How To Sell A Gun In Phoenix

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Navigate the firearms marketplace in Phoenix with confidence. Whether you're considering selling through, local gun stores, pawn shops, or directly to private buyers, this resource provides you with the essential knowledge you need. Go into the nuances of Phoenix's specific gun laws and regulations, learn the steps and safety measures for successful transactions, and understand the legal implications of each selling option.

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How To Sell A Gun In Phoenix
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Frank Holder
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December 23, 2023
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May 31, 2023
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Arizona State Law

In Arizona, if you're 21 or older and can legally have a gun, you can carry it hidden without needing a special permit. You don't have to wait to buy a gun, and you don't need a permit to buy one either. Guns don't need to be registered in Arizona. Also, you can carry guns openly if you're at least 18 and allowed to have a gun. Arizona lets you defend yourself without having to run away first, and it's okay to have semi-auto rifles and magazines with lots of bullets. There's no law about how to store your gun, and Arizona doesn't have a Red Flag law either.

Now, let's talk about selling a gun in Phoenix. It's important to know that while state laws cover a lot, Phoenix has its own rules too.

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Places to Sell Guns in Phoenix, AZ


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Selling to a Gun Store In Phoenix, AZ

Overview: Notable stores in Phoenix include Ammo AZ, Shooter’s World Phoenix, and Cave Creek Guns​​​​​​​​.


  • Immediate Cash: Quick payment upon sale.
  • Physical Inspection: Personal assessment of the store and transaction.
  • Trading Options: Trade or browse other items.


  • Lower Offers: Typically lower prices than other selling methods.
  • Time and Effort: Might need to visit multiple stores.
  • Negotiation Pressure: Can be a high-pressure environment during price negotiations.

Selling to a Phoenix Pawn Shop

Overview: Popular pawn shops include Bell Road Pawn, Arizona Gold Exchange, and Mo Money Pawn Shop​​​​​​​​.


  • Fast Cash: Immediate payment for urgent needs.
  • Convenience: Familiar transaction process for regular pawn shop customers.


  • Lowest Value: Generally offers the least amount for firearms.
  • Multiple Visits: Possibly visit several shops for the best offer.
  • High-Pressure Environment: Focus on rapid turnover, potentially less trustworthy environment.

Selling to a Private Buyer in Phoenix, AZ

Overview: Private firearm sales are legal in Arizona. Buyers must be at least 18 years old and not prohibited possessors​​​​​​​​.


  • Higher Prices: Potential for better prices through direct dealings.
  • Control Over Process: More autonomy in selling.


  • Inconvenience and Time: Requires coordination and negotiation.
  • Increased Personal Risk: Safety concerns with unknown buyers.
  • Legal Responsibilities: Seller must ensure buyer's eligibility.

In all scenarios, ensuring legal compliance and prioritizing safety are critical. Whether choosing the convenience and immediacy of local shops and pawn stores or the generally higher payouts, smooth process, and outstanding customer support from, understanding the pros and cons of each option can help you make an informed decision that suits your needs and ensures a legal, safe, and profitable transaction.


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Phoenix-Specific Gun Laws and Regulations

In Phoenix, just like in the rest of Arizona, it's pretty simple to legally get and carry a gun. If you're buying a gun from a store, you need to be 21 years old. But if you're buying it from someone else, not a store, you can be 18. There's no waiting time to buy a gun in Phoenix, and you don't need a special license to buy or carry guns in most places. You can carry your gun openly if you're 18 or older, but to carry it hidden, you need to be at least 21.

In Phoenix, you can carry your gun in many places, like stores and restaurants, as long as they don't say you can't. But there are places where you can't take your gun, like schools or federal buildings. Arizona has rules about what kinds of guns you can have. For example, you can't have a shotgun with a very short barrel or certain types of assault weapons. If you're not sure about a gun, it's good to ask a lawyer who knows about gun laws​​​​.

Steps to Sell a Gun in Phoenix

Selling a gun in Phoenix involves more than just finding a buyer. It's important to understand and follow specific steps to ensure the sale is legal and safe. This includes knowing Arizona's laws on private gun sales and any extra steps that might be unique to Phoenix. In this section, we'll guide you through a detailed, step-by-step process, covering everything from verifying the buyer's eligibility to keeping proper sale records.

Private Sale Process

In Arizona, including Phoenix, selling a gun privately doesn't require a dealer's involvement. Ensure the buyer is a resident and legally eligible to own a gun. It's advisable to have a face-to-face meeting with the buyer to assess their eligibility.

No Background Check Requirement

Unlike some states, Arizona doesn't mandate background checks for private gun sales. However, as a seller, it's a good idea to be cautious and consider voluntary checks for safety and peace of mind​​.

Maintaining Sale Records

Keeping a detailed record, like a bill of sale, is crucial for future reference. This document should include information like the date of sale, buyer and seller details, and firearm specifics (make, model, serial number).

Prohibited Buyers

It's illegal to sell a firearm to someone known to be ineligible, such as felons or individuals under restraining orders. If in doubt, it's wise to err on the side of caution and avoid the sale​​.

Age Verification of Buyer

Confirming the buyer's age is a key step. For rifles or shotguns, the buyer must be at least 18, and for handguns, at least 21. Asking for government-issued ID is the best way to verify this​​.

Gun Shows Sales

When selling at gun shows, you have the same responsibilities as in a private sale. Be aware of the legal requirements and potential risks involved in these transactions​​.

Risks of Illegal Sale

Selling a firearm illegally exposes you to serious legal consequences, including potential criminal charges. Being thorough in verifying the legality of your buyer is crucial​​.

Serial Number Compliance

Selling a gun without a serial number is not only illegal in Arizona but also a violation of federal laws. Always check that the firearm's serial number is intact and visible before proceeding with a sale​​.

Mental Health Status of Buyer

Avoid selling to individuals with known mental health conditions that legally prohibit them from owning firearms. This is both a legal requirement and a moral responsibility​​.

Extended Magazines

You can sell firearms with extended magazines in Arizona, as long as they comply with state laws. This includes magazines with capacities greater than what some other states allow​​.

No Reporting to State Authorities

In Arizona, private gun sales don't need to be reported to any state authority. This simplifies the process but places more responsibility on you as the seller to ensure the sale is lawful​​.

Restrictions on Selling to Minors

The law restricts selling firearms to minors, unless it is a parental or guardian gift. It's important to strictly adhere to this regulation to avoid legal issues​​.

Gun Show Background Checks

While not legally required, conducting a background check even at gun shows can be a prudent practice to ensure you're not selling to a prohibited person​​.

Verifying Buyer’s Identity and Age

Proper identification is crucial to confirm the buyer’s legality to purchase a firearm. This step is key in preventing illegal transactions and ensuring compliance with laws​​.

Online Sales Protocol

Selling firearms online is permissible, but you're still bound by state and federal regulations. This includes verifying the buyer's age, residence, and eligibility to own a firearm. Online sales may also require shipping the firearm to a licensed dealer in the buyer's state for pickup​​.

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Safety Tips for Private Gun Sales in Phoenix

Selling a gun privately in Phoenix calls for careful attention to safety and legal compliance. Whether you're dealing with someone you know, a friend of a friend, or using a service like Cash For Arms, understanding how to conduct the sale safely is crucial. In this section, we'll cover essential safety tips for private gun sales, including choosing the right meeting location, verifying the buyer's eligibility, and the advantages of using reliable services.

Sell to Someone You Know or to Cash For Arms

The safest way to sell your firearm is either to someone you know or through a reliable service like Cash For Arms. Selling to someone you trust minimizes risks. Alternatively, using a service like Cash For Arms offers a secure and hassle-free way to sell your gun. They handle the legalities, ensuring a safe and compliant transaction with no risk involved to you as the seller

Consider a Friend of a Friend

If your friends aren't interested, a friend of a friend could be a good option. Always have the mutual friend present during the sale and make sure to create a bill of sale​​.

Meet in Public Places

For internet acquaintances, choose a public place for the meet-up. Public settings with many people can deter potential criminal behavior​​.

Don’t Go Unarmed or Alone

When meeting a stranger, it's safer to carry a firearm (if legally permissible) and bring someone along with you​​.

Control the Firearm During the Sale

Keep the firearm within reach or on your person until you receive payment. This is similar to store clerks keeping items on their side of the counter until payment is completed​​.

Create a Bill of Sale

Include your name, the buyer's name, the gun's serial number, the price, and the transaction date on the bill. This document can be crucial if the gun is later found at a crime scene​​.

Be Prepared to Cancel the Sale

If something feels off about the buyer, or if they refuse to meet your price, don't hesitate to walk away from the sale. Trust your instincts and prioritize safety​​.

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Finalizing the Sale

When finalizing the sale of a firearm in Phoenix, it is important to ensure all legal requirements are met and the transaction is documented properly. According to C2 Tactical, a firearms bill of sale should include the date of sale, sale price, sale location, firearm details, the buyer's and seller's names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and any terms and conditions of the sale​​. This document serves as a formal record of the transaction and is crucial for both buyer and seller to maintain for their records.

Shipping Firearms within Phoenix

Shipping firearms within Phoenix, or anywhere else, involves navigating detailed regulations and restrictions. For individuals who are not dealers (those who sell, manufacture, import, or repair firearms), the most accessible shipping option is generally through the United States Postal Service (USPS). However, USPS has strict rules about shipping firearms: handguns can only be shipped in limited circumstances, while unloaded rifles and shotguns can be mailed with proper verification. The packaging for firearms shipped via USPS must not indicate the nature of the contents and must be securely packaged​​​​.

UPS and FedEx also offer firearm shipping services, but with specific restrictions. Both UPS and FedEx limit firearm shipments to and from licensed individuals and entities, such as importers, manufacturers, dealers, collectors, and law enforcement agencies. Additionally, shippers must notify FedEx when a package contains a firearm, and the packaging cannot indicate its contents​​.

Importance of Record Keeping

While civilians in most states, including Arizona, are not legally required to keep sale records for firearms, it is highly advisable to do so. Maintaining records of firearms transactions is beneficial for personal reference, safety, and compliance with state and local laws. A record of a firearm sale should include the make, model, and serial number of the firearm, as well as the names and addresses of both the buyer and seller. It's recommended to keep these records for several years. Keeping such records can be crucial in case the firearm is lost or stolen, or if there's a need to prove ownership or trace the firearm later​​.

In summary, finalizing the sale of a firearm in Phoenix requires careful documentation, and while shipping firearms can be complex due to strict carrier regulations, USPS, UPS, and FedEx provide options under certain conditions. Record keeping, although not always legally mandated, is a prudent practice for ensuring safety and compliance with laws.

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Choosing Cash For Arms for your firearm sale means opting for a service that is dedicated to your best interests. We focus on making the selling process as easy and efficient as possible. Our commitment to our diverse clientele is evident in our convenient service offerings. With Cash For Arms, you are choosing a path that ensures safety, speed, legal compliance, and reliability in every transaction​​.

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A interesting aspect of Arizona's gun laws, particularly relevant to Phoenix sellers, is the state's "constitutional carry" policy. Arizona allows its residents to carry concealed firearms without the need for a permit if they are 21 years or older and legally eligible to own a gun. This law reflects Arizona's strong stance on Second Amendment rights and its commitment to self-defense freedoms, making it a unique environment for firearm owners and sellers.

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