How To Sell A Gun In Dallas

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Selling a gun in Dallas, Texas? This guide makes it easy to understand. We'll show you how to follow Texas gun laws, check if your buyer can legally own a gun, and deal with paperwork. You'll learn about special rules in Dallas and get tips on selling your gun safely. Our guide explains everything step by step, so you feel confident. Plus, find out why choosing "Cash For Arms" is a great way to sell your gun without any stress.

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How To Sell A Gun In Dallas
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December 22, 2023
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May 31, 2023
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Overview Of Gun Selling Process In Dallas, TX

Selling a gun in Dallas involves a few key steps to make sure everything is legal and safe. In Texas, you have the freedom to sell various types of guns, but you need to follow state laws. This means checking if the person buying your gun is allowed to have it. You don't have to fill out a lot of forms, but writing a bill of sale is a good idea. It's also smart to know about any Dallas-specific rules that might affect your sale.

Legal Compliance And Safety

It's crucial to focus on legal compliance and safety. This means ensuring that your sale meets all Texas state laws and Dallas city regulations. You must verify the buyer's legal right to own a firearm, which protects both you and the community. Safety is also key – you want to make sure the gun is transferred responsibly. By sticking to these rules, you help prevent illegal gun ownership and contribute to a safer environment. Our guide highlights these important aspects to make sure your gun selling experience is both legal and secure.

Places to Sell Guns in Dallas, TX


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Selling to a Gun Store In Dallas, TX

Statistics: There are approximately 57 gun stores in Dallas, TX, with some of the most commonly known ones being Ray's Hardware & Sporting Goods, McClelland Gun Shop, and Jackson Armory.

  • You can physically inspect the store and feel more assured about the transaction.
  • Immediate cash offers.
  • Possibility to browse and possibly trade for other items.


  • Generally offers lower payments compared to other selling methods.
  • You may have to drive around from shop to shop to get the best offer, consuming time and resources.
  • The environment can be high pressure, especially if negotiating price.
  • Some may find the environment in gun stores intimidating or uncomfortable.

Selling to a Dallas Pawn Shop

Statistics: Dallas is home to approximately 61 pawn shops, including Uncle Dan's Pawn Shop, P & J Pawn, and Top Value Pawn.

  • Immediate cash offers, useful in urgent need of money.
  • Convenient for those who are familiar with pawn shop dealings.


  • Generally provides the lowest value for your firearms.
  • Like gun stores, might require visiting multiple locations to find the best offer.
  • High-pressure environments are common, with a focus on rapid turnover.
  • Some may find pawn shops less trustworthy or professional compared to specialized gun stores.

Selling to a Private Buyer in Dallas, TX

Overview: Texas laws permit Dallas gun owners to sell their firearms to private parties. This might be done through personal contacts, online marketplaces, or gun shows.

  • Potentially higher prices as you deal directly with the buyer.
  • More control over the selling process.


  • Can be inconvenient and time-consuming, requiring meetings and negotiations with potential buyers.
  • Increased personal risk and safety concerns when meeting unknown buyers.
  • Legal and paperwork responsibilities are entirely on you, including ensuring the buyer is legally allowed to own a firearm.

In all scenarios, ensuring legal compliance and prioritizing safety are critical. Whether choosing the convenience and immediacy of local shops and pawn stores or the generally higher payouts, smooth process, and outstanding customer support from, understanding the pros and cons of each option can help you make an informed decision that suits your needs and ensures a legal, safe, and profitable transaction.


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Texas Gun Laws

The state's regulations define who can own and purchase firearms, what types of firearms are permissible, and outline specific restrictions. Familiarizing yourself with these laws ensures that your firearm sale is not only compliant with state regulations but also responsible and safe.

Age Requirements for Ownership and Purchase

In Texas, to own or purchase a firearm, specific age requirements apply. Individuals must be at least 18 years old to legally own a firearm and to buy long guns like rifles and shotguns. For handguns, the minimum age is 21. However, a recent update allows 18-20 year olds to obtain a handgun license under certain conditions, as outlined in House Bill 918​​.

Types of Legal Firearms and Prohibited Weapons

Texas law allows the possession of various firearms but also specifies certain prohibited types. Legal firearms in Texas include a wide range of handguns, shotguns, and rifles. Prohibited firearms, as detailed in the Texas Penal Code, include machine guns, which are defined as any firearm capable of shooting more than two shots automatically without manual reloading by a single function of the trigger, and short-barrel firearms, which include rifles with a barrel length of less than 16 inches and shotguns with a barrel length of less than 18 inches​​.

For a detailed look at the process of selling a gun in Texas, you can refer to our article How to Sell a Gun in Texas. This guide provides additional insights into Texas's regulations for selling firearms.

Dallas-Specific Firearm Regulations

When selling a firearm in Dallas, it's important to understand both state and local laws.

Picture of a gun and a documentation

Open Carry Laws and Restrictions

In Dallas, as per Texas law, open carry of handguns is allowed with restrictions. Individuals must be 21 or older, and certain convictions, like assaultive offenses or family violence, prohibit open carry. Carrying a firearm while intoxicated is illegal, and in public, handguns must be concealed or in a holster. Open carry of long guns is generally legal without a license​​.

“Stand Your Ground” Law and Property Owner Rights

The "Stand Your Ground" and "Castle Doctrine" laws apply in Dallas as they do in the rest of Texas. These laws allow individuals to use force, including deadly force, to defend themselves and their property without the obligation to retreat. This protection extends to one's home, vehicle, and workplace. The use of deadly force is justified in certain situations, such as preventing aggravated crimes or when facing imminent threats​​.

Gun Sale Regulations in Dallas

The sale of private firearms in Dallas follows Texas state laws. Key points include:

Age Requirements

Buyers must be at least 18 for rifles and shotguns, and 21 for handguns.


It's illegal to sell to someone intending to use the weapon unlawfully, to minors under 18, to intoxicated persons, or to those legally barred from owning a firearm.

Background Checks

Not required by state law, but sellers should ensure buyers are eligible.

Record Keeping

While not mandated, maintaining a record of the sale (bill of sale) is recommended​​​​​​.

In summary, when selling a gun in Dallas, adherence to Texas state laws is key, with additional attention to Dallas-specific considerations such as open carry restrictions and understanding the "Stand Your Ground" law. Sellers should ensure they are selling to eligible buyers and consider maintaining a record of the sale for future reference.

Picture of a Revolver and an American flag

Preparing for the Sale

When preparing to sell a gun in Dallas, it's essential to follow a series of important steps to ensure a legal and safe transaction. This preparation involves verifying the buyer's eligibility, understanding the need for a Federal Firearms License (FFL) if selling as a business, and preparing the necessary documentation. Each step is designed to protect both the seller and the buyer, aligning with Texas state laws and local regulations in Dallas. By carefully planning your sale and adhering to these guidelines, you can confidently navigate the process, ensuring a smooth and compliant transaction.

Verifying Buyer's Eligibility

When selling a gun in Dallas, it's crucial to verify the buyer's eligibility. Texas law requires that buyers of rifles, shotguns, and ammunition be at least 18 years old, and handgun buyers be 21 years old. Additionally, sellers must not knowingly sell to anyone intending to use the weapon unlawfully, those under 18, intoxicated persons, or anyone legally prohibited from owning a firearm, such as those with felony convictions. While state law doesn't mandate universal background checks, it's recommended to ensure the buyer is eligible to prevent legal issues​​​​.

Federal Firearms License (FFL) Requirements for Business Sellers

For those selling firearms as a business in Dallas, obtaining a Federal Firearms License (FFL) is required. This is necessary for repetitive transactions intended for profit. FFL holders must follow specific federal regulations, including conducting background checks and maintaining records of firearm sales. If you're selling from your personal collection and not as a business, an FFL is not required​​​​.

Bill of Sale

Although Texas law doesn't require formal paperwork to document a gun sale, creating a bill of sale is highly recommended. This document serves as proof of the transaction and can protect you if the firearm is later used in illegal activities. The bill of sale should include the date of the transaction, firearm details (make, model, serial number, color), and the buyer’s information (name, address, phone number, email). Including a photo of the buyer’s Texas Driver’s License or License to Carry a Handgun is also advisable​​.

These steps are essential to ensure a legal and responsible firearm sale in Dallas, providing a layer of protection for both the seller and the buyer.

Picture of a person signing a document

Conducting the Sale

When conducting a gun sale in Dallas, Texas, it is essential to follow both state and federal regulations to ensure a legal and seamless transaction. Understanding the legalities involved in selling to out-of-state buyers, complying with no waiting period requirements, adhering to regulations at gun shows and online sales, and knowing the laws about selling certain types of firearms are crucial components of this process.

Selling to Out-of-State Buyers

When selling a firearm to someone from another state, federal law prohibits most transactions unless they occur through a Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer. This restriction is in place to ensure the sale complies with the laws of both the seller's and the buyer's states. When selling a handgun to an individual from another state, the transfer must be done through a licensed firearms dealer in the buyer’s state, who will handle all necessary paperwork and transfer processes​​​​.

Waiting Period for Firearm Sales in Dallas

Texas does not impose a waiting period for firearm sales. This means the transaction can be completed immediately once both parties agree. The absence of a waiting period streamlines the process, but sellers must still ensure all other legal requirements are met​​​​​​.

Compliance at Gun Shows and Online Sales

Selling firearms at gun shows or online in Texas is legal, but sellers must follow state and federal laws. This includes performing background checks on buyers unless they possess a valid Texas License to Carry a Handgun. When selling online, it's recommended to involve a licensed firearms dealer to conduct necessary background checks and ensure compliance with all laws​​​​​​.

Types of Firearms

In Texas, the sale of fully automatic weapons and short-barreled rifles is heavily regulated. Texas law prohibits the possession, manufacture, transport, repair, and sale of machine guns and similar automatic weapons. However, certain automatic weapons may be owned if they are registered per federal law with the ATF and were manufactured before May 1986. Selling modified or customized handguns is legal as long as the modifications comply with state and federal laws​​​​.


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Special Considerations in Transactions

When selling firearms in Dallas, there are several special considerations you must take into account to ensure a legal and smooth transaction. These considerations include understanding age restrictions for buyers, the legalities surrounding the sale of homemade firearms, and the specific requirements for selling non-registered and antique firearms. Each of these elements plays a crucial role in the overall process, helping to maintain compliance with both state and federal regulations. Keeping these factors in mind will help you navigate the complexities of firearm transactions, ensuring that your sale adheres to legal standards and ethical practices.

Selling Homemade Firearms

The sale of homemade firearms in Dallas follows specific legal guidelines. If you're selling a firearm that you've manufactured or assembled yourself, it's important to ensure that it complies with both federal and state regulations regarding homemade firearms. These regulations may include markings, registration, and other legal requirements that confirm the firearm's legality and safety standards. Ignoring these regulations can result in significant legal ramifications.

Selling Non-Registered and Antique Firearms

Selling non-registered and antique firearms in Dallas requires an understanding of specific legal nuances. While Texas does not have a general firearm registration system, certain types of firearms, such as those covered under the National Firearms Act (e.g., fully automatic weapons), must be registered. Additionally, antique firearms, defined as those manufactured before 1899, and their replicas have different legal requirements. It's crucial to verify that your sale of these types of firearms complies with all applicable laws to ensure a lawful transaction.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

When selling firearms in Dallas, it's essential to approach the process with a strong sense of legal and ethical responsibility. This section addresses critical areas where legal compliance intersects with ethical considerations, ensuring that the sale of firearms is conducted in a manner that upholds safety and respects the law. By understanding and adhering to these guidelines, sellers can avoid legal pitfalls and contribute to the responsible distribution and ownership of firearms.

Prohibited Sales

One of the key legal constraints in firearm sales involves restrictions related to domestic violence. In Texas, it's illegal to sell a firearm to individuals with domestic violence convictions or those who are currently under restraining orders. These restrictions are in place to prevent the escalation of violence and protect vulnerable individuals. As a seller, ensuring that the buyer does not have a history of domestic violence or is not under a restraining order is not just a legal obligation, but also a moral responsibility.

Sales to Non-U.S. Citizens and Individuals with Mental Illness

The sale of firearms to non-U.S. citizens and individuals with mental illness is another area that requires careful consideration. While non-U.S. citizens who are legal permanent residents can purchase firearms, there are restrictions for individuals on certain visa types. Additionally, individuals who have been adjudicated mentally defective or involuntarily committed to a mental institution are prohibited from purchasing firearms. It's crucial for sellers to be aware of these regulations to ensure that firearms do not end up in the hands of individuals who are legally barred from owning them. This not only ensures compliance with the law but also upholds the ethical responsibility of preventing potential harm.

Picture of a law's hammer, a pistol on a american flag

Finalizing the Sale

Finalizing the sale of a firearm in Dallas requires attention to specific procedures and regulations, particularly when it comes to shipping firearms within Texas and maintaining records of the transaction. Properly concluding the sale process is crucial to ensure both legal compliance and personal accountability. This section of the guide will help you understand the necessary steps to legally and effectively finalize the sale of your firearm.

Shipping Firearms within Texas

When shipping firearms within Texas, it's important to follow the correct procedures and abide by all regulations. Typically, firearms must be shipped through a licensed dealer (Federal Firearms Licensee or FFL) or using a common carrier. The firearm should be unloaded, securely packaged, and, in most cases, shipped directly to the licensed recipient. Depending on the carrier and the type of firearm, there may be additional requirements or restrictions. It's advisable to consult with the shipping carrier and verify the recipient's eligibility to ensure that the shipment complies with all state and federal laws.

Importance of Record Keeping

Keeping a detailed record of the firearm sale is not just a best practice but also serves as a protective measure for the seller. While Texas law does not mandate private sellers to maintain formal records of firearm sales, doing so can be beneficial. A comprehensive record should include the date of the transaction, the firearm's make, model, serial number, and color, as well as the buyer's full name, address, phone number, and email. Additionally, retaining a copy of the buyer’s Texas Driver’s License or License to Carry a Handgun can provide further verification. Maintaining these records helps establish the transfer of ownership and can be crucial in the event the firearm is later involved in legal matters.

Why Choose Cash For Arms

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Benefits of Using Cash For Arms for Gun Sales

Choosing Cash For Arms for your firearm sale means opting for a service that is dedicated to your best interests. We focus on making the selling process as easy and efficient as possible. Our commitment to our diverse clientele is evident in our convenient service offerings. With Cash For Arms, you are choosing a path that ensures safety, speed, legal compliance, and reliability in every transaction​​.

Professionalism, Legal Compliance, and Customer Support

At Cash For Arms, we are not just about transactions; we are about building trust through professional, legal, and supportive services. Our approach to selling firearms is grounded in prioritizing the best interests of our clients. We simplify the selling process while adhering to all legal requirements, ensuring that you can confidently and conveniently turn your firearms into cash. Our dedication to providing top-notch customer support means we are here to guide you at every step, ensuring a smooth and worry-free experience​​.

Cash For Arms stands out as the optimal choice for selling firearms in Dallas, Texas. Our focus on safety, legal compliance, and customer support, combined with our commitment to simplifying the selling process, aligns with the needs of gun owners looking for a reliable and efficient service. Trust Cash For Arms for a seamless, legally compliant, and profitable firearm selling experience.


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One interesting aspect related to Texas gun laws is the recent update allowing 18-20 year-olds to obtain a handgun license under specific conditions, as outlined in House Bill 918. This change reflects Texas's evolving approach to firearm regulations, balancing safety with accessibility, especially for younger adults in scenarios like self-defense or hunting.

General Questions & Answers

Do You Need a Gun License in Dallas?

In Dallas, as in the rest of Texas, you do not need a license to purchase or possess a firearm. However, if you want to carry a handgun openly or concealed in public, you need a License to Carry (LTC).

Can I Carry a Gun That is Not Registered to Me in Texas?

Texas does not have a gun registry, so there is no requirement for guns to be registered to a specific owner. You can legally carry a firearm that is not registered in your name, provided you are legally eligible to possess a firearm.

Do You Have to Register a Gun in DL, Texas?

No, Texas does not require firearms to be registered.

Can I Legally Carry a Gun in My Vehicle in Dallas, Texas?

Yes, you can legally carry a handgun in your vehicle in Texas, as long as it is concealed. A License to Carry (LTC) is not required for carrying a concealed handgun in your own vehicle.

How Many Guns Can You Own in Texas?

There is no limit on the number of guns you can own in Texas.

Can I Carry a Gun in Dallas?

Yes, you can carry a gun in Dallas, provided you comply with Texas state laws. This includes having a License to Carry (LTC) if you wish to carry a handgun openly or concealed in public places.

How Much is a Gun License in Texas?

The cost for a License to Carry (LTC) in Texas varies. Standard fees are around $40 for a new license and $35 for a renewal, but discounts are available for certain groups like military veterans and senior citizens. Additional costs for required training and fingerprinting also apply.

Can I Carry a Gun on My Side in Texas?

Yes, with a License to Carry (LTC), you can carry a handgun openly on your side in Texas.

Can I Carry a Gun in a Backpack in Texas?

Yes, you can carry a gun in a backpack in Texas, but if you are in public, you must have a License to Carry (LTC).

Can You Keep a Gun in Your Glove Box in Texas?

Yes, you can keep a handgun in your glove box in Texas. It must be concealed, and you do not need a License to Carry for a gun in your own vehicle.

How Long Does it Take to Get Handgun License in Texas?

The time to process a License to Carry application in Texas varies, but it typically takes around 60 days. This time frame can be shorter or longer depending on the volume of applications and the background check process.

Why Get a Gun License in Texas?

Obtaining a License to Carry in Texas allows you to legally carry a handgun in public, either openly or concealed. It also provides reciprocity in many other states, meaning your Texas LTC may be recognized in those states.

Where Can I Carry My Gun in Texas?

With a License to Carry, you can carry your handgun in many public places in Texas. However, there are restrictions, including schools, polling places, courts, racetracks, airports, and establishments that derive 51% or more of their income from alcohol sales. It's important to be aware of and comply with signage prohibiting firearms.



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