How Much is a Savage 10/110 Currently Worth?

Picture of Savage 10/110

The Savage 10/110 series stands as a benchmark in the world of bolt-action rifles, renowned for its exceptional accuracy and customizable features. These rifles cater to a diverse range of shooting enthusiasts, from precision target shooters to dedicated hunters. This detailed review navigates the intricacies of the Savage 10/110, emphasizing its precision engineering, adaptability across models, and the innovative features that have cemented its status as a top choice in the realm of precision firearms.

Picture of Savage 10/110
How Much is a Savage 10/110 Currently Worth?
Written by: 
Isaiah Miller
Published On:
December 24, 2023
Updated On:
May 31, 2023
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Current Market Value of a Savage 10/110

While prices can vary, a typical Savage 10/110 is worth around $650, but the price range generally falls between $400 on the low end to as high as $850. But a well preserved Savage 10/110 in its original condition increases its value.

Photo of a Savage Arms 10/110

Factors That Influence The Value of a Savage 10/110

When determining the value of a Savage 10/110 rifle, a range of crucial factors should be taken into account. First and foremost, the rifle's condition plays a pivotal role in its market value. Whether it's in pristine, well-maintained condition or displays signs of wear, like minor dings or scuffs, can significantly impact its overall worth. Furthermore, the specific model and caliber of the rifle, as well as the availability of various configurations, contribute to its desirability and affect its pricing. Additionally, any included accessories, potential customizations, or historical significance can elevate its value, especially for collectors and firearms enthusiasts. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the true worth of a Savage 10/110, it's vital to consider these factors collectively, whether you're in the process of selling or purchasing one.


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When looking at a Savage 10/110 rifle, understanding its condition is crucial for determining its value. Whether you're thinking of buying, selling, or just curious about its overall worth, the state of this firearm is key. Let's explore the different conditions a Savage 10/110 might have, understanding how each one affects its market value. Whether you're into collecting firearms, are a passionate enthusiast, or new to owning firearms, this journey will highlight the essential aspects to consider when figuring out the value of a Savage 10/110 based on its condition. Stick with us as we reveal insights that can help both experienced collectors and those approaching firearm ownership for the first time.

New or Mint Condition

In New or Mint Condition, the Savage 10/110 rifle is at its best, appearing flawless and pristine, as if it's never been fired. This state means there are no visible scratches, wear marks, or blemishes, and all parts work perfectly. The bore is clean, and the original finish still shines. Collectors and enthusiasts highly desire rifles in New or Mint Condition because they offer an experience close to owning a completely new firearm. These rifles usually have the highest market value, often seen as valuable investments for collectors. If you're looking for an exceptional piece of firearms history in perfect form or aiming for top-notch shooting precision and reliability, a Savage 10/110 in New or Mint Condition stands out as the epitome of quality.

Excellent Condition

In Excellent Condition, the Savage 10/110 rifle stands as a well-maintained and reliable firearm with minimal signs of wear. Whether fired or not, any superficial blemishes do not compromise the rifle's functionality. The finish remains largely intact, exhibiting only minor wear in high-contact areas, while the bore is clean and well-kept, ensuring accuracy and dependability. Esteemed by collectors and shooters alike, the rifle strikes a commendable balance between quality and affordability. Highly sought after for its reliability and overall good condition, the Savage 10/110 in Excellent Condition maintains strong market value, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a well-preserved firearm without the premium associated with brand-new examples. Ideal for both collectors and enthusiasts prioritizing both performance and aesthetics, the Savage 10/110 in Excellent Condition stands out as a commendable option.

Very Good Condition

In Very Good Condition, the Savage 10/110 rifle has seen some use but has been adequately maintained and cared for. It may display visible signs of wear, such as minor scratches, dings, or finish wear, but these do not significantly impact its functionality or performance. The bore remains in good condition, ensuring acceptable accuracy and reliability. Firearms in Very Good Condition are practical choices for shooters and enthusiasts who prioritize functionality over aesthetics. Despite showing wear, they still offer reliable performance and are generally more affordable than rifles in higher conditions. Collectors may find value in Very Good Condition Savage 10/110 rifles, particularly if they represent historically significant models or boast unique features. Market values for Savage 10/110 rifles in Very Good Condition are typically moderate, making them accessible to a wide range of firearm enthusiasts who appreciate both functionality and affordability.

Good Condition

In Good Condition, the Savage 10/110 rifle shows signs of regular use with visible wear, such as scratches, dings, and finish wear. While there might be surface rust in some cases, these signs don't affect the rifle's functionality. The bore, the inside of the barrel, may show use but remains serviceable for shooting. Despite the noticeable wear, Savage 10/110 rifles in Good Condition offer budget-friendly options for shooters who prioritize functionality over appearance. They are generally well-maintained and still deliver reliable performance, suitable for recreational shooting and practical use. Collectors might find interest in these rifles, especially if they hold historical significance or unique features. Market values for Savage 10/110 rifles in Good Condition are usually lower than those in better-preserved conditions, making them accessible to individuals seeking a functional firearm without the higher cost associated with rifles in superior conditions.

Fair Condition

In Fair Condition, the Savage 10/110 rifle has seen a lot of use and shows noticeable wear and tear. This includes significant scratches, dings, and wear on the finish, and there might be some rust or corrosion. The inside of the barrel, known as the bore, may also show wear, affecting how accurately and reliably the rifle performs. Savage 10/110 rifles in Fair Condition are considered practical choices with limited emphasis on appearance. They are more affordable than rifles in better conditions, making them suitable for shooters who prioritize functionality on a budget. Collectors may find these rifles less appealing, as they are chosen more for everyday use than for collecting. Market values for Savage 10/110 rifles in Fair Condition are generally lower than those in better conditions, providing a budget-friendly option for individuals looking for a functional firearm.

Poor Condition

In Poor Condition, the Savage 10/110 rifle has seen heavy use, and its functionality, appearance, and safety may be compromised. It could show severe wear, corrosion, and damage like deep scratches, dents, pitting, and rust. The inside of the barrel, known as the bore, is often heavily worn, affecting how accurately and reliably the rifle performs. Savage 10/110 rifles in Poor Condition are usually chosen for restoration or functional purposes rather than for collecting or regular use. Restoring them may require extensive repairs. Market values for Savage 10/110 rifles in Poor Condition are generally low, reflecting their compromised state. These rifles are often considered projects for experienced gunsmiths and enthusiasts with restoration skills. Collectors typically have minimal interest in Savage 10/110 rifles in Poor Condition unless they have exceptional historical significance or rarity.

Close up picture of the Savage 10/110


The Savage 10/110 rifle series encompasses a diverse selection of models, each meticulously crafted to accommodate a wide range of shooting styles and objectives. From the precision-oriented Savage 10 FCP-SR, designed for long-range accuracy, to the tactical versatility of the Savage Model 110 Tactical, you'll find a Savage 10/110 model perfectly suited to your shooting preferences. Whether you're a competitive marksman, a dedicated hunter, or a general firearm enthusiast, the Savage 10/110 family offers options tailored to your specific needs. Exploring this comprehensive lineup reveals the distinct features and innovations that distinguish the Savage 10/110 as a reliable and adaptable rifle series sought after by shooters across various disciplines.

Savage 10/110

The Savage 10/110 stands as a testament to Savage Arms' rich legacy in precision firearms. Meticulously crafted, these bolt-action rifles are renowned for their accuracy, reliability, and versatility. Developed by the esteemed American firearm manufacturer Savage Arms, the Savage 10/110 rifles offer a diverse range of models, each meticulously tailored to meet the distinct needs and preferences of shooters. Whether you're a dedicated long-range marksman, a hunter in search of dependable performance in the field, or a competitive shooter, there's a Savage 10/110 model designed with you in mind. These rifles embody the perfect fusion of traditional firearm values and modern innovations, consistently delivering exceptional performance on the range or in the wild. As we explore further, we'll delve into the factors influencing the value of the Savage 10/110 and shed light on the unique attributes that have firmly established it as a sought-after choice among firearms enthusiasts, impacting its overall market desirability and worth.

Savage Model 10 FCP-SR

Has earned high regard among enthusiasts of long-range shooting, thanks to its precision and notable features. Particularly noteworthy is its robust heavy barrel, meticulously designed to minimize vibrations and ensure heightened accuracy during use. The threaded muzzle adds significant value, facilitating the attachment of suppressors or muzzle brakes, thereby reducing recoil and enhancing the manageability of follow-up shots – a critical aspect for precision shooting. The inclusion of the AccuTrigger further elevates the rifle's appeal, giving shooters the ability to make precise adjustments for enhanced control. Whether in competition or exploring the intricacies of long-range shooting, the Savage Model 10 FCP-SR stands out as a steadfast and reliable companion, delivering the precision and reliability sought by discerning shooters. This exceptional performance and the inclusion of these high-quality features contribute to the rifle's overall market desirability and can positively impact its value among firearm enthusiasts.

Savage Model 110 Tactical

The Savage Model 110 Tactical emerges as the go-to choice for individuals seeking a finely balanced fusion of precision and tactical shooting capabilities. Its inclusion of adjustable stocks ensures a personalized and ergonomic fit, prioritizing shooter comfort during extended sessions. The threaded barrels add an extra layer of versatility, allowing the attachment of suppressors or muzzle devices for reduced recoil and enhanced control during long-range engagements. What sets the Savage Model 110 Tactical apart is its adaptability to diverse shooting scenarios, accommodating marksmanship refinement on the range and navigating dynamic shooting situations. With various chamberings available, it proves to be a versatile tool suitable for excelling in different shooting environments. In essence, the Savage Model 110 Tactical transcends being merely a rifle; it's a precision instrument meticulously crafted to meet the challenges of tactical shooting, instilling confidence in shooters striving for excellence. This unique blend of features and adaptability contributes positively to the rifle's market desirability, potentially enhancing its overall value among firearm enthusiasts.

Savage Model 10 GRS

The Savage Model 10 GRS is a standout in precision shooting, thanks to its remarkable GRS adjustable stock that brings customization to new heights. This special feature allows shooters to fine-tune the rifle to match their unique shooting style, ensuring a personalized fit and improved ergonomics. The adaptability of the GRS adjustable stock makes it a popular choice among precision shooters and hunters alike, offering enhanced control and comfort for precise and effortless shots. This exceptional feature positively influences the rifle's market desirability, potentially impacting its overall value among firearm enthusiasts. For those prioritizing an outstanding shooting experience and seeking a rifle that seamlessly adjusts to their preferences, the Savage Model 10 GRS is an excellent choice, delivering a personalized and accurate shooting encounter.

Savage Model 110 Apex Hunter XP

Stands out as an all-inclusive solution for hunters, presenting a well-rounded package designed for efficiency and accuracy. Notably, it comes equipped with a pre-mounted Vortex Crossfire II scope, eliminating the need for hunters to navigate the complexities of selecting and installing optics separately. This thoughtful inclusion streamlines the setup process, ensuring that the rifle is ready for precise shooting right from the start. Additionally, the rifle's availability in various calibers adds versatility, accommodating a range of game and hunting scenarios. The impact on the rifle's value is significant, as the pre-mounted scope enhances its market appeal. This comprehensive and convenient package is likely to attract hunters looking for a hassle-free and reliable solution, potentially contributing to a higher market value for the Savage Model 110 Apex Hunter XP

Savage Model 10 BA Stealth

Precision shooters and hunters seeking remarkable performance often turn to the Savage Model 10 BA Stealth. Engineered for excellence, this rifle stands out with its monolithic chassis providing stability, an adjustable AccuTrigger allowing personalized trigger pulls, and a heavy barrel ensuring consistent accuracy. Whether you're competing in precision shooting or venturing into the field for long-range hunts, the Model 10 BA Stealth is designed to be a reliable and accurate companion. The thoughtful combination of these features not only enhances the shooting experience but is also likely to positively influence the rifle's value in the market, making it an appealing choice for those who value precision and reliability in their firearms.

Savage Model 110 Scout

The Savage Model 110 Scout is designed with versatility as a key feature, providing shooters with a well-rounded firearm suitable for various shooting scenarios. Equipped with a forward-mounted rail for scout-style scopes and an adjustable stock for personalized comfort, it caters to individuals who value adaptability in their firearms. This model's ability to handle different shooting experiences, from scouting game in the wilderness to engaging in diverse shooting activities, adds to its appeal. The versatility of the Savage Model 110 Scout positively influences its market value, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a firearm that can adapt to different preferences and scenarios.

Savage Model 110 Hog Hunter

The Savage Model 110 Hog Hunter is specifically crafted for hunting hogs and other game, living up to its name. One standout feature is the threaded barrel, allowing for the attachment of muzzle devices that help manage recoil and muzzle rise. This rifle is carefully chambered in calibers ideal for hunting, providing the necessary power for effective game takedowns while ensuring control and accuracy. These purpose-driven features not only enhance the rifle's performance in the field but also contribute to its overall appeal. For those seeking a reliable and efficient firearm tailored for hunting, the Savage Model 110 Hog Hunter stands as a valuable choice.


The Savage Model 10/110 Predator is a specialized rifle crafted for the challenges of predator hunting and varmint control. With a camouflage finish for concealment and a medium-contour barrel for maneuverability, this model excels in dynamic hunting scenarios. Tailored with predator-specific features, such as specialized stocks and optics configurations, the rifle meets the demands of stealth and precision required in these fields. The deliberate design and functionality contribute to its market desirability, making it an attractive choice for hunters seeking a dedicated firearm. Its unique capabilities in this niche domain add distinctive appeal, potentially elevating its perceived value among those with a keen interest in effective and purpose-built hunting rifles.

Picture of the Savage Arms 10/110


A Savage 10/110 rifle's choice of finish isn't merely a matter of aesthetics; it embodies a fusion of practicality, style, and durability. The selection includes a classic Camo finish, seamlessly blending with natural environments and adding a touch of ruggedness. Alternatively, the Stainless Steel finish offers a sleek and modern appearance while providing exceptional corrosion resistance. Opting for the Cerakote finish introduces unparalleled durability and resistance to wear, making the rifle ready for the harshest conditions. If a timeless, wood stock finish is your preference, the Satin Walnut finish exudes warmth and classic refinement. Each finish tells its own story, and understanding their significance is crucial when evaluating the Savage 10/110's worth. These finishes serve as a diverse canvas for expressing your style while enhancing the rifle's irresistible appeal and elevating its market value.


The Blued finish on a Savage 10/110 rifle evokes a sense of enduring craftsmanship and timeless beauty. Achieved through a meticulous process of steel oxidation, this classic finish not only presents a refined appearance but also provides robust resistance to corrosion and wear. The deep, matte blue-black color enhances the rifle's aesthetic appeal while offering protection against rust and damage in various shooting environments. It's important to note that maintaining its lustrous appearance may require regular care, but the vintage character and enduring charm of a blued Savage 10/110 often elevate its market desirability. Enthusiasts who appreciate the fusion of tradition and function often find themselves drawn to the allure of these blued models, which can command a premium in the market.

Stainless Steel

On a Savage 10/110 rifle not only signifies durability and resistance but also represents a commitment to reliability in various conditions. This finish is renowned for its robust nature, offering protection against rust and corrosion, which can be particularly crucial for firearms used in diverse environments. The polished or satin appearance contributes to the rifle's overall visual appeal, providing a sleek and modern aesthetic. Beyond the surface, the Stainless Steel finish speaks to the rifle's ability to withstand the test of time, making it an enduring choice for shooters who prioritize longevity and performance. In the realm of market value, rifles featuring this finish often hold an added allure, attracting those who seek a combination of contemporary design and dependable functionality, potentially impacting their perceived worth positively.


On a Savage 10/110 rifle, whether blued or stainless steel, serves an essential purpose for practicality and style. Its primary function is to reduce glare and reflections, making it an excellent choice for hunters and tactical shooters who require stealth and precision. In the field, having a non-reflective surface is crucial for maintaining a low profile and avoiding detection by the target. This finish combines functionality with a subtle and low-profile appearance, catering to shooters who value both the utilitarian aspects and the aesthetics of their firearms. Regarding market value, rifles featuring a matte finish may appeal to a broad audience, as it signifies adaptability and practicality. The matte finish's impact on value lies in its versatility and its appeal to those who prioritize both form and function in their firearms.

Synthetic Stock

Savage 10/110 rifles with synthetic stocks bring both practical advantages and enhanced value. The matte or textured finish on these stocks not only looks good but also provides a secure grip and durability. This finish is designed to handle tough weather conditions and rough handling without compromising performance. The low-maintenance nature of synthetic stock finishes adds to the appeal, making them a reliable choice for shooters who want a firearm that's easy to care for. When it comes to market value, these rifles stand out for their resilience and versatility, attracting those who value a durable, all-weather firearm. The impact on value is clear – synthetic stock finishes contribute to the rifle's reliability and practicality, making it more desirable for a broader range of shooters.


On some Savage 10/110 models is more than just a visual choice; it's a strategic and functional feature that directly impacts the rifles' market value. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the camouflage serves a dual purpose, offering a practical advantage for hunters. When immersed in various hunting environments, the camo finish helps the rifle seamlessly blend into the natural surroundings, providing a level of concealment that is invaluable in the pursuit of game. This added functionality significantly enhances the rifles' desirability among hunters who prioritize stealth and the ability to remain unnoticed by their prey. As a result, Savage 10/110 rifles with camouflage finishes often command higher market values, reflecting the practical advantages that this feature brings to the table for avid hunters.

Wood Stock  

On Savage 10/110 rifles significantly influence their market value by combining visual elegance with practical durability. Available in various styles, from satin to gloss, these finishes enhance the natural beauty of the wood while providing essential protection against moisture and wear. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, the choice of wood stock finishes caters to shooters who value the craftsmanship and timeless tradition associated with wooden stocks. This unique combination of visual charm and practicality contributes to the rifles' overall desirability, making them stand out in the market. Savage 10/110 rifles featuring these wood stock finishes often command a premium in value, attracting collectors and enthusiasts alike who appreciate the blend of classic aesthetics and reliable performance offered by these finely crafted firearms.


When it comes to the Savage 10/110 rifles, the Cerakote finish stands out as a mark of durability and style. Crafted from ceramic-based materials, Cerakote brings both aesthetics and practicality to the table. The diverse range of colors and patterns available allows shooters to personalize their rifles while ensuring they can withstand the rigors of various environments. Beyond its visual appeal, the Cerakote finish offers substantial resistance to wear, corrosion, and chemicals. This means that your Savage 10/110 not only maintains its sleek appearance but also retains its functionality and structural integrity over time. Whether you're a discerning shooter who appreciates a customized look or someone who demands a reliable firearm in challenging conditions, the Cerakote finish on the Savage 10/110 adds value by combining durability, style, and performance.

FDE (Flat Dark Earth)

On Savage 10/110 rifles not only contributes to the rifle's visual appeal but also plays a significant role in influencing its market value. This finish, known for its earthy and muted appearance, has gained popularity, particularly among those interested in tactical rifles. Its unique aesthetic, characterized by subdued tones, not only adds a touch of style but also brings durability to the forefront, making it well-suited for a variety of applications. The widespread appreciation for FDE finishes within the firearms community can enhance the overall desirability of a Savage 10/110. Consequently, this heightened appeal may contribute to an increased market value, as the rifle aligns with the preferences of discerning shooters and collectors.

Tungsten Cerakote

On Savage 10/110 rifles not only makes them look cool but can also boost how much they're worth. This special finish, mixing toughness with a unique gray color, gives the rifle a one-of-a-kind appearance. People who like guns and collectors often like firearms that stand out, and the Tungsten Cerakote finish does just that. Its cool look might make more people want it, which can make the rifle more valuable. So, if you own a Savage 10/110 with Tungsten Cerakote finish, it could be worth more because it's not just tough; it's got that extra something that catches the eye and shows it's special.

KUIU Vias Camo

On a Savage 10/110 rifle is designed specifically for hunters navigating challenging terrains like mountains and forests. This unique finish not only looks good but serves a practical purpose by helping shooters blend seamlessly into their natural surroundings. The camouflage design isn't just for show – it gives hunters a strategic advantage by enhancing their ability to stay hidden and unnoticed during pursuits. This thoughtful combination of camouflage effectiveness and the precision of a Savage 10/110 makes the KUIU Vias Camo finish an excellent choice for those who want both accuracy and stealth in the field. As a result, this finish adds to the overall appeal and value of the Savage 10/110, especially for hunters looking for a firearm that meets the specific demands of their outdoor activities.


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Included Accessories

When you invest in a Savage 10/110 rifle, you're not just acquiring a firearm; you're gaining access to a suite of accompanying accessories that enhance its utility and contribute to its market worth. These accessories wield a substantial influence on the rifle's performance, adaptability, and overall valuation. Whether you're examining the contents of the original packaging, delving into the user manuals, or assessing the included features such as detachable box magazines, adjustable stocks, or scope mounts, these accessories hold a pivotal role in elevating the Savage 10/110's appeal. Whether you're a seasoned marksman or new to the world of rifles, this guide offers valuable insights into the significance of these extras when evaluating the rifle's market desirability and value.

Detachable Box Magazine

Found in many Savage 10/110 models is a crucial feature that significantly affects the rifle's overall value. This addition makes the rifle more convenient by allowing for fast and straightforward loading and unloading of cartridges. Shooters appreciate how easy it is to change magazines, especially in situations where quick reloading is essential. This feature adds practicality to the rifle, making it versatile for various shooting scenarios. In terms of impact on value, rifles equipped with a detachable box magazine often have a higher market value. This is because the convenience and efficiency provided by this feature make the rifle more appealing to a broader audience. Those who prioritize quick and easy use of their firearm are willing to invest more, making the rifle more desirable and valuable among firearm enthusiasts and potential buyers.

Scope Mounts or Rail

Scope mounts or a Picatinny rail are like the Swiss Army knife for a Savage 10/110 rifle. When these features are included, shooters open up a world of possibilities for enhancing their shooting experience. The beauty lies in the convenience these accessories bring to the table. Imagine effortlessly installing your favorite scope or optic sight, transforming your rifle into a precision instrument ready for long-range engagements. The advantages don't stop there; they significantly boost accuracy, giving shooters the upper hand in hitting targets with pinpoint precision. Versatility becomes the name of the game, appealing to those who desire a rifle that can adapt to various shooting scenarios. This flexibility is more than a feature; it's an enhancement that directly contributes to the rifle's allure. Potential buyers, especially those seeking a combination of precision and customization, find these scoped-up Savage 10/110 models irresistibly appealing. This increased appeal translates to a positive impact on the rifle's perceived value in the market, solidifying its status as a sought-after firearm for those who appreciate accuracy and versatility.

Sling Swivel Studs

Having sling swivel studs on Savage 10/110 rifles is like having a built-in travel companion. These small but powerful studs add extra convenience and comfort to the rifle. Picture yourself on a long trek outdoors, and your rifle rests against your shoulder, supported by a sling attached to these studs. It's not just about carrying the rifle; it's about the added stability and ease of transport that comes with it. The practicality of sling swivel studs doesn't go unnoticed, especially by hunters and enthusiasts who value functionality in their firearms. These studs make the rifle a versatile tool, ready for various terrains and shooting scenarios. The inclusion of sling swivel studs not only enhances the rifle's overall appeal but adds tangible value for users who prioritize ease of transport and stability in their shooting experience. This functional upgrade makes the rifle more than just a tool; it becomes a reliable companion, solidifying its worth in the market.

Threaded Muzzle

Savage 10/110 rifles with a threaded muzzle offer shooters a way to personalize their shooting experience. This means you can attach different muzzle devices like suppressors or muzzle brakes, giving you control over recoil and noise. It's like having a rifle that adapts to how you like to shoot. This feature makes the rifle more valuable because it appeals to people who want customization options for better shooting performance. The threaded muzzle isn't just a functional add-on; it's a way to make your rifle stand out. Imagine having a rifle that not only works well but also reflects your unique style and preferences. In a world of standard options, a threaded muzzle sets this rifle apart, making it more appealing for those who want a gun that's tailored to their needs. So, if you're looking for a rifle that goes beyond the basics, the threaded muzzle on a Savage 10/110 is a feature that adds both practicality and individuality.Giving it an overall positive impact on value.


The AccuTrigger is like having a personalized key to unlock the full potential of the Savage 10/110 rifle. This adjustable trigger system lets you fine-tune the trigger to match exactly how you like to shoot. It's not just a feature; it's a game-changer. The ability to customize the trigger adjustments means you get enhanced accuracy and control, which are crucial for making each shot count. Rifles equipped with the AccuTrigger are in a league of their own in the market. Discerning shooters, those who really know their stuff, are willing to pay a premium for this level of precision and customization. It's not just about pulling the trigger; it's about having a trigger that feels just right for you. So, when it comes to the value of the Savage 10/110, the AccuTrigger is not just a feature; it's the secret ingredient that elevates its worth in the eyes of those who seek the best in precision and control.

Bipod Mount

Imagine having a stabilizing force at your fingertips when you aim your Savage 10/110 rifle. Well, that's exactly what the bipod mount brings to the table. Some versions of this rifle come with a built-in bipod mount or accessory rail, giving you the option to attach a bipod for unparalleled stability during your shots. It's not just a convenient add-on; it's a game-changer for shooters who demand precision. This accessory, designed with tactical and precision shooting in mind, significantly impacts the value of the rifle. For those in the competitive shooting arena or dedicated to hitting targets at extreme distances, the bipod mount is a sought-after feature. It adds an extra layer of stability, making it a valuable asset for shooters who want every shot to count. So, when you're talking about the value of a Savage 10/110, the bipod mount is more than just an accessory; it's a feature that can elevate its worth in the eyes of those who prioritize precision and stability.

Adjustable Stock

Imagine a rifle that feels tailor-made for you, adjusting effortlessly to your unique shooting style and physique. That's the allure of the adjustable stock on select Savage 10/110 configurations. With this feature, you can precisely tweak the rifle's length of pull and cheek height, ensuring a snug and ergonomic fit each time you shoulder it. Yet, it's more than just about comfort; it's about adaptability. The adjustable stock not only enhances the rifle's comfort but also broadens its appeal, catering to a diverse range of shooters. And when it comes to the rifle's value, don't underestimate the impact of that adjustable stock. Rifles with this feature may just stand out in the market. The flexibility and customization options it provides contribute significantly to the rifle's perceived worth among shooters. So, when evaluating the value of a Savage 10/110, remember: that adjustable stock is not just a comfort feature; it's a key player in making the rifle versatile and appealing to a wider audience.

Vortex Crossfire II Scope

When it comes to optics, Savage goes above and beyond by offering packages that feature a mounted Vortex Crossfire II scope. This thoughtful inclusion isn't just about providing a scope; it's about presenting shooters with a complete and ready-to-go optics solution straight out of the box. The impact on the rifle's value is substantial. Picture this: you're a hunter or marksman, and you want a rifle that not only meets your accuracy standards but also simplifies the optics decision-making process. The bundled Vortex Crossfire II scope does just that. It's a quality optic, renowned for its performance, and its inclusion elevates the overall package, making it a standout choice for those who value both convenience and top-notch optics. In essence, when assessing the value of a Savage rifle with a Vortex Crossfire II scope, you're not just getting a rifle; you're getting a complete and attractive optics solution that can significantly enhance your shooting experience.

Camo Stock or Finish:

For those venturing into the hunting realm, some Savage models are equipped with a camouflage stock or finish, strategically designed to help shooters seamlessly blend into their natural surroundings. This isn't just about looks; it's about functionality tailored to the needs of hunters. Picture yourself in the midst of a forest or a mountainous terrain, and you want your rifle to be an extension of the environment, aiding you in staying unnoticed by your prey. That's where the camouflage stock or finish steps in. Its impact on the rifle's value is considerable, especially for those who prioritize stealth and concealment during their hunting pursuits. Beyond its functional role, the camouflage feature adds a touch of desirable aesthetics, further enhancing the rifle's perceived value among users. So, when evaluating a Savage rifle with a camouflage stock or finish, you're not just considering its appearance; you're acknowledging its practicality and its potential to elevate your hunting experience by providing the perfect blend of functionality and style.

Cleaning Kit

In some cases, a basic cleaning kit or cleaning tools may be included with the Savage 10/110. While this accessory may not have a significant impact on the rifle's market value, it adds practical value by helping shooters maintain their firearm, ensuring it performs at its best, and extending its longevity. The inclusion of a cleaning kit may not directly increase the rifle's monetary value, but it enhances the overall user experience, contributing to the rifle's utility and potentially influencing users to perceive it as a well-maintained and cared-for firearm.

Original Box

The inclusion of the original box with a Savage 10/110 rifle can influence its market value in several ways. Firstly, it adds to the overall presentation and perceived care of the firearm, making it more appealing to potential buyers. Secondly, it provides a secure and convenient storage solution for the rifle, which can be essential for safekeeping and transport. Finally, having the original box may indicate that the rifle has been well-maintained and handled with care, potentially increasing its desirability and resale value.

Picture of the Savage 10/110


Firearms enthusiasts embark on a journey to discover the Savage 10/110 that perfectly aligns with their individual preferences, requirements, and shooting techniques. The pathway to this ideal firearm lies in the realm of customization, a gateway to striking the perfect balance between form and function. Within the context of the Savage 10/110, customization opens a realm of possibilities, allowing enthusiasts to explore upgrades such as optics and sights, stocks and grips, and even personalized engravings. Every choice made during this customization process carries the potential to significantly influence the performance, aesthetics, and market value of the Savage 10/110, transforming it into a tailored masterpiece that caters precisely to the unique needs and style of its discerning owner.

Aftermarket Stocks

Opting for aftermarket stocks when upgrading your Savage 10/110 is a strategic move that goes beyond just personalization – it can notably elevate the rifle's performance and market value. These aftermarket stocks provide a canvas for tailoring the rifle's ergonomics, fit, and handling to your specific preferences, ensuring a comfortable and personalized shooting experience. A well-selected stock not only enhances accuracy but also contributes to overall shooting comfort. The inclusion of high-quality aftermarket stocks, especially those with adjustable components, adds a layer of versatility to your rifle, making it adaptable to various shooting scenarios. This adaptability and customization can enhance the rifle's appeal, potentially making it more desirable in the market for those seeking a firearm that is both customized and precisely fitted to their needs.

Barrel Replacement

Opting to replace the barrel of your Savage 10/110 is a customization with significant implications for both accuracy and market value. Choosing a match-grade or heavy barrel, for example, can elevate the rifle's inherent accuracy potential, making it particularly attractive to precision shooters who prioritize pinpoint accuracy. Beyond this, a barrel upgrade opens the door to selecting a different caliber or optimizing barrel length for specific shooting applications. This enhanced versatility not only meets diverse shooting needs but also increases the rifle's desirability in the market. Ultimately, a well-considered barrel replacement is a strategic customization that can transform your Savage 10/110 into a highly precise and versatile firearm, potentially impacting its perceived value among firearm enthusiasts.


Investing in an upgraded trigger system for your Savage 10/110 is a customization that can markedly enhance both accuracy and overall shooting performance. Aftermarket triggers are designed to provide a crisper, lighter, and more consistent pull, leading to improved shot placement and greater precision. Rifles equipped with such enhanced triggers become sought after by discerning shooters who prioritize accuracy and consistency in their shooting experience. This sought-after improvement can contribute to an increase in the rifle's market value, as it caters to the preferences of those who value precision and superior shooting performance. Ultimately, upgrading the trigger system is a strategic customization that transforms your Savage 10/110 into a firearm capable of delivering exceptional accuracy and consistent results, potentially impacting its perceived value among firearm enthusiasts.

Bolt Handles

Opting for a customized bolt handle for your Savage 10/110 is a modification that directly influences the rifle's handling and cycling efficiency. Aftermarket bolt handles are designed to offer better grip and leverage when operating the action, resulting in a smoother and quicker cycling process. Shooters who prioritize improved ergonomics and ease of use can find such customizations highly valuable, as they enhance the overall shooting experience. This modification contributes to the rifle's appeal, providing a tailored solution for those seeking enhanced handling and operational efficiency. In certain cases, these bolt handle customizations can positively impact the rifle's market worth, as they cater to the preferences of shooters who value ergonomic improvements and efficient action cycling. Ultimately, customizing the bolt handle is a practical choice that can elevate the functionality and desirability of your Savage 10/110 among firearm enthusiasts.

Chassis Systems

Integrating a chassis system into your Savage 10/110 is a modification that elevates the rifle into a highly customizable and modular platform. Chassis systems bring forth enhanced stability, accuracy, and an array of accessory mounting options. This modification is particularly appealing to shooters who prioritize precision and adaptability in their firearms. The addition of a chassis system not only transforms the rifle's performance but also augments its overall appeal, potentially leading to an increase in market value. This level of customization provides shooters with a versatile and personalized platform that aligns with their specific preferences and shooting requirements, contributing positively to the rifle's desirability among firearm enthusiasts.

Tactical Accessories

Incorporating tactical accessories like rail covers, sling mounts, or pistol grips into your Savage 10/110 can elevate its handling and adaptability, particularly for tactical or precision shooting. These customizations focus on enhancing functionality and ergonomics, catering to shooters with specific requirements. By improving the overall usability and performance of the rifle, these tactical accessories make it more appealing to a niche market, potentially elevating its market value among those seeking a rifle optimized for tactical or precision shooting applications.

Recoil Pads

Opting for an upgraded recoil pad for your Savage 10/110 is a thoughtful customization that enhances shooting comfort by mitigating felt recoil. This modification is particularly valuable for shooters who prioritize comfort and control, making the rifle more appealing, especially for those engaged in extended shooting sessions. The improved shooting experience resulting from a better recoil pad can potentially elevate the market desirability of the rifle among buyers seeking a more comfortable and controlled shooting experience.


Incorporating a monopod at the rear of your Savage 10/110 is a strategic customization that contributes to enhanced stability, particularly when shooting from prone positions. This addition is especially valued by shooters involved in long-range precision shooting or competitions, where stability plays a crucial role in accuracy. The inclusion of a monopod not only improves the rifle's performance but also adds a desirable feature for those seeking enhanced stability in their shooting experience. This customization has the potential to increase the market value of the rifle, appealing to a niche of shooters who prioritize improved stability for precise shooting scenarios.

Cheek Risers

The addition of cheek risers, particularly on rifles featuring adjustable stocks, introduces a valuable customization to the Savage 10/110. Cheek risers facilitate a personalized cheek weld, ensuring consistent sight alignment and shot placement. This feature appeals to shooters who prioritize a tailored fit, enhancing their shooting experience. Rifles equipped with cheek risers not only provide enhanced comfort and control but also have the potential to increase their market value, catering to individuals seeking a firearm with customizable features that contribute to improved accuracy and overall usability.

Biathlon Bolt Handles

The incorporation of biathlon bolt handles on the Savage 10/110 introduces a specialized feature tailored for efficient cycling in biathlon-style shooting. These handles are designed with the unique needs of biathlon enthusiasts in mind, enhancing the rifle's suitability for this specific discipline. Rifles equipped with biathlon bolt handles may attract individuals engaged in or interested in biathlon-style shooting, potentially elevating their market value among those seeking a firearm with specialized features catering to the demands of this precise and dynamic sport.

History of the Savage 10/110

The distinguished history of the Savage 10/110 is a testament to the fusion of precision engineering and American firearm innovation. Originating in the early 1950s, this iconic rifle traces its roots to Arthur William Savage, the visionary founder of Savage Arms. At the core of its inception was a revolutionary bolt-action design that laid the foundation for the development of the renowned Savage 110 series. The "110" nomenclature signifies its inventive and modular nature, with "1" denoting its single-shot capabilities and "10" highlighting its compatibility with detachable box magazines.

A defining feature that set the Savage 10/110 apart was its ingenious barrel nut system, enabling effortless headspacing adjustment and streamlining the manufacturing process. This pioneering approach not only ensured consistent accuracy but also positioned the rifle as an affordable and accessible choice for a diverse audience of shooters. As the years unfolded, the Savage 10/110 series evolved to embrace advancements in materials, machining techniques, and firearm technology.

Throughout its enduring history, the Savage 10/110 has earned acclaim for its exceptional accuracy, often surpassing more expensive rifles in its class. Its sustained popularity attests to its legacy as a reliable and precision-centric firearm, catering to both hunting and competitive shooting pursuits. Savage's unwavering commitment to combining cutting-edge innovation with affordability has solidified the 10/110 series as a favored choice among shooters. The history of the Savage 10/110 reflects a tradition of craftsmanship that resonates with firearm enthusiasts, embodying a legacy that continues to captivate and inspire.


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A interesting innovation of the Savage 10/110 series is its AccuTrigger system, which allows shooters to adjust the trigger pull according to their preference without needing a gunsmith. This feature not only enhances safety but also improves accuracy by allowing for a clean, crisp trigger pull tailored to individual needs. Such user-focused customization makes the Savage 10/110 particularly popular among those who value precision and personalization in their shooting experience.

General Questions & Answers

What does the barrel nut system mean for users of Savage 10/110 rifles?

The barrel nut system allows users to easily adjust the rifle's headspace for accuracy while also simplifying maintenance.

In what types of shooting activities do users commonly employ Savage 10/110 rifles?

Users often use these rifles for hunting various game, participating in shooting competitions, and enjoying recreational target practice.

How have Savage 10/110 rifles improved over the years to benefit users?

Ongoing advancements in materials and technology have resulted in rifles that are more reliable and perform even better.

Why do users find Savage 10/110 rifles to be a cost-effective choice?

These rifles offer accuracy, customization options, and quality without a high price tag, making them accessible to many shooters.

What specific features set Savage 10/110 rifles apart, making them popular among users?

Users appreciate the consistent accuracy, ease of customization, and affordability that distinguish these rifles from others in their class.

What is the user consensus regarding the reputation of Savage 10/110 rifles?

Users consistently rate Savage 10/110 rifles highly for their accuracy and performance, making them trusted and favored firearms in the shooting community.



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