How Much is an FN FNX-45 Currently Worth?

Picture of a FN FNX-45

Within the extensive spectrum of firearms, the FN FNX-45 emerges as an epitome of precision engineering and robust performance, meriting a thorough examination and appreciation. This handgun has earned its status as a formidable and consistent option for seasoned firearm collectors as well as those just beginning their armament adventure. As we delve into this discourse, we will dissect the complexities of the FN FNX-45, offering an all-encompassing review of its value and distinct features.

Picture of a FN FNX-45
Published On:
October 13, 2023
Updated On:
January 30, 2024
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Current Market Value of a FN FNX-45

While prices can vary, a typical FN FNX-45 is worth around $850, but the price range generally falls between $700 on the low end to as high as $1000. If it is heavily upgraded, it may be worth even more.

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Factors That Influence The Value of an FN FNX-45

When it comes to assessing the value of an FN FNX-45 pistol, there are several critical factors that discerning firearm enthusiasts and prospective buyers must consider. From its condition and included accessories to special editions and aftermarket customizations, we'll dissect the factors that play a pivotal role in determining the market value of the FN FNX-45. Whether you're an experienced collector, a tactical shooter, or someone looking to buy or sell an FN FNX-45, understanding these influences is essential for making informed decisions and appreciating the true value of this firearm.


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In the world of firearms, the condition of a handgun plays a pivotal role in determining its value and desirability. When it comes to the FN FNX-45, this semi-automatic powerhouse is no exception. From brand-new specimens fresh out of the factory to well-worn veterans that have seen their share of action, the condition of an FN FNX-45 can significantly influence its market worth. We will delve deep into the various states an FN FNX-45 can be found in, exploring the nuances and implications of each condition. Whether you're a collector, an enthusiast, or a potential buyer, understanding the spectrum of conditions is crucial for making informed decisions and appreciating the intricate value factors at play.

New or Mint

New or Mint Condition signifies the highest echelon of firearm perfection. In this state, the FN FNX-45 emerges from the factory as an untouched masterpiece. It has never felt the recoil of a fired round, never experienced the wear of a holster, and exhibits no signs of wear and tear. This condition is often accompanied by the firearm's original packaging, accessories, and pristine documentation. FN FNX-45 pistols in new or mint condition are exceedingly rare and sought-after by collectors, enthusiasts, and discerning buyers. The allure lies not just in their pristine nature but also in their potential for long-term value appreciation. These firearms are often considered investments, with the expectation that their value will only increase over time.


An FN FNX-45 classified as being in excellent condition represents a firearm that has been gently used and meticulously maintained. While it may have seen limited use and been fired on a handful of occasions, it retains its overall pristine form and flawless functionality. Any cosmetic imperfections are minor, such as slight holster wear or barely noticeable scratches. The firearm has been the subject of regular care, cleaning, and maintenance, with no significant issues affecting its performance. Firearms in excellent condition are highly sought after in the market, appealing to both collectors and shooters who value a well-preserved firearm. The enduring appeal lies in the balance between condition and affordability, making them accessible to a broad spectrum of enthusiasts.

Very Good

Firearms classified as being in very good condition have experienced more extensive use but remain in excellent working order. They may show noticeable wear on the finish, grips, or sights, signs that they have been used and appreciated. However, these cosmetic imperfections do not compromise the firearm's functionality, accuracy, or safety. FN FNX-45 pistols in very good condition often serve as dependable options for those who intend to use them for shooting sports, personal defense, or professional duties. The allure here is that they offer an optimal compromise between condition and cost, making them accessible to a broader range of firearm enthusiasts.


FN FNX-45 firearms classified as being in good condition have experienced regular usage and exhibit visible signs of wear and tear. The finish may show extensive wear, and noticeable scratches or dings might be present. These cosmetic imperfections are indicative of their history and use. However, despite these visual blemishes, they remain entirely functional and safe to operate. Firearms in good condition are typically more budget-friendly options for shooters who prioritize function over aesthetics. These firearms still offer reliability, accuracy, and performance, making them suitable for those seeking a dependable tool without excessive concern for cosmetic issues.


Firearms in fair condition have endured extensive use and display substantial signs of wear and tear, bearing the scars of their journey. In this state, the finish is often worn off in multiple areas, and there may be noticeable scratches and dents. These firearms may not possess the visual appeal of their counterparts in better condition, but they remain functional and safe to use. Firearms in fair condition are often sold at a significant discount due to their appearance and wear, making them an attractive choice for budget-conscious buyers. These firearms still serve their purpose as tools, albeit with a history etched onto their surface.


Poor condition FN FNX-45 pistols have experienced heavy usage and may have reliability issues. In this state, they often exhibit severe cosmetic damage, such as deep scratches, rust, or even missing parts. While they may still be capable of firing, they are typically considered project guns or sources of spare parts for enthusiasts, gunsmiths, or restorers. The market value of firearms in poor condition is significantly lower than that of firearms in better conditions. Buyers interested in such firearms often have the skills and resources required to restore or salvage them. These firearms are rarely sought after for their shooting or collector value but may have utility for specific purposes, such as custom gunsmithing projects.

Picture of a FN FNX-45 In a box, with two magazines and documentation


The FN FNX-45 isn't a one-size-fits-all handgun. It boasts a diverse family of models, each designed with specific features and purposes in mind. We'll introduce you to each model, shedding light on what makes them unique, why they exist, and how they can influence the market value of an FN FNX-45. From tactical enhancements to compact designs, we'll cover them all, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of the available options.


The FN FNX-45 Tactical is a highly specialized variant tailored to meet the demands of tactical shooters and enthusiasts. What sets it apart is its threaded barrel, which allows for the attachment of suppressors or compensators. This feature reduces recoil and noise, making it an optimal choice for users who prioritize control and stealth. The model includes suppressor-height night sights for improved target acquisition with a mounted suppressor, an optics-ready slide for the addition of red dot sights, and an increased capacity of up to 15 rounds of .45 ACP ammunition. The FN FNX-45 Tactical is favored by those who require enhanced adaptability and versatility in tactical situations. While it typically comes at a higher price point than standard models due to its additional features, its value is often considered justified by the enhanced performance and customization options it offers. This makes it a highly desirable choice for both professional use and enthusiasts looking for a cutting-edge and versatile firearm.


The FN FNX-45 Standard serves as the cornerstone of the FN FNX-45 series, embodying reliability and versatility within a semi-automatic pistol chambered in the potent .45 ACP caliber. Its enduring appeal stems from its straightforward and robust design, rendering it a dependable choice for a myriad of applications. With a standard barrel length and capacity, it provides a balanced and familiar platform, appealing to both professional users and civilian enthusiasts. While it may not feature some of the specialized enhancements found in other variants, its inherent reliability and adaptability make it a preferred option for those who value a dependable and versatile sidearm. The FN FNX-45 Standard's market value benefits from its accessibility, offering an excellent choice for those seeking a no-frills yet highly capable firearm that stands as a testament to FN's commitment to quality and performance.

Compact Tactical

The FN FNX-45 Compact Tactical represents a strategic fusion of compactness and tactical prowess, inheriting critical features from its larger sibling, the FN FNX-45 Tactical. Designed for concealed carry and engagements in close quarters, this model boasts a threaded barrel, suppressor-height night sights, and an optics-ready slide. This blend of tactical capability within a compact frame provides users with the adaptability to carry discreetly while retaining the advantages of a tactical pistol. The FN FNX-45 Compact Tactical's market value benefits from its versatility in tactical scenarios, making it a highly sought-after option for those who require a compact yet multifaceted firearm capable of meeting the demands of dynamic situations.


The FN FNX-45 Compact seamlessly marries the trusted reliability of the FN FNX-45 series with a more compact and concealable frame. Tailored for those who prioritize compactness and ease of concealment, it caters to individuals seeking a discreet yet capable firearm for personal defense. Despite not incorporating some of the advanced features present in the Tactical models, its compact form factor and user-friendly design have propelled it into popularity among concealed carry permit holders. The FN FNX-45 Compact's market value thrives on its widespread acclaim within the concealed carry market segment, making it a compelling choice for those in search of a reliable and easily concealable sidearm that seamlessly balances form and function.

Picture of a FN FNX-45


The finish of an FN FNX-45 is more than just aesthetics; it's a blend of style and durability. From classic matte black to earth-tone Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and polished stainless steel, each finish serves a purpose and contributes to the firearm's overall appeal. We'll explore each finish in detail, explaining why it exists, what sets it apart, and how it can affect the market value of an FN FNX-45.

Matte Black 

Matte Black is a standard finish for the FN FNX-45, and it's emblematic of both practicality and stealth. This finish boasts a non-reflective, matte surface that doesn't draw undue attention, making it an ideal choice for users who prefer to keep a low profile. In various environments and scenarios, the matte texture significantly reduces glare, minimizing the chances of the firearm catching unwanted attention. While it doesn't introduce unique features or functionalities, the Matte Black finish is favored for its practicality and neutrality. In terms of market value, the Matte Black finish typically doesn't significantly impact the base price of the firearm since it's a standard offering. However, its true appeal lies in its understated and versatile aesthetic. It's a popular choice among users who prioritize a practical and inconspicuous firearm for both professional and civilian use, appreciating the balance it strikes between functionality and discretion. Whether in the hands of professionals in the field or civilians who value self-defense, Matte Black continues to maintain its popularity as a reliable and unobtrusive option.

Flat Dark Earth (FDE)

Flat Dark Earth (FDE), on the other hand, provides a striking departure from traditional black firearms. This finish, known for its earth-tone coloration, offers a unique blend of aesthetics and practicality. Its coloration is designed to blend seamlessly with various outdoor environments, providing enhanced camouflage potential. The subdued appearance of FDE is less reflective than conventional finishes, making it a prudent choice for users who prefer to minimize the likelihood of drawing attention to their firearm. In terms of market value, while the FDE finish typically doesn't significantly affect the base price of the firearm, it is highly favored for its aesthetics and adaptability to different scenarios. Those who appreciate a more distinctive look and the functionality of effective concealment gravitate toward this finish. Whether for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, or those who value a firearm that harmonizes with nature, FDE offers both style and subtlety.


The Two-Tone finish introduces an element of sophistication and visual appeal to the FN FNX-45. This particular finish combines two contrasting elements: a stainless steel slide paired with a frame of a different color or material. While it doesn't bring specific performance enhancements, it is often chosen for its unique and eye-catching aesthetics. In terms of market value, the Two-Tone finish may command a slightly higher price than standard finishes due to its distinctive appearance and the perception of added value. This finish is particularly appealing to users who appreciate the blending of materials and the visual contrast it brings to the firearm, offering a touch of individuality and personalization to their weapon of choice.

Stainless Steel

The Stainless Steel finish is synonymous with durability and a polished appearance. This finish presents a shiny and corrosion-resistant surface, showcasing the strength and longevity of stainless steel construction. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Stainless Steel finish provides exceptional resistance to rust and wear, resulting in a firearm that requires minimal maintenance. While this finish may command a slightly higher market value due to its durability and aesthetics, its primary impact lies in ensuring the longevity and resilience of the firearm. The Stainless Steel finish is highly favored by users in harsh environments where corrosion resistance is crucial. Additionally, those who seek a polished and long-lasting appearance for their firearm choose this finish. Whether as a statement piece in a collection or as a reliable tool in demanding conditions, the Stainless Steel finish adds a touch of elegance and unwavering performance to the FN FNX-45.


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Included Accessories

As FN FNX-45 owners and enthusiasts know, accessories can significantly enhance the firearm's functionality and usability. However, not all accessories contribute equally to the gun's market value. We'll take a closer look at the included accessories, from the original box to extra magazines, and discuss how they can influence the perceived worth of an FN FNX-45.

Original Box

The presence of the original box with an FN FNX-45 can be considered a valuable accessory. While it may not significantly increase the market value, it offers practical advantages. The original box serves as a secure and convenient means of storage and transportation for the firearm. It helps preserve the firearm's condition by protecting it from external elements and potential damage during transit. Additionally, having the original box can enhance the overall presentation and desirability of the firearm when it comes to resale or collector appeal. While it may not add a substantial premium to the price, it contributes to the overall package's completeness and can make the firearm more appealing to potential buyers.


The inclusion of manuals with an FN FNX-45 is a practical addition that ensures users have access to essential information about the firearm's operation, maintenance, and safety guidelines. While it may not significantly impact the firearm's market value, having the manuals adds to the overall user experience and convenience. Manuals offer valuable guidance on how to safely and effectively use and care for the firearm, which can be especially beneficial for new owners. However, in terms of resale value, the presence of manuals typically adds more to the firearm's usability and knowledge base rather than a substantial increase in monetary value.

Extra Magazines

Extra magazines can be a valuable accessory for FN FNX-45 owners. They provide the convenience of extended shooting sessions without the need for frequent reloading. While having extra magazines doesn't dramatically increase the firearm's market value, it enhances its practicality and usability. Shooters often appreciate the convenience of having multiple magazines readily available. For those who intend to use the firearm regularly, extra magazines can be a valuable addition that contributes to an improved shooting experience. However, the actual impact on the firearm's resale value may vary, with the value of magazines considered more in terms of usability than monetary worth.

Original Accessories

Original accessories, such as holsters, cleaning kits, or specialized tools designed for the FN FNX-45, can enhance the overall package. These accessories are typically tailored to complement the firearm's features and functionality. While the inclusion of original accessories can improve the firearm's practicality and user experience, their impact on market value may be relatively modest. Their primary value lies in providing users with tools and equipment specifically designed to work seamlessly with the firearm. Collectors and enthusiasts may appreciate the completeness of a package with original accessories, but their influence on price tends to be secondary to their usability.


Documentation, including purchase receipts, warranty information, and related paperwork, contributes to the firearm's history and provenance. While it may not significantly affect the firearm's market value, having well-maintained documentation can offer benefits in terms of traceability and authenticity. For collectors, having a complete set of documentation can enhance the firearm's historical value and provenance. However, for the average user or buyer, the documentation's primary value lies in providing a sense of transparency and confidence in the firearm's history and ownership. It serves as a record of the firearm's journey and can be essential for warranty claims or verification purposes.

Close up picture of a FN FNX-45


Customizing an FN FNX-45 can be a personal journey, but it's essential to understand how these modifications impact the firearm's market value. From upgraded sights and grips to custom finishes and match-grade barrels, we'll delve into each customization option, explaining their purpose, potential benefits, and how they can affect the firearm's desirability and market value.


Customizing the sights of the FN FNX-45 is a popular option among firearm enthusiasts looking to tailor their handguns for specific scenarios. Sights play a crucial role in aiming accuracy and target acquisition. Upgrading to different types of sights can provide distinct advantages. For instance, night sights equipped with tritium inserts glow in low-light conditions, making them invaluable for home defense or law enforcement use. Fiber-optic sights enhance daylight aiming with their bright, contrasting colors, ideal for competitive shooting. Adjustable target sights offer precision adjustments, perfect for those seeking long-range accuracy. The impact on market value depends on the quality and compatibility of the chosen sights. High-quality sights from reputable manufacturers can add value, especially for those seeking improved aiming capabilities and versatile performance. While sights themselves may not dramatically alter the base price of the firearm, they contribute to the overall shooting experience and can make the FN FNX-45 more attractive to potential buyers who prioritize accuracy and usability.


Swapping out the standard grips with aftermarket options is a customization aimed at enhancing ergonomics and control. Grips come in various materials, textures, and ergonomic designs, catering to different hand sizes and preferences. Custom grips can make a significant difference in how the firearm feels in the hand and how well it can be controlled during recoil and rapid firing. Ergonomically designed grips may have finger grooves, palm swells, or aggressive texturing to ensure a secure hold even in adverse conditions. While the impact on market value may not be substantial, the added comfort and control custom grips provide can make the firearm more appealing to potential buyers who prioritize ergonomics and shootability. Additionally, customized grips often allow shooters to tailor the firearm to their specific hand size and grip style, contributing to improved accuracy and overall satisfaction.


Trigger customization is a sought-after modification for those looking to refine their shooting experience with the FN FNX-45. Custom trigger kits are designed to enhance the trigger pull characteristics of the firearm. These kits can reduce trigger weight, minimize trigger creep, and provide a smoother, crisper break. Shooters seeking precise and consistent trigger control may opt for these upgrades, especially competitive shooters and precision marksmen. The impact on market value largely depends on the quality and performance of the trigger kit. High-quality trigger enhancements from reputable manufacturers can add value to the firearm, as they address a critical aspect of shooting performance. However, it's essential to note that trigger customization may not significantly alter the base price of the firearm, but it can positively influence its appeal to buyers who prioritize trigger quality and consistency.

Extended Magazine Releases

Adding an extended magazine release to the FN FNX-45 is a customization aimed at improving the firearm's functionality, particularly in situations requiring quick magazine changes. The extended magazine release allows for more accessible and efficient magazine ejection, a feature highly valued in competitive shooting, tactical scenarios, or any situation where rapid reloads are crucial. While it may not significantly impact the market value of the firearm, the inclusion of an extended magazine release can make it more attractive to potential buyers who prioritize enhanced usability and operational efficiency. It's a modification that caters to those seeking a high level of control over their firearm during dynamic shooting situations, making it more versatile and user-friendly.

Threaded Barrels

Threaded barrels are a practical customization for those interested in expanding the capabilities of their FN FNX-45. These barrels feature threads at the muzzle, allowing users to attach suppressors or compensators. The primary advantage of threaded barrels is the reduction of recoil and noise when using suppressors, making them ideal for those who engage in tactical shooting or prioritize reduced noise signature. Additionally, compensators can enhance muzzle control, reducing muzzle rise during rapid firing for improved accuracy. While the inclusion of a threaded barrel may slightly increase the market value of the firearm, its impact largely depends on the preferences and intended use of potential buyers. Those looking to equip their firearm for specific purposes, such as home defense or tactical shooting, may find this customization appealing due to the added versatility it offers.

Recoil Springs

Custom recoil springs offer firearm enthusiasts the opportunity to fine-tune the felt recoil and cycling of their FN FNX-45. Different recoil springs can affect the firearm's performance by varying the force required to cycle the action. Shooters may choose lighter recoil springs for reduced felt recoil, allowing for quicker follow-up shots, or heavier recoil springs for increased control and stability during rapid fire. Custom recoil springs can also influence the ejection pattern and overall reliability of the firearm, particularly when using different types of ammunition. The impact on market value may not be significant, as recoil spring customization primarily addresses shooter preferences and specific shooting scenarios. However, for those who prioritize fine-tuning their firearm's performance to match their shooting style, custom recoil springs can provide a tailored shooting experience and make the FN FNX-45 more appealing.

Magazine Well Funnel

A magazine well funnel attachment is a customization aimed at improving the speed and reliability of magazine changes. This accessory aids in guiding the magazine into the well, reducing the chances of fumbling or missing the insertion. Shooters in competitive shooting sports, where rapid and precise reloads are essential, often favor magazine well funnels. While this customization enhances the firearm's usability and user-friendliness, it may not significantly affect the market value. However, it appeals to those who prioritize efficient reloading and ease of use, making the FN FNX-45 more attractive to potential buyers seeking a firearm optimized for competitive or tactical applications.

Slide Enhancements

Aftermarket slides are designed to offer additional functionality and aesthetics to the FN FNX-45. These custom slides may feature improved serrations for enhanced grip when manipulating the slide, lightening cuts to reduce reciprocating mass and felt recoil, and optics-ready configurations to mount red dot sights. Slide enhancements can impact the market value of the firearm, depending on the quality and features of the custom slide. High-quality slides from reputable manufacturers can command a premium, as they not only offer improved performance but also add an aesthetic appeal to the firearm. Shooters who desire enhanced functionality and a modern, customized look may find custom slides an attractive option. Additionally, the ability to mount red dot sights on optics-ready slides adds to the firearm's versatility and appeal to those seeking rapid target acquisition and improved accuracy.

Suppressor-Height Sights

Suppressors are popular accessories for reducing noise and recoil, but they can obstruct the view of standard sights due to their size and placement. Suppressor-height sights, a common customization for FN FNX-45 pistols equipped with suppressors, solve this issue by providing taller sights that clear the suppressor's body. These sights are essential for maintaining proper aiming and target acquisition while using a suppressor. While suppressor-height sights may not dramatically affect the base market value of the firearm, they are a practical addition for those who use suppressors regularly, ensuring the continued functionality and accuracy of the firearm with suppressor attachments. This customization caters to individuals who value versatility and adaptability in their firearm, especially for tactical or home defense purposes.


Custom holsters designed specifically for the FN FNX-45 with various attachments or optics can significantly impact the firearm's usability and carry options. These holsters are tailored to accommodate the specific dimensions, contours, and features of the customized firearm, ensuring a secure and accessible way to carry it. The impact on market value may not be substantial, but custom holsters add to the overall appeal of the firearm for those who prioritize safe and convenient carry. The availability of holsters that accommodate specific attachments or optics can make the FN FNX-45 more attractive to potential buyers who intend to carry the firearm for personal defense or professional use.

Magazine Base Pads

Magazine base pads are extensions that attach to the bottom of magazines, increasing their capacity and improving handling during reloads. While they may not significantly affect the market value of the firearm, they are a practical addition for those seeking increased ammunition capacity and enhanced control during rapid reloads. Magazine base pads are particularly favored by competitive shooters who need every advantage they can get in terms of magazine capacity and speed. These customizations cater to individuals who value the performance advantages of extended magazines and improved ergonomics during magazine changes.

Cerakote or Duracoat Finishes

Custom finishes such as Cerakote or Duracoat offer more than just aesthetic enhancements. They provide additional protection against wear, corrosion, and the elements. Custom finishes are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, allowing users to personalize the firearm's appearance while ensuring durability and longevity. The impact on market value can be positive, as high-quality custom finishes often command a premium due to their durability and aesthetics. Shooters looking for a unique and durable appearance for their FN FNX-45 may find custom finishes an attractive option, especially if they prioritize both aesthetics and long-term functionality.

Threaded Barrel Protectors

Threaded barrel protectors serve a practical purpose when using threaded barrels on the FN FNX-45. They help prevent damage to the barrel's threads when a suppressor or compensator is not in use. While these protectors may not significantly affect the market value of the firearm, they are a valuable accessory for those who frequently switch between threaded and non-threaded configurations. They contribute to the firearm's overall maintenance and longevity, ensuring that the threaded barrel remains functional and undamaged. Customizations like threaded barrel protectors cater to users who prioritize the preservation of their firearm's threaded components and versatility.

Match-Grade Barrels

Replacing the standard barrel with a match-grade option is a customization that can significantly enhance the FN FNX-45's accuracy and precision. Match-grade barrels are carefully crafted to meet stringent tolerances, resulting in tighter groups and improved shot-to-shot consistency. While they can command a higher price, their impact on market value largely depends on the quality of the match-grade barrel and the intended use of the firearm. Competitive shooters and precision marksmen seeking exceptional accuracy may view match-grade barrels as a valuable investment, enhancing the overall performance and appeal of the FN FNX-45. These customizations cater to individuals who prioritize accuracy and precision, particularly in shooting sports and marksmanship competitions.

Frame Modifications

Frame stippling or texture modifications are customizations that focus on improving grip and control. Gunsmiths can alter the frame's texture to provide a more secure and comfortable hold, even in adverse conditions. While frame modifications may not significantly impact the market value of the firearm, they enhance its user-friendliness and ergonomics. Shooters who value a customized grip and control over their firearm may find frame modifications an appealing option, as they contribute to improved handling and overall satisfaction with the FN FNX-45.

Picture of a realoaded FN FNX-45

History of FN FNX-45

The FN FNX-45 has a rich history that spans decades and reflects the evolution of firearms technology and design. Developed by the renowned Belgian firearms manufacturer FN Herstal, the FNX-45 is part of a long lineage of FN handguns, known for their reliability and innovation. The story of the FNX-45 begins with the development of its predecessor, the FN FNP-45. The FNP-45 was introduced in the early 2000s and marked FN Herstal's entry into the polymer-framed, semi-automatic pistol market. It was designed to meet the needs of law enforcement agencies and military forces, combining a high-capacity magazine with the potent .45 ACP cartridge. 

As FN Herstal continued to refine and improve its pistol designs, the FNX-45 emerged as a successor to the FNP-45. The FNX series aimed to address user feedback and incorporate enhancements that would make the pistol even more appealing to a broader audience.

One of the key advancements introduced with the FNX-45 was the option of ambidextrous controls, catering to left-handed shooters and those who appreciated the added versatility. These ambidextrous features included ambidextrous slide stop levers and magazine releases, allowing for easier manipulation of the firearm. The FNX-45 also retained the .45 ACP chambering, which had become synonymous with stopping power and reliability. It offered a 15-round magazine capacity, a significant advantage for a .45 ACP pistol, providing users with ample firepower in a single magazine.

The pistol's ergonomics and grip were carefully designed to ensure a comfortable and secure hold, further enhancing its shootability. The FNX-45 featured replaceable backstraps, allowing users to tailor the grip size to their hand, and aggressive texturing for improved control. Additionally, the FNX-45 incorporated a Picatinny accessory rail, enabling users to attach a variety of accessories, including lights and lasers, to enhance its versatility for law enforcement and civilian use.

The FNX-45 quickly gained recognition for its reliability, accuracy, and durability, making it a popular choice among law enforcement agencies, military units, and civilian gun owners alike. Its performance and features solidified its reputation as a dependable and versatile .45 ACP pistol. Over the years, FN Herstal continued to refine the FNX-45 design, releasing various models and configurations to cater to different user preferences and requirements. This commitment to improvement and adaptability has kept the FNX-45 series relevant in the ever-evolving firearms market.

Today, the FN FNX-45 remains a respected and sought-after firearm, valued for its combination of stopping power, capacity, and robust design. Its history reflects FN Herstal's dedication to innovation and excellence in firearm manufacturing, making it a reliable choice for those seeking a high-quality .45 ACP pistol. Whether used for self-defense, law enforcement duties, or competitive shooting, the FN FNX-45 continues to uphold the legacy of FN Herstal's commitment to firearms excellence.


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General Questions & Answers

Does FN sell to civilians?

Yes, FN (Fabrique Nationale) does sell firearms to civilians in many countries, including the United States. They offer a range of handguns and long guns for civilian purchase.

Is FNX-45 Tactical worth it?

The FNX-45 Tactical is considered by many to be worth its price, especially for those who value its features and performance. It offers a threaded barrel for suppressor use, high-capacity magazines, and a durable build. However, whether it's worth it depends on individual preferences and intended use.

How many rounds can an FNX-45 hold?

The standard FNX-45 handgun typically has a magazine capacity of 15 rounds. However, some variants may have different magazine capacities.

Is FNX-45 drop-safe?

The FNX-45 is designed with drop safety features to help prevent unintentional discharges if the firearm is dropped. Like most modern handguns, it should have safety mechanisms in place to reduce the risk of firing when dropped.

Is FNX-45 too big?

The size of the FNX-45 may be considered too large for some individuals, especially those with smaller hands or a preference for smaller handguns. It is a full-sized pistol, which can make it less suitable for concealed carry but potentially more comfortable for those who prefer a larger grip and longer barrel for accuracy.

Does FNX-45 have a Decocker?

Yes, the FNX-45 typically comes with a decocking lever, allowing the shooter to safely lower the hammer from the single-action mode to a double-action mode without firing the gun.

Is a decocker better than a safety?

The choice between a decocker and a manual safety depends on personal preference and the intended use of the firearm. A decocker is designed to safely lower the hammer without firing the gun, typically transitioning it to a double-action mode. It can be advantageous for those who prefer to carry a firearm with a round in the chamber but still want a layer of safety during holstering or handling. On the other hand, a manual safety allows the user to physically block the trigger and firing mechanism, providing an additional level of control over the firearm. The choice between the two largely depends on the individual's training and comfort with each system.



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The FN FNX-45 is a remarkable firearm not just for its performance, but also for its capacity. It is known for having one of the highest magazine capacities in its class, capable of holding up to 15 rounds of .45 ACP ammunition, providing shooters with more firepower and less frequent reloads, a critical advantage in both competitive shooting and self-defense scenarios.


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