering to the needs of those who prioritize both performance and a contemporary, sleek look. This finish option encapsulates a fusion of form and function that resonates with a wide range of firearm enthusiasts.


The Brushed finish of the Kimber Custom II 1911 exemplifies a refined and sophisticated aesthetic that appeals to those who appreciate subtle elegance. Achieved through careful abrasion techniques, this finish presents a textured yet smooth surface that enhances the gun's appearance while maintaining a sense of understated luxury. The Brushed finish's distinctive lines and subtle patterns add depth to the Custom II, reflecting light in a way that emphasizes its contours. This finish option not only complements the firearm's design but also enhances grip, making it suitable for those who prioritize both style and practicality. The Brushed finish's ability to resist minor scratches and wear contributes to its longevity, ensuring that the Custom II maintains its refined appearance over time. Choosing the Brushed finish is a nod to a discerning taste, where the firearm serves as both a functional tool and a work of art. The Kimber Custom II's Brushed finish encapsulates a fusion of craftsmanship and aesthetics that resonates with those who seek a firearm that makes a statement through its understated elegance.


The Cerakote finish of the Kimber Custom II 1911 offers a cutting-edge solution that combines durability and customization. Cerakote is a specialized ceramic-based coating that provides a resilient and protective finish to the firearm's surfaces. This finish is available in a wide range of colors and patterns, allowing shooters to express their individual style while benefiting from enhanced performance. The Cerakote finish not only guards against corrosion, abrasion, and chemicals but also provides a degree of temperature resistance, making it suitable for a variety of environments. Its matte texture adds a modern touch to the Custom II's design, while its customizable nature allows for personalization without compromising reliability. The Kimber Custom II's Cerakote finish is a testament to the brand's dedication to innovation and versatility. It serves as a practical choice for those who require a rugged finish that can withstand the demands of both sport shooting and challenging conditions, all while allowing for creative expression through color and design choices.

Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC)

The Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) finish of the Kimber Custom II 1911 introduces a cutting-edge coating technology that merges aesthetics with enhanced performance. DLC is a thin, hard, and durable coating that provides superior resistance to wear, corrosion, and friction. This finish not only imparts a sleek and distinctive appearance but also ensures that the Custom II's exterior is well-protected against the rigors of use. The DLC finish's low coefficient of friction contributes to smooth slide operation and reduces the likelihood of jams or malfunctions. Its exceptional hardness and resistance to scratching maintain the gun's appearance even through rigorous handling. The DLC finish is particularly well-suited for those who prioritize a modern and tactical look while demanding a finish that endures under various conditions. Kimber's integration of the DLC finish into the Custom II's design reflects a commitment to pushing the boundaries of firearm technology, resulting in a firearm that is not only visually impressive but also engineered for robust and reliable performance in the field.


The High-Polish finish of the Kimber Custom II 1911 exudes a timeless and luxurious aesthetic that harkens back to the golden era of firearm craftsmanship. Achieved through meticulous buffing and polishing techniques, this finish results in a mirror-like surface that showcases the firearm's contours and lines with utmost clarity. The High-Polish finish is a tribute to precision workmanship, where every detail is accentuated by the play of light on the polished metal. Beyond its visual appeal, the High-Polish finish also offers a layer of protection against oxidation, albeit with more care required to maintain its brilliance. This finish choice resonates with those who appreciate the artistry of firearms and the dedication to perfection that the Custom II embodies. The Kimber Custom II's High-Polish finish is a statement of elegance and craftsmanship, appealing to collectors, enthusiasts, and shooters who desire a firearm that is not only functional but also a work of art that reflects the pinnacle of attention to detail and design.

Custom Engraved

The Custom Engraved option for the Kimber Custom II 1911 transforms the firearm into a personalized masterpiece that embodies individuality and artistry. Custom engraving allows shooters to express their unique style, commemorate special occasions, or pay homage to their passions through intricate designs etched onto the firearm's surfaces. This customization elevates the Custom II into a one-of-a-kind work of art that combines both form and function. Engraving doesn't merely enhance aesthetics; it can also serve as a tactile enhancement, providing additional grip and texture while adding visual appeal. Whether it's intricate scrollwork, meaningful symbols, or personalized monograms, the Custom Engraved option reflects a fusion of the firearm's inherent elegance and the owner's personal touch. This choice resonates with those who appreciate craftsmanship, attention to detail, and the opportunity to own a firearm that carries not only historical significance but also their own unique story. The Kimber Custom II's Custom Engraved option is a testament to the brand's commitment to offering shooters a canvas for self-expression and customization, all while maintaining the firearm's integrity and performance.


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Included Accessories

Original Box, Manuals, Extra Magazines, Original Accessories, and Documentation can influence value:

Original Box

The inclusion of the Original Box with the Kimber Custom II 1911, while not necessarily a defining factor in altering its overall market value, does offer notable advantages. The Original Box refers to the packaging in which the firearm was initially sold, often including a foam insert that securely holds the firearm and its accessories. While it may not significantly impact the firearm's monetary value, the presence of the Original Box is valuable in terms of preserving the firearm's condition and enhancing its presentation. The box acts as a protective housing, guarding the firearm from dust, moisture, and potential damage during storage. Furthermore, for collectors, the presence of the Original Box can contribute to the firearm's provenance and authenticity, which might hold sentimental value beyond monetary considerations. While the inclusion of the Original Box might not drastically increase the firearm's market price, it does contribute to the overall package of owning a well-maintained, complete, and potentially collectible firearm.


Included manuals with the Kimber Custom II 1911 serve as valuable resources that provide important information about the firearm's operation, maintenance, and safety protocols. These manuals typically include detailed instructions on how to disassemble, clean, and lubricate the firearm, ensuring its proper function and longevity. While the inclusion of manuals might not significantly impact the firearm's market value, they are indispensable for both novice and experienced firearm owners. Manuals offer guidance on best practices, safety procedures, and troubleshooting, empowering users to handle their firearm responsibly and confidently. Additionally, for collectors and enthusiasts, original manuals can contribute to a firearm's historical and provenance documentation. While not a primary factor in determining market value, the inclusion of manuals enhances the overall experience of owning a Kimber Custom II 1911, ensuring that owners have the necessary knowledge to maintain and operate their firearm correctly and safely.

Extra Magazines

Including extra magazines with the Kimber Custom II 1911 offers a practical advantage that enhances the shooting experience without necessarily significantly impacting its market value. Extra magazines provide shooters with the convenience of extended shooting sessions without the need for frequent reloading. While they might not be a primary factor in determining the firearm's market price, they contribute to the overall usability and efficiency of the firearm. Having spare magazines readily available can be especially valuable for competitive shooters, self-defense scenarios, or range sessions where efficiency and convenience are paramount. For those who prioritize functionality over collectibility, extra magazines add tangible value by reducing downtime and enhancing the Custom II's practicality. While they may not substantially increase the firearm's resale value, they certainly increase its usability and appeal to shooters seeking a well-equipped firearm package.

Original Grips

The inclusion of original grips with the Kimber Custom II 1911 holds both sentimental and practical value, though its impact on the firearm's market value might not be substantial. Original grips are the factory-installed grip panels that come with the firearm when it's purchased new. While changing grips can be a way to personalize the firearm's feel and appearance, the presence of the original grips preserves the firearm's authenticity and provides an option to revert to its original configuration. For collectors and enthusiasts, having the original grips can contribute to a firearm's historical documentation. In terms of market value, the presence of original grips might not significantly affect the overall price of the firearm, as it largely depends on the preferences of the potential buyer. However, they do offer a connection to the firearm's origin and design intention. The inclusion of original grips showcases a complete and well-preserved firearm package that might be of particular interest to those who appreciate the firearm's history and design continuity.

Lockable Case

Including a lockable case with the Kimber Custom II 1911 adds a layer of security and convenience to firearm ownership, although it might not significantly impact its market value. A lockable case provides a dedicated storage solution for the firearm, helping to prevent unauthorized access and ensuring compliance with safe storage regulations. While the case itself might not directly contribute to the firearm's resale price, it does offer practical benefits for owners seeking responsible firearm storage. Additionally, the inclusion of a lockable case can reflect the manufacturer's commitment to firearm safety and responsible ownership. While not a primary consideration for many buyers, having a lockable case adds to the overall package of owning the Kimber Custom II by promoting safe storage practices and offering a secure storage solution for the firearm when not in use.

Cleaning Kit

Including a cleaning kit with the Kimber Custom II 1911 is a practical addition that promotes firearm maintenance and longevity, although its impact on the firearm's market value might be limited. A cleaning kit typically includes essential tools and supplies for keeping the firearm clean and properly maintained. While the presence of a cleaning kit might not significantly affect the firearm's resale price, it does offer valuable benefits to firearm owners. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for ensuring the firearm's reliable performance and preventing corrosion and wear over time. For new firearm owners, a cleaning kit provides the necessary tools to learn proper maintenance techniques. However, the value of the cleaning kit itself is likely to be surpassed by the value of regular maintenance it enables. While it might not directly influence the market value, the inclusion of a cleaning kit demonstrates a manufacturer's commitment to supporting firearm owners in taking care of their investment and enjoying a reliable shooting experience over the firearm's lifetime.


The inclusion of sights with the Kimber Custom II 1911 offers both functional and customizable advantages, though its impact on the firearm's market value might vary. Sights are critical components that aid in aiming and target acquisition. The type and quality of sights can significantly impact the shooter's accuracy and shooting experience. While factory-installed sights might be considered standard, some shooters might prefer aftermarket or specialized sights that cater to their specific shooting needs. In terms of market value, the presence of sights might not dramatically alter the overall price of the firearm unless they are high-end, precision sights that enhance the firearm's performance. However, the inclusion of sights does enhance the overall package of the Custom II by providing shooters with the necessary tools for accurate shooting. Additionally, the presence of sights can reflect the manufacturer's commitment to providing shooters with a complete and functional firearm out of the box. While not a primary determinant of market value, the inclusion of sights aligns with the firearm's usability and ensures that the shooter has the necessary tools for accurate aiming and target engagement.

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History of Kimber Custom II 1911

The Kimber Custom II 1911's lineage can be traced back to the iconic 1911 platform, originally designed by legendary John Browning and adopted as the U.S. military's standard-issue sidearm in 1911. Fast-forward to the late 1990s, when Kimber emerged as a renowned firearms manufacturer, known for its commitment to quality and precision.

Introduced as part of the Custom II series, the Kimber Custom II 1911 combined classic design elements with modern manufacturing techniques. The firearm's foundation rested on meticulous craftsmanship, match-grade barrels, and hand-fitted components, resulting in exceptional out-of-the-box accuracy.

While paying homage to tradition, the Kimber Custom II 1911 embraced modern enhancements such as ambidextrous thumb safeties and extended grip safeties, catering to contemporary shooter preferences. This commitment to innovation and usability solidified its position as a premium option in the 1911 market.

As Kimber's reputation grew, so did the Custom II series, expanding to encompass various model variants and special editions. These iterations addressed diverse shooting needs, from target shooting to concealed carry. Notable among these was the Kimber Custom II Texas Edition, celebrating themes and locales with a personalized touch.

Industry recognition and the trust of shooters, law enforcement professionals, and collectors followed suit, as the Kimber Custom II 1911 garnered praise for its accuracy, reliability, and elegant design.

In essence, the Kimber Custom II 1911's history weaves a narrative of tradition and innovation. Its journey from Browning's original design to Kimber's craftsmanship represents the evolution of the 1911 platform and its enduring significance in the realm of firearms. The Custom II 1911 stands as a symbol of the harmonious blend of legacy and progress, embracing the spirit of its predecessors while pushing the boundaries of performance and excellence.

General Questions & Answers

Is it OK to dry fire a Kimber 1911?

Yes, it is okay to dry fire a Kimber 1911. Dry-firing centerfire pistols poses no safety risks.

How often should you clean a Kimber 1911?

If your 1911 is primarily used for range shooting, it's recommended to conduct a standard cleaning for every 500 rounds fired. However, if you're using lead bullets, consider cleaning slightly sooner, after approximately 300 rounds. 

Is Kimber a high-end gun?

Yes, Kimber is often considered a high-end gun manufacturer, known for its premium quality, precise craftsmanship, and attention to detail in their 1911 models and other firearms.

Are Kimber guns reliable?

Yes, Kimber guns are known for their reliability, quality craftsmanship, and precision. Regular maintenance enhances their performance and longevity.

Do Kimber pistols jam?

Kimber's are often reported to have issues with jamming when firing the first round from a magazine.



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The Kimber Custom II 1911 has gained popularity not only among civilians but also in the world of Hollywood. It has been featured in numerous movies and TV shows, becoming a go-to firearm for on-screen action and drama. Its sleek design and reputation for reliability have made it a favorite choice for filmmakers seeking an iconic and realistic-looking handgun.


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