How Much is a Sig Sauer P226 Currently Worth?

Sig Sauer P226 illustration

The Sig Sauer P226, synonymous with superior workmanship and notable military heritage, is not just an extraordinary firearm. It has earned the trust of numerous international law enforcement agencies and military forces, proving its mettle under the most severe circumstances.

Sig Sauer P226 illustration
How Much is a Sig Sauer P226 Currently Worth?
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Frank Holder
Published On:
July 27, 2023
Updated On:
May 31, 2023
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Current Market Value of a Sig Sauer P226

While prices can vary, a typical Sig Sauer P226 is worth around $700, but the price range generally falls between $550 on the low end to as high as $900. If it is heavily upgraded, it may be worth even more.

Picture of two different finishes on a Sig Sauer P226

Factors That Influence The Value of a Sig Sauer P226

The value of a Sig Sauer P226 is primarily influenced by its condition, rarity, and the presence of included accessories. The firearm's condition, whether it's in mint or used condition, significantly affects its market value. Rarity adds an element of exclusivity, while the inclusion of original accessories can enhance its overall worth. These factors collectively contribute to the P226's appraisal in the firearm market.


The condition of a Sig Sauer P226 significantly impacts its value and appeal. From pristine and lightly used to those showing more wear, understanding the firearm's condition is essential for making informed decisions and conducting fair transactions.

New or Mint Condition

In pristine, unused condition, a Sig Sauer P226 in this state exhibits a flawless finish, no wear, and perfect mechanics. These firearms are highly valuable, particularly among collectors. Their rarity and impeccable condition make them prized possessions.

Excellent Condition

Well-maintained and showing minimal signs of use, Sig Sauer P226s in excellent condition have minor wear on the finish and clean mechanics. They command a strong resale value. Shooters often prefer these for their reliability and appealing aesthetics.

Very Good Condition

In very good condition, you'll find slight wear, mainly on high-contact areas. Mechanically, they remain reliable, albeit with some bore wear. They offer a balanced blend of price and condition. These guns are favored by those who want a reliable sidearm with character.

Good Condition

Regularly used and displaying visible wear, Sig Sauer P226s in good condition are dependable with functional mechanics. They suit those who prioritize functionality over aesthetics. For shooters on a budget, these offer a solid choice for personal defense.

Fair Condition

With considerable use and noticeable wear, Sig Sauer P226s in fair condition are functional but may require maintenance. They have a lower value and are often chosen by budget-conscious buyers. Buyers in need of a project gun or a dependable workhorse opt for these.

Poor Condition

Heavily used, neglected, and possibly plagued by rust and mechanical issues, Sig Sauer P226s in poor condition have limited value. They're suitable for parts or restoration but require careful evaluation before purchase or restoration efforts. Only experienced gun enthusiasts or restorers should consider these for projects.


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The Sig Sauer P226 boasts a diverse lineup of models, each designed with specific features and capabilities to cater to a variety of shooting preferences and needs. These models offer a range of options, from standard configurations to specialized variants, ensuring that there's a P226 to suit virtually any shooter's requirements. Understanding the various models and their unique attributes is essential for selecting the right firearm for your intended use.


The Sig Sauer P226 Nitron is the standard model, known for its reliability and durability. It features a black Nitron-coated stainless steel slide, which not only provides a sleek appearance but also enhances resistance to corrosion and wear. The Nitron finish is practical for users who prioritize functionality over aesthetics. This model is a solid choice for both law enforcement and civilian shooters, and its market value remains relatively stable due to its popularity and versatility.


Designed for combat and tactical use, the P226 Combat often comes equipped with features like threaded barrels for suppressor attachment, extended controls for ease of use with gloves, and night sights for low-light situations. These enhancements make it an excellent choice for law enforcement and military applications. The tactical features can slightly increase its market value, appealing to users who require specific functionalities.


The P226 Legion series is highly regarded for its premium features, including an enhanced trigger, checkered front strap, and custom G10 grips. These refinements are designed to provide a superior shooting experience and improved ergonomics. The Legion Gray finish adds a distinctive appearance. The Legion series generally commands a higher market value due to its enhanced performance and aesthetics, making it a top choice for enthusiasts and those seeking the best in terms of performance.


The P226 MK25 is based on the sidearm used by Navy SEALs, making it historically significant. It features a phosphate-coated internal slide and a UID label. While these features may not significantly impact its market value, they add to its allure for collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate its connection to special forces. The MK25 is a sought-after variant, often valued for its unique history.

ASE (Alloy Stainless Elite)

The P226 ASE combines an aluminum-alloy frame with a stainless steel slide, offering a lightweight yet durable package. Enhanced ergonomics, front cocking serrations, and custom grips contribute to its appeal. The Alloy Stainless Elite finish enhances its resistance to wear. This model caters to those who want a well-balanced, premium P226 without excessive weight. Its market value reflects its features and materials, making it a mid-range option for enthusiasts.


The P226 RX is designed for quick target acquisition, featuring a Romeo1 reflex sight. This addition enhances accuracy and speed, making it ideal for competition shooting and home defense. While the Romeo1 sight adds cost, it can also increase the market value, as it offers a complete optics solution for shooters looking to maximize their performance.


The P226 Scorpion stands out with its flat dark earth finish, G10 grips, and front cocking serrations. These features not only provide a unique appearance but also enhance grip and manipulation. The Scorpion model's distinctive aesthetics may appeal to those seeking a more tactical look. The market value of the Scorpion tends to be slightly higher due to its specialized features and finish.


The P226 Equinox features a striking two-tone design, with a contrasting stainless steel slide and black frame. Enhanced grips improve control and comfort. The Equinox is often chosen by those who want an aesthetically appealing firearm without sacrificing performance. Its market value is influenced by its distinctive appearance and enhanced ergonomics.


Designed for competition shooting, the P226 Extreme boasts features like an extended beavertail, front cocking serrations, Hogue G10 grips, and adjustable sights. These enhancements optimize performance for competitive shooters. The P226 Extreme commands a higher market value due to its specialized features tailored for competition and precision shooting.

SAS (Sig Anti-Snag)

The P226 SAS is designed with concealed carry in mind, featuring rounded edges and a dehorned slide to reduce snagging on clothing. This model is popular among those who prioritize concealed carry. Its market value remains competitive, offering a practical choice for those who need a discreet yet reliable sidearm.


The P226 MK26 is a civilian-oriented variant of the P226. It often comes in various configurations, catering to different user preferences. The market value of the MK26 can vary depending on the specific model and features selected. It is a versatile option for those looking for a Sig Sauer P226 tailored to their needs.


Designed for competitive shooting, the P226 X-Five features a longer barrel, adjustable sights, and other enhancements to improve accuracy and speed in shooting sports. These features make it a top choice for competitive shooters. The market value of the P226 X-Five is reflective of its specialized design and high-performance features.

Picture of our Sig Sauer P226 USED that is for sale

Special Editions

Sig Sauer has introduced a range of special edition versions of the P226, each crafted with unique features and design elements. These special editions are designed to cater to specific preferences or commemorate significant events. Understanding the distinctions between these editions allows enthusiasts to appreciate the firearm's exclusivity and consider their appeal for collecting or specialized use.

Emperor Scorpion Carry

The Sig Sauer P226 Emperor Scorpion Carry is a special edition known for its distinctive Emperor Scorpion styling. It features enhanced grips for improved control and unique markings that set it apart from standard models. The Scorpion series often incorporates flat dark earth finishes and aggressive texturing on the grips, providing a tactical appearance. While these features enhance its aesthetics and handling, they can also make it more appealing to those who seek a unique and high-performance sidearm. Consequently, the Emperor Scorpion Carry may command a slightly higher market value due to its specialized design.

Combat TB (Threaded Barrel)

The P226 Combat TB is designed for tactical and suppressed shooting. Its threaded barrel allows for the attachment of suppressors or other muzzle devices. This feature caters to enthusiasts who prioritize shooting with suppressors for reduced noise and improved recoil management. The tactical enhancements and threaded barrel make it an attractive choice for those seeking versatility and customization options, which can positively impact its market value.

Nitron TB (Threaded Barrel)

Similar to the Combat TB, the P226 Nitron TB features a threaded barrel but maintains the standard Nitron finish. This combination offers a balance between the tactical benefits of a threaded barrel and the corrosion resistance of the Nitron coating. This model is favored by those who seek the adaptability of a threaded barrel without compromising the classic aesthetics of the P226. Its market value may reflect its versatility and corrosion-resistant features.

Navy Threaded Barrel

Designed for maritime and tactical use, the P226 Navy Threaded Barrel often incorporates features like a threaded barrel for suppressors and a maritime corrosion-resistant finish. The maritime finish is specifically engineered to withstand exposure to harsh environments, making it suitable for users in coastal regions or those in need of a highly durable firearm. Its specialized features can contribute to its market value, particularly for users who prioritize corrosion resistance and tactical capabilities.


The P226 TacOps is geared towards tactical applications, offering a range of enhancements such as extended controls, night sights, and an accessory rail for the attachment of lights or lasers. These features make it suitable for law enforcement and military use. The tactical focus and inclusion of practical accessories can make it more desirable for users seeking a purpose-built sidearm, potentially influencing its market value.

Elite Dark

The P226 Elite Dark is characterized by its dark finish, G10 grips, and night sights. The G10 grips provide enhanced control and comfort while the dark aesthetics exude a tactical appearance. Night sights enhance low-light accuracy. This model appeals to those who value both form and function, combining a striking appearance with practical enhancements. The Elite Dark's unique features can contribute to its market value, especially among enthusiasts who appreciate its design and improved ergonomics.

RX (Romeo1 Reflex Sight)

Equipped with a Romeo1 reflex sight, the P226 RX enhances quick target acquisition and accuracy. It is particularly appealing to those who prioritize rapid sight acquisition, such as competitive shooters and home defense users. The inclusion of the Romeo1 reflex sight provides added value in terms of performance, potentially elevating its market value for users seeking a complete optics solution.

Legion SAO (Single Action Only)

Part of the Legion series, the P226 Legion SAO features a single-action-only trigger for enhanced precision. The Legion series is known for its premium features and exceptional performance. The SAO trigger provides a crisp and consistent pull, making it a top choice for accuracy-focused shooters. Its market value reflects its specialized trigger mechanism and the overall excellence of the Legion series.

RX SAO (Single Action Only)

Combining the Legion and RX features, the P226 RX SAO features a single-action-only trigger and a Romeo1 reflex sight. This combination provides exceptional accuracy and quick target acquisition. Shooters seeking top-tier performance and optics integration may find this model appealing. The specialized trigger and optics package can influence its market value, positioning it as a premium choice among competitive and precision shooters.

Alloy Stainless Elite (ASE) Threaded Barrel

The P226 ASE Threaded Barrel model combines an aluminum-alloy frame with a stainless steel slide and a threaded barrel. This design offers a lightweight yet durable package, making it suitable for those who want a balanced, premium P226 with reduced weight. The threaded barrel allows for accessory attachment, enhancing its versatility. The Alloy Stainless Elite finish improves resistance to wear. Its market value generally reflects its features, materials, and customization options.

Combat FDE (Flat Dark Earth)

The P226 Combat FDE is known for its flat dark earth finish, giving it a distinctive tactical appearance. While it maintains many of the standard P226 features, its appearance sets it apart. Shooters seeking a unique and tactical look may gravitate towards this model. Its market value can be influenced by its specialized finish and aesthetic appeal.

Picture of our Sig Sauer P226 BRAND NEW that is for sale


The Sig Sauer P226 is available in a variety of finishes, each offering distinct aesthetics and durability. These finishes range from traditional blued and stainless steel options to modern coatings like cerakote. Understanding the available finishes allows buyers to choose a P226 that not only meets their visual preferences but also suits their intended use and environmental conditions.


The Nitron finish is a highly durable, matte black coating applied to the stainless steel slide of many Sig Sauer P226 models. Its primary purpose is to provide corrosion resistance while maintaining a sleek and low-profile appearance. The Nitron finish is favored for its ability to withstand the rigors of regular use without showing signs of wear. Its appeal lies in its practicality and the classic, no-nonsense look it imparts to the firearm. While it may not significantly boost market value, it can positively influence a buyer's perception of a well-maintained and corrosion-resistant firearm.

Flat Dark Earth (FDE)

The FDE finish, or Flat Dark Earth, is known for its earth-toned coloration, typically a tan or desert sand hue. This finish serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. Functionally, it provides an added layer of protection against corrosion while imparting a distinct tactical appearance. Users who appreciate the FDE finish often seek firearms that can blend well in desert or arid environments. The FDE finish may impact market value by appealing to those who prioritize both form and function, potentially resulting in a slightly higher resale value.

Legion Gray

The Legion Gray finish is closely associated with the Sig Sauer Legion series, known for its premium features and performance. This matte gray finish provides an exclusive and distinguished appearance, setting Legion models apart from standard variants. While the Legion Gray finish primarily contributes to the aesthetics of the firearm, it plays a crucial role in creating a cohesive and recognizable look for Legion series handguns. The Legion branding and enhanced features can positively affect market value, as buyers often perceive Legion models as premium options.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel finishes are characterized by their polished and corrosion-resistant appearance. They provide both durability and a timeless aesthetic. Firearms with stainless steel slides and frames are often favored for their resistance to wear and their ability to maintain a pristine appearance even after extensive use. While the stainless steel finish itself may not significantly impact market value, it contributes to the overall durability and longevity of the firearm, which can be attractive to potential buyers.

Alloy Stainless Elite (ASE)

The Alloy Stainless Elite (ASE) finish is unique in that it combines an aluminum-alloy frame with a stainless steel slide. This blend of materials offers a balance between weight reduction and durability. The ASE finish provides a polished look and improved resistance to wear. It caters to users seeking a well-balanced P226 with reduced weight, and its market value generally reflects the combination of these features. Buyers appreciate its blend of aesthetics and functionality, potentially resulting in a slightly higher market price.


Two-tone finishes involve a combination of stainless steel and black components, creating a visually striking appearance. This finish is popular among users who want to make a bold statement with their firearm. The contrasting colors not only provide an eye-catching look but also emphasize the firearm's design lines. While the two-tone finish is primarily an aesthetic choice, it can influence market value by appealing to buyers who seek a unique and stylish P226.

Dark Earth (DE)

Similar to FDE, the Dark Earth (DE) finish offers a dark earth or tan coloration, enhancing the tactical appearance of the firearm. It caters to users who prefer a subdued and earth-toned aesthetic. Like the FDE finish, DE primarily influences the firearm's appearance. While it may not significantly impact market value, it appeals to users seeking a particular coloration that aligns with their preferences.

Hard Chrome

Some P226 models feature a hard chrome finish, characterized by its bright and reflective appearance. Hard chrome finishes provide exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion. These finishes are often found on custom or high-end P226 models, appealing to users who value both aesthetics and functionality. The hard chrome finish can positively impact market value, as it signifies a premium and long-lasting firearm.


Nitride is a surface treatment that enhances corrosion resistance and wear resistance. While it may not significantly alter the appearance of the firearm, it adds a layer of protection to critical components. P226 models with a nitride finish are favored for their durability and resistance to environmental factors. While the nitride finish itself may not substantially affect market value, it can make a P226 model more appealing to users who prioritize longevity and reliability.

Kryptek Camo

Kryptek camo finishes feature unique and intricate camouflage patterns applied to the frame or slide of the firearm. These finishes are chosen for their distinctive appearance and may appeal to users who want a one-of-a-kind look for their P226. Kryptek camo finishes are primarily aesthetic in nature and do not significantly influence market value. However, they cater to individuals seeking a personalized and visually striking firearm.


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Included Accessories

The Sig Sauer P226 may come with a selection of accessories that enhance its functionality and convenience. These accessories can include items such as extra magazines, a user manual, a cleaning kit, and more. Recognizing the included accessories ensures that buyers have a complete understanding of what comes with their firearm purchase and can make the most of these valuable additions.

Original Box

The original box or packaging serves as more than just a container. It plays a crucial role in preserving the firearm's condition during transportation and storage. It protects the P226 from potential damage, such as scratches and dings, which can affect its resale value. Additionally, having the original box with matching serial numbers can provide authenticity and increase buyer confidence, potentially resulting in a slightly higher market value.


The user manual included with the P226 is an essential resource for firearm owners. It offers guidance on safe operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Having the manual ensures that owners are well-informed about their firearm, reducing the risk of mishandling or neglect. While the manual may not directly impact market value, it contributes to responsible firearm ownership and enhances the overall ownership experience.

Extra Magazines

Extra magazines are a practical accessory that allows shooters to continue firing without pausing to reload. Their inclusion with a P226 can be a significant advantage, especially for competitive shooters or those using the firearm for self-defense. The number of extra magazines provided can vary, but having spare magazines can positively influence the firearm's market value, as buyers often appreciate this convenience.


In addition to the user manual, documentation that includes warranty information, safety warnings, and product registration instructions is crucial for responsible firearm ownership. It ensures that owners are aware of their rights and responsibilities, particularly regarding warranties and safety precautions. While documentation itself may not significantly affect market value, it reinforces the importance of safe firearm handling and maintenance, which can indirectly enhance the firearm's overall value.


The type of sights included with a P226 can have a substantial impact on its usability and accuracy. Standard three-dot sights provide a basic aiming reference, while night sights enhance low-light shooting capabilities. Adjustable target sights cater to precision shooters. The choice of sights can align with specific shooting preferences and intended applications, potentially increasing the firearm's market value for users seeking enhanced sighting options.


Grips play a critical role in firearm ergonomics and control. While standard grips provide a baseline level of comfort and control, enhanced grips like G10 grips offer improved texture and handling. Users with a preference for a particular grip type may place a higher value on models equipped with their grip of choice. As a result, the presence of enhanced grips can positively impact market value for buyers seeking improved handling characteristics.

Accessory Rail

An accessory rail under the barrel of a P226 allows users to attach accessories such as lights and lasers. This feature enhances the firearm's versatility and adaptability to various shooting scenarios. Firearms with accessory rails are often more desirable to users who prioritize customization, potentially influencing market value by appealing to those seeking a versatile platform.

Threaded Barrel

A threaded barrel on a P226 is designed for attaching suppressors or other muzzle devices. This feature caters to users interested in suppressed shooting, reducing noise and recoil. Firearms equipped with threaded barrels can command a higher market value, as they cater to a niche market of enthusiasts seeking this customization option for their firearm.


The inclusion of a holster with a P226 purchase adds practical value and convenience for users interested in carrying the firearm. A well-matched holster provides a secure and accessible carrying solution. While the presence of a holster may not dramatically affect market value, it can be an attractive feature for buyers looking for a complete package.

Magazine Pouch

Magazine pouches or carriers are accessories that assist with magazine management during shooting sessions. They keep spare magazines organized and easily accessible. While not a primary driver of market value, the inclusion of a magazine pouch can enhance the overall shooting experience, particularly for those who value efficient magazine changes.

Lanyard Loop

Some P226 models feature a lanyard loop at the base of the grip. This loop allows users to attach a lanyard or tether for added security when carrying the firearm in certain environments. While lanyard loops are not standard on all models, their inclusion can be appreciated by users who prioritize firearm retention and safety in specific settings.

Custom Features

Special edition or custom P226 models may include unique features or components that differentiate them from standard models. These features can range from custom grips to engraved slides and may significantly influence market value. Custom features often appeal to collectors and enthusiasts seeking exclusive and personalized firearms, resulting in higher market prices for these specialized models.

Picture of our used Sig Sauer P226 that is for sale

History of the Sig Sauer P226

The Sig Sauer P226 is a legendary handgun that traces its roots back to the early 1980s when it was developed to meet the demanding requirements of the U.S. military's Joint Service Small Arms Program (JSSAP). The quest for a new service pistol led to the birth of the P226, and its journey from military trials to becoming a respected civilian and law enforcement firearm is a testament to its enduring design and performance.

In the 1970s, the U.S. military sought a replacement for the aging M1911 pistol, aiming for a modern firearm chambered in 9mm NATO. Sig Sauer, a Swiss-German firearms manufacturer, joined the competition with the P220, a double-action/single-action (DA/SA) semi-automatic pistol known for its accuracy and reliability.

The P226, introduced shortly after the P220, was Sig Sauer's response to the JSSAP's need for a high-capacity, 9mm pistol with enhanced features. The P226 shared the P220's DA/SA trigger system, but it incorporated several innovative design elements. One notable feature was the use of a decocking lever, allowing the shooter to safely lower the hammer without firing a round, enhancing overall safety.

In 1984, the U.S. Navy SEALs adopted the P226 as their official sidearm, a significant endorsement of the pistol's ruggedness and reliability. Shortly thereafter, the U.S. Army's elite special forces unit, Delta Force, followed suit, further solidifying the P226's reputation for exceptional performance in demanding environments.

The P226's military adoption paved the way for its widespread popularity in civilian and law enforcement markets. Its reputation for accuracy, durability, and ease of maintenance drew the attention of firearms enthusiasts and professionals alike. The P226 became a preferred choice for various police departments and government agencies.

Over the years, the P226 has undergone several design iterations and variations, including the P226 Mk25, designed to meet the exacting standards of the Navy SEALs. It featured a corrosion-resistant finish, phosphated internal components, and a UID label on the frame.

The P226's legacy extends beyond its military and law enforcement service. It has become a staple in competitive shooting events, offering remarkable accuracy and versatility for competitive shooters. Additionally, its adaptability for customizations and modifications has further solidified its position in the firearms community.

Today, the Sig Sauer P226 continues to thrive as a symbol of Swiss-German precision engineering and American innovation. Its storied history, coupled with its timeless design, has made it a beloved firearm for self-defense, duty carry, and recreational shooting. The P226's enduring legacy is a testament to its ability to meet the demands of both the military and civilian worlds, earning its place as a true classic in the world of handguns.


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P226 is the firearm that beat out several competitors to become the standard sidearm for the U.S. Navy SEALs, showcasing its exceptional performance and reliability in some of the most demanding conditions.

General Questions & Answers

Why does the P226 not have a safety?

The P226 lacks an external safety feature, a deliberate design decision rooted in its purpose as a service pistol. This means it was specifically built to be always prepared for immediate use – from drawing the weapon to aiming and firing. Therefore, the P226 is intended to be carried with a round already chambered.

Why is the P226 so good?

The minimal recoil and muzzle climb of the P226 contribute to its ease of use, allowing for swift and accurate firing. In essence, the P226 is a powerhouse in its own right.

Why are P226 pistols often expensive?

The P226's frame is crafted from a forged aluminum alloy and undergoes precise milling, making the manufacturing process notably more expensive than simply injecting heated polymer into a mold with two steel rails. According to certain studies, this particular model has demonstrated flawless performance even after firing 40,000 rounds.

Is the SIG P226 better than Glock?

Both the Sig Sauer P226 and Glock are highly reliable firearms extensively used by military and law enforcement globally. The choice between the two often boils down to personal preference and specific needs. The Sig Sauer P226 often has a more refined trigger and greater accuracy but is heavier and larger, making it less ideal for concealed carry. On the other hand, Glocks are generally lighter, easier to carry, and simpler to operate due to their consistent trigger pull but may feel less premium.



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